What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

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What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out
What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out – This April, the major horror movies keep coming, providing horror fans with great movies. This list contains only 5 of the biggest horror movies coming out in April 2023

The return of the beloved franchise, with horror legends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell producing the film, and relative newcomer Lee Cronin directing.

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

), as sisters Ellie and Beth reunite in Los Angeles as Ellie raises her children alone. However, the meeting takes a dark turn when an evil book is found in the building that frees the dead.

The Birds (film)

The franchise is a must-see for horror fans, as the series contains some of the most entertaining scary movies ever made.

In April it will get a modern remake, and with such star power it will be one of the biggest horror films of the year. The film was written and directed by Gary Doberman, who is known for writing the film

) stars Ben Mears, a writer who returns to his hometown of Jerusalem’s Lot, but instead of finding inspiration, he finds a vampire preying on the town. Alfre Woodard (

. Here’s hoping that this too will enter the pantheon of great adaptations. If you want similar shows

The Most Interesting/fun Horror Movie Facts

. This film will be more of a demonic horror, the source material being the memoirs of Father Gabriele Amort. The priest claimed that he was an extremely prolific exorcist and that a film loosely based on these stories should make for a very entertaining horror film.

) plays Father Esquibel and the demon. It’s hard to say exactly what direction the film will take, but with such strong source material and a great cast, it’s shaping up to be one of the biggest horror films to come out this April.

The horror film, which will be released this April, was written and directed by Scott Walker. This is ideal for those who like creature features. Monster-based horror movies are rarer these days, so it’s nice to see a return to the classic horror genre.

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

Follows a family who inherits a property near the sea from their father’s mother. The house looks perfect, expect a strange water tank they buried. Inside lies a dormant creature that will do anything to protect its environment. It’s a setup similar to what horror fans have seen before, but a well-executed revisiting of tropes can make for a great movie.

Best Scary Movies To Watch On Your Next Horror Night—if You Dare

. The story follows the title character, Count Dracula, as he tries to start a new life in modern New Orleans. To do this, she must confront her master, who she inspired when she falls in love with a traffic policeman.

A promising premise and brilliant cast means this film will delight those who enjoy dark comedies or those who are a little more easily frightened by horror.

Writer, horror fanatic and long time video gamer. Although I love RPG and RTS games, my heart belongs to the horror genre

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Scary Movie 2 Movie Poster Print (27 X 40)

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Top 5 Horror Games in April 2023 Top 5 Horror Movies in February 2023 Top 5 Horror Movies in March 2023 There’s nothing like celebrating the Halloween season – arguably the best time of the year – by cuddling up on the couch with friends. Popcorn and candy galore for a night of classic horror movies. But if scary movies aren’t your thing, there are plenty of non-scary Halloween movies that you and your besties will love. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ offer tons of Halloween movies that won’t keep you up at all hours of the night, perfect for a cozy Halloween-themed night.

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

Whether you’re looking for a dose of nostalgia with some classic Disney Halloween movies or something more magical than scary, we’ve found the best Halloween movies for people who hate scary movies — or for those nights when you just don’t. for the sake of screaming.

Best Not Scary Halloween Movies To Watch In 2022

The possibilities are truly endless and sure to last throughout October. So without further ado, check out these 47 non-scary Halloween movies that will get you ready without scaring you.

A teenage girl must reunite with the most unlikely of allies—her father—after she unwittingly unleashes an ancient spirit that causes the decorations to come alive and wreak havoc on Halloween.

Fascinated by the bright city lights of California, an alien makes an unlikely friend during a surprise visit to Earth.

Although not technically Halloween, this sweet Pixar film takes place during Dia De Los Muertos and follows a young boy named Miguel who hopes to become a musician against his family’s wishes.

Best Horror Movies On Shudder Right Now (may 2023)

Casper and Wendy are an iconic couple. When the two meet while on vacation with their families, they become instant lovers and team up to defeat an evil wizard.

Three hundred years after being hanged on Salem’s witch trail, the Sanderson sisters return when three children accidentally resurrect them. Laugh as the three kids try to stop these witch sisters from taking over Salem and killing children to stay immortal.

– the sequel to the beloved 1993 classic – hasn’t been released yet, but we just can’t contain our excitement. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are back as the Sanderson sisters, ready to wreak havoc on the town of Salem after a new group of high schoolers light the candle of the Black Flame. With some new characters and the possibility of another iconic musical number, we can’t wait to see what trouble this trio gets up to over the last 30 years.

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

The cult classic Halloween movie that you must watch every year after the first hour. While he may not be very scary, his songs are so catchy that you’ll be doing the Time Warp for the rest of the scary season.

Best Horror Movies Of The 21st Century: How To Watch Online

A young boy discovers a group of evil witches who plan to turn children into mice when he moves in with his aunt after his parents die.

A murder mystery for movie night. After a wealthy crime writer is found dead in his home after his 85th birthday party, a skilled detective investigates the man’s eccentric family.

This animated remake follows the journey of the most feared family after an angry mob boycotts Gomez and Morticia’s wedding ceremony.

Is on this list! This is the perfect non-scary Halloween movie! Plus, there are so many sequels that mean it’s perfect for a movie marathon.

Shudder Is Transforming The Scary Movie

. Relive the magic of the first film as Harry receives his letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and sets off with his friends Ron and Hermione. Need more magic? Make a weekend of watching all eight movies, plus a special 20th anniversary reunion on HBO Max.

A young man is invited to a competition to find the next greatest wizard, but soon discovers that all is not as it seems.

A group of rag dolls must try to survive and restore humanity after a robot wipes out all living things on Earth.

What's The Next Scary Movie Coming Out

When Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, finds himself in Christmas Town, he decides to kidnap Santa and take over the holiday, turning the jolly time of year into one full of shrunken heads and skeleton reindeer!

Fun Horror Movie Trivia Questions And Answers Printable

There are so many Tim Burton movies on this list because he is the king of great Halloween movies. It’s about Victor who accidentally marries a dead bride, forcing her to decide whether to stay married or leave him for her ex-fiancé Victoria.

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The Best Horror Movies On Hulu Right Now (may 2023)

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