What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

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What's The Cheapest Grocery Store
What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

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Norway can be very expensive and many tourists find that most things are more expensive than what they are used to in Norway. This includes food and other items from grocery stores and supermarkets, but some grocery store chains are considered cheaper than others.

What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

Rema 1000, Coop Extra and Kiwi stores are at least 10-15% cheaper than regular grocery stores and are therefore considered “low price supermarkets” which are the cheapest grocery stores in Norway.

Posh Supermarket’ Overtakes Asda, Tesco And Morrisons As Cheapest Shop Named

There isn’t much difference between the three, but the Rema 1000 or Kiwi usually wins whenever the national newspaper tests the cheapest.

So if you want to get groceries as cheaply as possible, always shop at one of these three stores. The downside to shopping at these places is that they have a slightly smaller range of items than other supermarket chains, but they have enough for a typical Norwegian family to have everything they need.

Most cities and even small towns have at least one near the city center, and it is common for small towns to have at least two or even three.

There is a lot of competition for groceries in Norway, so the number of grocery stores per capita is usually much higher than most people are used to.

Inflation And Price Gouging

All cheap grocery stores such as Rema 1000, Coop Extra and Kiwi carry the same brands as other more expensive stores. A large Kiwi store will have more items for sale than a small Joker store, but it will still be cheaper.

This is in contrast to many other countries where the cheapest supermarket chains carry only the cheapest items. This is not the case in Norway, and you can find the same item, but at a lower price.

All stores in Norway carry cheaper brands such as First Price, X-Tra or Prima. Usually these are products that are 1/3 or half the price of regular brands, but often better. It’s available at all stores, not just thrift stores, but it’s a little cheaper at thrift stores.

What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

If you’re on a budget when visiting Norway, look for these inexpensive brands. They are often very good and will save you a lot of money compared to buying an almost identical brand of product. When I do my own grocery shopping, I buy many of these cheaper brands.

Comparing Grocery Prices At Miami Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart

Many of these cheaper brands are just as good as regular, full-price brands, but not all So you should check them out to see if you like them or if you’d rather pay 3 times more for a branded option instead.

There are many different supermarket chains in Norway and price points can vary quite a bit. Below you’ll find a brief description of each popular chain, along with some information about what to expect when you visit.

Bunnpris: Its name can be translated as “bottom price”, but the actual prices are not below anything and they are considered very expensive. They often have small and crowded stores.

Meni: Meni is the most expensive supermarket chain in all of Norway and is considered a premium grocery store. They have all the products you can find in other chains as well as many exclusive products. So if you want a lot of options and are willing to pay for it, this is the place to go.

New Data Reveals Cheapest Supermarket In Ireland Amid Price Hikes On Chicken, Milk, Cheese And More

Coop Obs: Coop Obs is a very cheap chain, but unlike other supermarket chains, it has different product groups, not just food and household items. Coop Obs also sells a wide range of toys, clothing, electronics, sports goods and the like. So think of it more as a Walmart type store than strictly a grocery store.

Coop Prix: Coop Prix stores are rare these days and most have been converted to Coop Extra. However, you may encounter Coop Prix in smaller towns. Expect a very small store with limited items and slightly more expensive than Coop Extra. It’s not the most expensive store, but it’s not the cheapest either.

Spur: Spur is my least favorite grocery chain for very simple reasons. Spar usually carries a very small range of high priced items, so this has no upside. The only good thing I like about Spar is that they have hot food for sale, so you can buy things like grilled chicken or whole meals that are hot and ready to eat outside on the bench. But I wouldn’t recommend buying much from Spar if there are cheaper options nearby. But the hot food section can be great for tourists and those who are traveling and want a quick meal.

What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

Jokers: Jokers are very small shops usually located in small villages where large shops are not in demand. If you find a joker, it’s probably the only shop around, so it has a use. The price is a bit on the higher side, but not as high as the Meny or even the Spur. Some Joker stores are open on Sundays.

What Does Tesco’s Discount Supermarket Sell, How Does It Compare To Aldi, Lidl And Other Stores, How Cheap Is Jack’s?

Iceland: Iceland is a brand from the UK, but they are trying to make a name for themselves in Norway. In 2019, they opened 5 stores in the east and southeast of Norway, but only 4 stores remain in Iceland. Iceland has both established brands and well-known brands from the UK. So if you’re from the UK and feeling homesick, it might be good to go. I’ve never been to a store in Iceland, but they claim to be very cheap.

There is no Aldi or Lidl in Norway, but we had a Lidl from 2004-2008. They opened about 50 stores all over Norway, but could not get more than 1-2% of the market. Norwegians obviously don’t want to shop at Lidl, and in my personal experience, shopping at Lidl is when you want to try different or exotic things, when you don’t actually want to buy.

Rema 1000 bought all of Lidl’s stores in 2008 and still operates Rema 1000 stores in buildings built by Lidl when it sought to expand in Norway.

We’ve never had an Aldi in Norway, and after seeing how spectacularly Lidl has failed, they won’t try to establish themselves here.

Cheap, Healthy Food To Buy At The Grocery Store

Most towns have at least one independent shop, and they’re usually run by immigrants selling products that are hard to find. These are often referred to as shops run by immigrants

Some of these independent stores, especially in Asian countries, may have very cheap items of popular vegetables and foods. If you want to buy high-quality rice at a low price, you should pay attention to these shops.

I think a lot of vegetarians like these stores because they carry a lot of vegetables that are too expensive or hard to find in regular grocery stores.

What's The Cheapest Grocery Store

Almost all grocery store chains in Norway have a selection of weekly sale items and they can be significantly cheaper than regular prices. Some items can even be sold at a loss, so this is a great opportunity to get cheap food or household items. Some people use these offers to fill their freezer with items they use, so if you keep a close eye on the weekly offers, you can save a lot of money.

Here’s How Much Grocery Delivery Costs Compare To Shopping In Store

Weekly offers will be available in the form of a poster which will be sent to all mailboxes

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