What Female Name Means Goddess

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The First Of These Is Vor, Whose Name Means “Careful.” Vor Is So Wise And Knowing And “Inquires So Deeply” That She Misses Nothing.

Brigid brigid is a girl’s name that means “fire”. Fri dec 31 2021 by by gondolin. Is of both norse and scandinavian origin.

This Beautiful Name Has A Spanish Origin.

Dike i love this goddess. Terra is her roman equivalent. It has a latin origin and it means “queen mother”.

For A While, This Was One Of The Most Popular Baby Names In The United States From Greek Mythology.

Hestia is a lovely name for a girl, as she is known for being the goddess of home and hearth. The feminine version of the roman latin name, camillus. Thea is the anglicised version of this name.

She Is Also The Goddess Of Good Health, Which People Obtain From Drinking The Blessed Water Of Her Stream.

This is a female name that is derived from the bible. According to mythology, this was the name of a warrior maiden. Hera is an ancient goddess, considered to be queen of the gods.

Mythological Goddess Names For Girls.

This is a great resource for anyone looking for an unusual name with history and depth and will continue to get better as the list grows. This answers first letter of which starts with t and can be found at the end of a. Despina despina was (supposedly) the daughter of poseidon and demeter.

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