What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

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What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey
What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey – Hockey players are covered almost from head to toe in protective gear. Equipment can be borrowed, rented, used, or purchased new. Ask in our association for the possibilities.

The player NOT wearing skates must reach between the chin and the nose. For a player on skates, the stick should come around the chin.

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

Hockey helmets are made of hard plastic and have a wire mask. Consult a hockey equipment specialist or refer to the helmet box for proper fit.

Icahl Required Equipment

Mouth guards should be worn at all times (just watch a professional hockey period to see why) to protect the teeth and head from concussions.

Shin guards must completely cover from the boot of the skate to the top of the knee. The knee should be in the center of the shin guard. Long hockey socks cover the shin guards and are often secured with tape.

Hockey pucks are very compact and can cause injury. It is important for players of all ages and genders to wear a protective cup.

Hockey pants (also called breeches) must sit on the hips and hang to the top of the knee, overlapping the top edge of the shin guards.

A Tale Of Two Ice Hockey Cities

Shoulder pads protect the upper part of the shoulders, the clavicle and the sternum. These must fit snugly to the player’s body, but must not restrict freedom of movement. Elbow pads fully cover the elbow and parts of the upper and lower arms. These electrodes should be tight enough that they cannot move, but loose enough that they do not cut off circulation or restrict movement.

Hockey gloves provide protection for the players’ hands and wrists. A properly sized glove extends to the bottom of the elbow pads and the fingers should not stick out at the end.

Having the correct size set of skates is crucial when playing hockey. Skate sizes, depending on the brand, are usually 1 or 2 sizes smaller than your shoe size.

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

Get a PDF copy to print or share with others just starting out in hockey. The guide says the following. Four years ago we received a brochure (sent home from school) from our little man, which said “How do I go about skating lessons?”. Coming from the guy who loved to watch sports but he never wanted to participate… In my youth I used to skate, compete and even win medals.

Calgary Northwest Ringette

Fun Side Story: My husband will even tell you about a hilarious first date we had at the Ice Arena, where I may have “forgot” to mention that he already knew how to ice skate.

When our son brought us this first paper, I’ll be the first to tell you, I was blown away! I never thought that he would want to follow in my footsteps. Or that he somehow inherited my love for ice cream. Fast forward to two years ago when I became a full-fledged hockey mom.

Now that we’ve survived our first season of hockey and are gearing up for another season, I thought I’d share some thoughts. Many of you ask us, “What equipment do you need to get started?” I decided to write it all down and guide you step by step!

We were lucky to have older hockey players guiding us through the early years and now I want to pass on my knowledge to you!

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This post contains products or services sold by companies with which I have used affiliate links. I was under no obligation to write positive reviews nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions and suggestions are my own.

Let’s talk about the team: First, let me tell you that if your kids are 9 and under, you should look for a “Learn to Skate Program” from an NHL team at your local ballpark. For example, we have the program “Buffalo Sabres, Learn to Play Hockey.” You pay a flat rate in exchange for 20 weekly hockey lessons and a FULL team, with sticks, skates, etc.! This is by far the BEST value for money that I can really recommend if this is your first time starting out.

My next suggestion is to look at your local Ice Arena for second hand items. Since your child is just learning, there’s no need to go all out and buy expensive stuff until you’re sure they’ll “stick with it.” You will notice in several of my hockey posts that I refer to how expensive the sport can be. Not to scare anyone, but to give them a “warning”!

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

When they start playing real games, you can start spending some money on equipment. Places like HockeyMoney Online, Pure Hockey, and Great Skate always have great deals or clearance racks!

Learn To Play Ice Hockey

1. Helmet with cage: For safety reasons, I recommend getting a new one. They will help you in a store to know what size you need!

2. Mouthguard: I don’t know why kids fight not to wear this, but they do. Personally, I will NOT let my son go on the ice without his mouth guard, period!

3. Neck Protector: While many people never buy these, I want to tell you why! During my son’s first hockey practice, two little boys were playing as they made their way to the ice. One of them tripped and the other skate boy cut his throat (Welcome to hockey). After seeing blood, I realized that owning one of these $20 protectors might not be a bad INVESTMENT.

5. Long Sleeve Compression Top: I found this one at our local thrift store because kids ran out of these pretty quickly.

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7. Velcro Hockey Cup: This is one item I recommend buying new. Many of these can change the part of the crown as they grow. Again, a lot of kids don’t like to wear these… It’s another deal breaker for me so my son MUST wear his 🙂

9. Buttock Pads: They should be around #1! #6 and no. #7 above so keep that in mind when purchasing (size of this tie)!

10. Long Athletic Socks: You can find these cheap all year long at TJMAX. They just need to be long and thick.

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

11. Oversocks: These must cover all numbers 6 to 9 on the list. There are different sizes depending on the height, so please measure in the store before buying. They attach to the velcro on the cup to keep them up while you skate.

Nhl: New Jersey Devils Slip Up To Hand Play Off Place To New York Rangers

13. Jersey: Most tests require you to buy one black and one white, so you might as well start with this one.

15. Duct Tape – Currently my son has camo, American flags, and purple. It is used to wrap around the stick to protect it from damage because kids hit it hard!

16. Sexwax: I know what you’re thinking, but NO! You apply the wax to the tape on the hockey stick.

17. Hockey Skate Guards: These help keep your blade sharp when moving and prevent blades from rusting (when used correctly)!

Play Ice Hockey Try Hockey For Free

18. Hockey Bag: If you’re just starting out… I recommend one with wheels, although a duffel bag will work just as well!

19. Bottle of water: everyone has a “preference.” I personally recommend the one with a straw (pictured above). I’ve seen little kids throw water everywhere, drop bottles, drop water bottles… I’ve never had a problem with their bottle so I highly recommend it.

I’ve linked several places where you can find these items if you’re looking for gear. I would also like to mention that you should not buy hockey pads on Amazon or Ebay. Many companies do not specify if they are for street or ice hockey. TRUST ME, it matters when it comes to protecting yourself from Frisbees! That’s why I suggested the hockey stores above for such purchases. I hope you found this post helpful and keep following our hockey journey!

What Equipment Do I Need To Play Ice Hockey

I’m so thankful you’re here! I’m Liz, a traveling writer lucky enough to live in Western New York. After years of working in a print publication, I came online. My writing has appeared in many places, including the Huffington Post. During my travels, I met celebrities, enjoyed movie premieres, and even became a certified food judge. I fill my web pages with posts about lifestyle, travel, excursions and good food. I’m sure you’ll find something interesting. So, are you thinking about playing one of the most popular and exciting sports in the world? What a fantastic idea!

Women’s Ice Hockey Earns Historic First Win Over Manhattanville

Whether you’re making the leap into a new hobby at your local college/rink, or you’re the parent of a kid looking to get involved, we’re here to show you everything you need to know to get started in ice hockey. .

For adults taking to the water, strapping your paddles to your feet and hitting the ice is an adrenaline rush, keeps you fit and is good for your mental well-being.

For kids, it’s not only fun and the perfect social activity, but it will give them lifelong skills; self-confidence, teamwork, communication and decision.

Hockey is essentially a very simple game. Skate, pass, shoot and score. Before you jump on the ice, it’s worth learning some basics of the game.

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Anyone can score a goal

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