What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

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What Are Some Good Movies To Watch
What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch – Talk about the difficulty of choosing the right movie to watch with your family, with many OTT platforms offering a variety of content.

We rode the South Train last week and we hope you enjoyed our South Indian movie recommendations! This week, we’re stuck in our safe haven, which is our family, and we’re back with another week of Fleeke recommendations, this time featuring 20 great movies for the family!

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

Whether you’re a teenager or a 40-year-old, movies are something that never gets old, just like your inner child, and watching them with your family is the icing on the cake.

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Half the time is spent deciding which movie to watch. One may like action, another may like suspense, and some may like extreme romance! But why fret when you can not only watch your favorite movies on the OTT platform with great deals on Fleek, but also satisfy everyone’s weekend movie cravings with these great family movies.

Let’s take care of the problem of deciding what to watch as we’ve compiled a great list of the best family movies you can watch on your farm jam. So cuddle up with your baby and your loved ones and set the mood now for a perfect family weekend!

3 Idiots is still one of the most popular family movies in Bollywood. R. respectively. The story revolves around two college friends, Farhan and Raju Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, who set out in search of their missing friend Rancho. The film resonates with all college students as it portrays university life with all its antics and struggles. This has led to a tectonic shift in how many Indian families see an engineering degree as a sign of success in their child’s life. Watch it this weekend with your family on Amazon Prime Video.

Vet we all want for our pets and as a friend! Dr. Dolittle is an old classic and timeless movie about a doctor who has an extreme love for animals, which makes him famous and popular for the same reason! Who doesn’t want to be friends with a dog who loves it? Dr. Dolittle invites you to join him on his journey and discover a twisted story along the way! Now available on Netflix, this is a great recommendation as the best movie for the family!

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With these next recommendations of the best family movies, you’re in for a musical treat! Next on the list is The Greatest Showman, one of the most breathtaking films ever made about music and its glory! Plot PT Barnum creates the greatest show on the planet, complete with musical performances, acrobats and more! Are you already pumped? Collect your quilts and check them out on Amazon Prime!

The next recommendation for best family movie is The Village Head’s Daughter. They call her… Moana!! If you have kids, we’re sure they’re big fans of Moana! He is the newest member of the Disney family and the plot revolves around his quest to discover the hidden truth about his ancestry and his super identity! Oh, and you’ll definitely roll when you see the guide helping him! Moana is now available on Netflix!

90’s kids and parents, where are you?! The Parent Trap is an old classic that is still well remembered today and qualifies for our list of best family movies. If you remember this movie, you’re familiar with Annie and Haley, twins separated by their parents’ divorce, who must rediscover their love, their family, and each other! It’s not as serious as it sounds, because it’s a fun movie! Tune in to Netflix and watch The Parent Trap now!

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

We all know that scouting was a big part of our childhood and was always a lot of fun. Trooper Zero is based on a similar concept and centers on a girl who participates in an aerospace national level competition with her scout group. This small group movie is full of fun and adventure, and if you have babies or toddlers, you’re ready to enjoy these great family movies.

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Uri: Surgical strike is the true story of surgical strike in Kashmir. This movie will dedicate soldiers to our country and instill patriotism in your family and children. Nineteen soldiers were recognized and awarded for their contribution by the Government of India for their role in the URI strike. Get your family together and watch this one of a kind movie on ZEE5.

Do you and your family enjoy football? If so, remember Titans is the perfect movie to watch this weekend. After a good game on the field with your family, can you set it up for a good night movie recommendation? The plot revolves around the tensions that arise after a white school is asked to integrate a black football team. Will they continue playing the game they love? Find out now on Amazon Prime!

Matilda is one of every 90s kids favorite movie. This is a warm and heartwarming story about Matilda, a girl who is neglected by her family and forced to confront the bullying principal. Tired of all this, Matilda discovers that she has the power of telekinesis, which allows her to defend herself against her harsh environment. Watch the adventures of Matilda and her powers and ask your children to discover their powers?

How can you not include a Tamil movie under Best Family Movies that is equal parts emotion and action? Born Soon is a movie you should watch with your siblings as the plot is about a sister and a brother as the sister is forced to choose between her husband and brother which revolves around the law. You won’t want to miss this movie with your family! Look now!

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Where are Nadipin Nayak Surya fans?! You bet you are in for a treat in a Suriya movie, you will be blown away by his performance, sharing the screen with none other than Samantha! Apart from the plot revolving around Krishna who comes to Mumbai in search of his missing brother and discovers that his brother is a gangster, the chemistry between them is something to behold. Anjan is now available on ZEE5!

As the name suggests, New Beginning or New Hope, this collection of five short films made during the lockdown depicts the difficulties faced by different people in different situations. The stories are very well directed and show different aspects of life. Meet with your family to make your children aware of their opportunities and challenges. Brand new and now available on Amazon Prime!

Deiva Thiruma is an emotional film that will leave you in tears of joy! This next best family movie follows the journey of a father who faces special challenges as he fights to protect his daughter. Child character Neela will win your heart with her endearing charisma and innocence. More importantly, he stands by his father even if no one understands. After all, aren’t fathers the unsung heroes of our lives? Eligible under Best New Family Movie, Daiwa Thirumaal is now available on Amazon Prime.

What Are Some Good Movies To Watch

It is one of the most loved and watched movies by anyone who enjoys Tamil cinema and remains a timeless classic even today. Madhavan is the hero of the film and he does a great job playing the role of a father who has to find out the real parents of his adopted daughter after learning that she is adopted. Kannathi Muthammittal is now available on Netflix.

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Adavallu Miku Joharlu is a fun family drama. What happens when a single man is surrounded by a ring of five sisters? A bundle of chaos, love and support. Chiranjeevi must answer multiple questions from her sisters and defend her views on love. Watch Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu now on SonyLiv and laugh with your family.

We all know that the only purpose of life is to protect our family. What if they face any problems? Scene 2 follows the same plot where chaos ensues for Rambabu and his family. This movie stands out as one of the best movies for families because it talks about protecting your family and putting family first. Dhyam 2 is now available on Amazon Prime for you and your family to watch.

This movie exemplifies the spirit of the phrase “brother before anyone”. Malayalam movie fans, we have you covered too.

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