What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

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What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market
What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market – Cheapest Electric Cars For Sale 2023 Electric cars are often dismissed as too expensive, so we’ve put together a list of the ten cheapest electric cars that money can buy…

Electric vehicles have come a long way in the last decade. The original Nissan Leaf hit the UK car market in 2010 and cost £10,000 more than the similarly featured Ford Focus. Now, while the prices of electric cars are still high, they are slowly catching up with their traditional combustion engine cousins.

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

The cheapest electric cars are now available to most new car buyers, with many options available under the £30k threshold. The mid-2022 arrival of the amazing Citroen Ami has shaken up the market once again, with a starting price of under £8,000.

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Electric cars are more popular than ever and there are models to suit every automotive need. From the practical Citroen e-Dispatch, the luxurious Tesla Model S or the affordable Smart EQ fortwo, there is an electric car to suit almost every driver. And thanks to government incentives and continued development of electricity infrastructure, the world is starting to see electricity as a real alternative to gasoline and diesel. The electric revolution is about to begin, so here are the cheapest electric cars to consider…

Below are the 10 cheapest electric cars for sale. While the cars at the bottom of our list offer drivers the lowest value, more models are showing that bigger cars are now getting affordable electric power – which can only lead to more choice, improved quality and more of us. and economical electric car.

The MX-30 small SUV has unusual rear hatches that you may remember from the Mazda RX-8 coupe. This approach helps create a pillar-less cabin that, along with the vehicle’s wide roofline, provides a very attractive design. The same goes for the cabin, Mazda uses unique eco-friendly materials to create a luxurious and sporty feel.

Power is relatively modest at 143bhp, but a healthy 271Nm of torque helps propel the rather heavy crossover (1,645kg) from 0-62mph in 9.7 seconds. The MX-30 uses a small 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery that offers just 124 miles of range, so it’s up to you to weigh up whether the MX-30 fits your daily motoring needs; Keep in mind that cold weather or trips that include many highway miles will eat into the overall range.

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Safety kit is excellent, however, reliability should be equally impressive – Mazda ranked fourth out of 29 manufacturers in the Driver Power customer satisfaction survey.

The MG5 offers great value to buyers looking for a practical, all-electric family car. The MG5 doesn’t go on sale in the UK until 2020, but MG has already unveiled a new, long-term version. The latest model offers a WLTP-certified range of 250 miles (up from 217 miles), 100kW of charging power and will charge up to 80 percent in 40 minutes.

Entry-level Excite models come with alloy wheels, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen, keyless entry, push-button start and rear parking sensors. For around £2,500 extra, Special models add leather trim, heated front seats, six-way power driver’s seat adjustment, automatic wipers and bucket seats.

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

The ZS EV offers great practicality and low costs, and it offers family buyers a real value alternative to a fossil SUV.

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2021 brings a battery upgrade, with 51kWh and 72.6kWh now available. This means a much more competitive range, with the flagship model now offering 273 miles on a single charge. However, the cheapest model has a smaller battery, but it’s still good for 198 miles.

The battery feeds a single electric motor that produces 174bhp in the entry-level version – enough to propel the ZS from 0-62km/h in 8.0 seconds. It’s also practical, with 470 liters of boot space with the rear seats up and 1,100 liters with them down.

The Renault Zoe has been around for a while now, but constant updates keep it fresh against new competition. Despite the arrival of the likes of the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, Peugeot e-208 and Ora Funky Cat, it remains one of the more affordable options in the small EV market.

Range is a strong point, with a 52kWh battery promising 239 miles of pure electric driving. This means many city car drivers can also go for weeks before needing a charge, which is handy given the Zoe’s lack of fast charging capabilities.

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However, prices have risen in recent years and it is now only seventh on our list. Even more impressive is the zero-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

The MINI Electric only has one power option – a 32.6kWh battery feeds a single electric motor that produces a total of 181bhp and a 0-62mph time of 7.3 seconds. The all-electric three-door model represents the usual intelligent and refined MINI image, though with a total range of around 145 miles.

It retains the famous ‘kart’ handling and we think despite the extra weight, the heavy electric model is still as fun to drive as any other fast MINI. It’s also much cheaper to run, and thanks to company car tax, the MINI is the perfect car for business.

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

The Nissan Leaf was launched in 2010 as an affordable all-electric hatchback for drivers looking to move on from combustion engine-powered family cars. It’s an impressive package; Easy and comfortable driving, especially in the city, with excellent technology and enough space for the whole family.

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According to the latest WLTP economy tests, Nissan claims a range of 168 miles for the standard Leaf, although cold weather will limit the EV’s range, so you can get around 100 miles from a full charge. Look, it’s really cold. The Nissan Leaf e+ offers more range with a larger battery that delivers 239 miles. It also has more power, with 214 horsepower compared to the standard 148 horsepower.

Fiat scored in 2007 when it reinvented the classic 500, and it’s since become one of the best city cars you can buy. However, time marches on and Fiat has already delivered the third-generation all-electric 500.

Priced at £28,195, the new 500 starts with an entry-level model capable of 115 miles on a single charge. There’s a longer-range option that can go up to 199 miles, which uses a 42kWh battery, a more powerful 117bhp motor and 85kW faster charging, but it’s definitely a bit more expensive to buy.

The iconic city car is 61mm longer and 29mm taller than before, but it’s still a 500 and of course comes in convertible and sleeker guises. what you do not like?

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What’s not to like about the MG4 EV? Not only is it one of the most affordable electric cars currently on sale in the UK, it offers the perfect blend of practicality, driving dynamics and technology.

Two batteries are available, with the cheapest 51kWh unit promising a solid 218 miles of range. The base model’s single rear motor delivers 168bhp, which translates to a 0-62km/h sprint in 7.5 seconds, while 150kW fast charging will reduce waiting times on long journeys.

Standard kit is where the MG4 really beats the price, though, with a 10.25-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, rear parking sensors, adaptive cruise control and automatic LED headlights, all available at extra cost.

What's The Cheapest Electric Car On The Market

The little Smart EQ fortwo has 80 horsepower and a top speed of 81 mph. The EQ fortwo also has amazing acceleration, going from 0-62km/h in 11.6 seconds, and charging from 10-80 per cent takes just over 3 hours from the home wall box.

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The more sophisticated suspension fitted to the previous generation makes the EQ fortwo more compliant and comfortable for long journeys, as long as the journey does not exceed 80 miles.

At around a £5,000 premium over the EQ fortwo hatchback, there’s even an EQ fortwo cabriolet for those who love open-air motoring.

The Ami isn’t just the cheapest electric car in the UK, it’s now even more affordable thanks to its £8,000 starting price. If you want to be selective, the Ami is technically a heavy frame, so it can be ridden by holders of a full AM motorcycle license (which allows you to pilot two or three wheeled vehicles at speeds of no more than 28 mph e. and a maximum weight of 350 kg).

For most potential buyers, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem; You can order the Ami online or at a Citroen dealer, like any other model of the brand. Originally the Ami was never intended for these shores, but interest was so great that Citroen decided to bring it over – albeit only in left-hand drive. Sitting on the left is not a major issue as Ami is small and very easy to spot.

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