Watch Top Gear Africa Special

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Watch Top Gear Africa Special
Watch Top Gear Africa Special

Watch Top Gear Africa Special – Africa Special is a Top Gear special in which Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May try to find the true source of the Nile in luxury used cars on a budget. It was the first special in the history of Top Gear to be split into two parts and aired in two episodes, airing the sixth and seventh of nineteen episodes. The team traveled across Central Africa to achieve this goal, starting in Uganda and passing through Rwanda to their final destination in Tanzania. The special was originally planned as a Christmas special for 2012 and aired that year, but was canceled and aired in 2013.

The first episode of Africa Special aired on 3 March 2013. It was the 154th episode overall.

Watch Top Gear Africa Special

Watch Top Gear Africa Special

Jeremy was the first to arrive at a meeting in a village in rural Uganda. Jeremy’s car of choice was a BMW 528i Touring and he talked about the wheels, the rear wheels being made by a company he had never heard of. Richard soon arrives in a Subaru Impreza WRX and they talk about his age, his lack of gray hair and his clothes. James went last on a Volvo 850R, with very low-profile tires that were mocked by both and they felt unreliable. They immediately start arguing until they get their first challenge from an employer. Find the true source of the Nile. As they drove away, James cut the front bumper of his Volvo. Jeremy explained about the Nile River but quickly apologized for interrupting himself when they suddenly ran into a problem. They ended up in Lake Victoria, which for years was considered the true source of the Nile.

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As they argue about time, a worker gives Richard a note saying that Lake Victoria is not the real source and that Lake Victoria is fed by many rivers, which is the real source. They look at their maps and see that Burundi or Rwanda are the sources. So to determine if the lakes are connected, they go to the lakes. As they drive through Uganda and talk about cars, police cars pass the trio and Jeremy explains some rules about Uganda: “Number one, if you’re gay and you put your homosexuality is a life sentence. It’s very important. see. Also, motorists must wear a helmet, unless you’re a woman when you come back from the hair .Jeremy swears with a smile that the bag on his head is real.

As they continue to drive, the operators tell them to stop at Entebbe Airport which is closed. In 1976, Israeli forces performed a daring operation to rescue passengers from a hijacked airliner. As they climbed the tree, they saw a Ford Scorpio Ghia Estate and realized it was the car. As they try to leave, Jeremy’s BMW suddenly drops the throttle. After fixing them (which didn’t work too well) by gently hitting the engine parts with a hammer, they headed for the lakes but soon reached Uganda’s capital, Kampala. In Kampala, they are stuck in a very large bus. While waiting in the box, Jeremy buys a basket full of bananas and is surprised that the woman can carry so much on her head.

The whole night was spent trying to get into the bus and on the way to buy breakfast they got out of the bus and entered the streets made by China. They quickly stop at Jeza (who shares his name with Jeremy’s nickname) and stop for a while. In an attempt to prove that the Impreza isn’t enough, the boys buy Richard a present (a seat). As Richard gets into the chair, they talk about Richard’s hair and age. After receiving the gift (partially), they leave Ieza and find themselves in the path of fast bubbles. James and Jeremy were sick of him but even though Richard’s car and four-wheel drive were lighter, he was fine. Many miles later, they reached the town with the hotel in the rain. Disgusted by the rooms, Jeremy lets Richard stay in room 2 while Jeremy has a room for himself. He soon realizes that he has feces on the bed, prompting Jeremy to yell at Richard from his room.

The next morning, desperate to save himself, Richard calls an early morning meeting, when they threaten to kill him, and they say turn their car into an RV. They quickly split up and found things to convert their car into an RV. During their shopping spree, Richard almost got back on the bike but ended up backtracking, Jeremy’s white cotton shirt getting dirty as he tried to balance it on his head but it fell, making the girls laugh. woman next to him.

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After buying things and changing, they open their cars. Richard has converted his Impreza into a small kitchen and has a bed with leopard skin curtains and he has put his seat on the roof of his car (while his living room is on top), James has turned his Volvo as a library and a workshop and a bed. used by the military, like blankets and Jeremy added a car seat, a working shower and a fridge (the fridge was from a light box) and his original lid was broken so he had to do it by hand, he also bought a box to put it in. Her contents include lying on a bed with Egyptian cotton sheets. But Jeremy’s car won’t start because the fridge is out of stock and they wait until it comes back to life to continue.

On the way, Jeremy notices that when he breaks down, his shield is closed. Jeremy goes on to point out that, like in Botswana, photographers are in trouble if they don’t photograph cars. After seeing an elephant and telling Jeremy about it, he and James ruin an old TV show that Richard hosts and Richard tells them to shut up. They went to Lake Edward and stopped for the night. During the drive, Richard’s kitchen is messy but he cleans it and James’s bed is not perfect but he fixes it. As they watched the sunset drinking Jeremy’s beer from his fridge, Richard made dinner, baked beans and they quickly turned in for the night.

The next morning, Jeremy is forced to eat more beans for breakfast and his car needs to be re-sealed, they talk about the map and before leaving they plan to write a letter to Richard’s wife quickly ran away, but on the way James disappeared. its skid board. To continue, James had to stop because his back was giving him so much pain, because he didn’t want to waste time, Richard and Jeremy left him behind and Richard pretended to wrote a letter to James’ mother, lying and saying. wrestling with a lion. Richard and Jeremy looked at the lakes and saw that they were going east, the way they found “Captain Backache” and they started back towards the lake. Seeing the latter heading southeast, they conclude that the lakes are connected, that night at camp, Jeremy calls James and Richard, Richard not leaving to his vessel without care, they looked again at the maps.

Watch Top Gear Africa Special

The next morning, while the crew is waiting to use Jeremy’s toilet, Richard is making breakfast and “damages” a fire in a cup and James puts a piece of metal in it to stop it. to his skid plate. Seeing a lot of feces from the side of his car, Jeremy calls out on his megaphone that he refuses to allow anyone to use his car as a toilet again. James reveals that he stole part of Jeremy’s door to replace the sliding door and it’s fine. On the way, Jeremy and James pretend to be stuck until Richard stops and Jeremy suddenly accelerates, causing dust to form on Richard’s windshield. Despite that trap, they continue to cross the Rwandan border, with Jeremy’s megaphone playing Toto’s Africa.

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They soon go up a dirt road where James and Jeremy’s cars are in trouble because they are heavier but Richard’s is lighter. Then, James’ car suddenly stalls and Richard comes back to help. But as he was helping him, a branch broke off and fell into Jeremy’s car, breaking the windshield. As Richard frees James, Jeremy informs some residents, who have come to see everything, about his plans to drive abroad. Jeremy’s car suddenly breaks down and the townspeople help him “build” a new road while Richard worries that their shoes aren’t theirs. After giving them a reward for first aid

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