What Blog Should I Start

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What Blog Should I Start
What Blog Should I Start

What Blog Should I Start – Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but you’re afraid you haven’t waited too long.

Every year I get the same question from people who are thinking about starting a blog but worry if it’s too late.

What Blog Should I Start

What Blog Should I Start

In fact, when I started my blog, people told me that I was wasting my time because it was too late for a new blog.

Should I Start A Blog? The Pros And Cons Of Having A Company Blog

I also have friends who have started blogging in the last year or two and told me the same thing.

When I started my blog I was very clear. And, when I first heard about blogging it seemed like a very random thing, but I decided to go ahead and create my own blog.

Making Sense of Cents started as a way to track my personal financial journey. Most of the people in my life didn’t even know I had a blog.

It’s funny to think back to when I started my blog, but I’m so glad I gave blogging a chance. I can’t imagine how different my life would be if I had listened to those who said it’s too late to start a blog.

Reasons To Start A Blog In 2023 (even With Ai)

Because of how blogging has changed my life, I love telling others about it. If you’ve been on the fence about starting a blog, that’s exactly what I’m doing today.

Blogging has helped me pay off my debt, quit my regular job, travel full time, and more. The best part is that I love what I do. And, as you can tell from my business income report, I now earn a living from my blog.

If you’re wondering if you should start a blog in 2023, read on to find out why I think blogging is still worthwhile in 2023.

What Blog Should I Start

Should you start a blog in 2023? 8 things you need to know about starting a blog this year.

Is It Too Late To Start A Blog? Blogging Tips

2023 is not too late to start a blog, but you want to start! I have heard of many bloggers who have put off starting blogs out of fear.

I often hear “but there are so many blogs now”. Yes, there are many blogs, but there is still room. It’s about finding your voice and engaging your audience.

Businesses and brands are investing more in blog advertising than ever before. Sponsorships are through the roof, and affiliate programs are growing like crazy

When I started doing Sense of Sense, sponsorships were harder to come by and affiliate programs weren’t as important as they are now.

Creative Ideas To Help You Start A Blog

Related Tip: Sign up for Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and learn how I went from $0 to over $50,000 in monthly affiliate income.

I love helping others improve their financial situation, reading other bloggers blogs, finding new people to talk to, working on my blog and most of all writing.

I love waking up to work every morning, and I no longer dread work like I did at my day job.

What Blog Should I Start

Blogging is challenging and rewarding because there is always something new to learn. And it’s so much fun to meet and interact with new people through your blog.

Blogging Vs Youtube: Should I Start A Blog Or A Youtube Channel In 2022

If you are interested in taking steps to learn how to create a blog, I have a tutorial that will help you create your own blog for cheap starting at $2.75 per month for blog hosting (this low price is only through my link). In addition to the low price, if you purchase at least 12 months of blog hosting, you will receive a free website domain ($15 value) through my referral link.

This means you can start a blog in 2023 and learn how to make less than $50 a year. I started my blog with a very cheap blog, I designed it myself (even though I had no experience doing this kind of thing) and more.

I did a lot of things myself to be able to save money, and it was a learning experience, it was worth it.

With blogging, you can be your own boss. You can decide your business type, your schedule, your goals and more.

Blogging For Business

I like to be completely in control of what I do, and being a freelancer allows me to feel that way as well. I enjoy deciding what to do each day, creating my schedule, setting my business goals, managing everything behind the scenes and more.

Running an online business (and being your own boss) may not be for everyone, but it’s something I enjoy.

To become a blogger in 2023, you don’t need any prior experience. You don’t have to be a computer whiz, be active on social media, or know how to create a blog.

What Blog Should I Start

Almost all bloggers have been new at some point, and they didn’t know what they were doing.

Why You Should Start A Blog In College

I am the proof of that. When I started Making Sense of Sense I learned that blogs existed, and I wasn’t sure that bloggers made money. I learned how to build a blog from the ground up and got to where I am today.

One of the great things about starting a blog in 2023 is that there are tons of free resources to help you get started.

In fact, in the beginning I didn’t spend money to learn how to blog; instead, I signed up for tons of free webinars, free email courses, and more. Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

The online world is still very new, and every year there are new ways to monetize and grow your blog

Should You Start A Blog As An Artist? — Messy Ever After

For example, it wasn’t until a few years ago that companies and advertisers began to realize the value of online influencers like bloggers, which means more opportunities to make money blogging.

It used to be mostly companies that advertised with celebrities, but now it’s shifting to bloggers and other online influencers (Youtubers and Instagrammers!).

The online world is a huge place, and it will continue to grow. Every blogger earns a living in a slightly different way and each has a different message and story to tell. Also, there are many different ways to make money blogging and I expect the options will continue to grow.

What Blog Should I Start

Learning how to make money blogging is a job, and like all jobs – not everyone wants what you want.

Should You Start A Personal Blog In 2023? [23 Success Stories To Inspire]

And, for every successful blog, there are probably hundreds of bloggers who never make money blogging. Although you can make money blogging, not all bloggers do.

It would be like saying that 100% of people who start a business will succeed. This will never happen: businesses fail, business owners change their minds, and others just don’t like it.

I know I’m always talking about the positives of blogging, but I also want to point out how it’s not easy.

After all, if blogging was easy, everyone would be doing it and everyone would be making thousands of dollars a month.

The Ultimate Guide To Starting An Academic Blog Today

Not everyone makes money blogging because it can be a lot of work! Most new bloggers give up after a few months. A few months is not enough time to see if your blog will be successful. It took me six months before I started making money blogging and I only made $100.

It’s funny and weird to think about what life would be like if I left again.

I’m constantly learning new things about blogging and that’s why I enjoy it so much.

With this free course I show you how to grow a blog from scratch, from the technical side (it’s easier than you think, trust me!) to making your first income and attracting followers.

Why You Should Start A Blog To Promote Your Online Course Business

Every day for seven days, you will receive an email in your inbox that will help you get started and teach you how to start a blog and make money in 2023.

Please register for my How to Start a Blog Free Course by clicking here or sign up below.

What do you think: should you start a blog in 2023? Want to start a blog and learn how to get paid?

In this free course I will show you how to easily create a blog, the technical aspects of making your first income and all the ways to attract readers. Enter now!

Make Money With Blogging

Wow! I’m Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and the founder of Sense of Sensemaking. I’m passionate about all things personal finance, side hustles, making extra money, and online businesses. I have been featured in major publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Time, and Business Insider. Learn more here. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission if you purchase through them.

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