What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

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What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat
What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat – When it comes to finding the best deal on meat, you have a few different options. You can go to your local grocery store, discount store, or even a club. But which one will give you the best price?

We compared three popular stores: BJ’s Wholesale Club, Aldi, and Walmart. We look at packages of chicken, beef and pork to see which store has the lowest price.

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

Guess which store you think has the best prices on cuts of meat.

Grocery Store Sticker Shock Hitting Consumers As Drought Takes Toll On Crops

If you’d like us to compare different cuts of meat, let us know in the comments below.

The overall winner for best price on chicken breasts is BJ’s Whole Club at $2.99/lb. BJ’s also often issues coupons at Perdue.

The overall winner for Best Price for 85% Lean Ground Beef is BJ’s Whole Club at $3.89/lb.

I shop between BJ’s, Costco, and Aldi and can keep our grocery budget to $100 or less per week for a family of four.

Beef Producers Are Grinding Up Their Nicest Steaks, While Retailers Can’t Meet Demand For Cheaper Cuts

I found this post interesting. However, I compared Aldi and BJ’s meat prices in 2014 and our meat prices weren’t much lower than they are now.

I did another post earlier where I compared five products at BJs and Aldi – and BJ’s won too!

It is important to note the membership fee of BJ. The BJ membership deal is only $25 for new members here. If you need to renew, they offer a discount to renew here.

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

Even if you get the $25 membership fee, you get a lot of other things that are a bargain.

Meat Prices Are Finally Falling — Except For Hot Dogs

If you’re new to shopping at a wholesale club, here are a few reasons why paying a membership fee will save you money in the long run.

1. You’ll save on your grocery bill every month. If you have a large family to feed or entertain frequently, buying in bulk can save you tons of money.

2. You can shop ahead and save money. When planning a vacation or a party, buying non-perishable goods in bulk will help you stay within your budget.

3. You will save on fuel. Wholesale clubs offer discounts on fuel, saving you money every time you fill up your tank.

Meat Prices Rising At Grocery Stores As President Joe Biden’s White House Promises Action

4. Gas alone is a big reason to keep shopping at BJs. Every month, BJ’s has a gas sale called High Octane. You buy any product on the gasoline list and get 10 cents off a gallon.

We’ve got a quick deal for you that can save you 50 cents a gallon on gas when you buy these five items.

5. You can find offers on goods of famous brands. Many people think that shopping at a wholesale club means you have to buy generic products. But it is not so. Instead, you can get branded goods at a discount.

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

If you want to see more of the things I think are great about BJs, check out this post here.

Meat Prices Archives

As much as I like to shop at wholesale clubs to keep my grocery budget in check, there are a few things worth leaving behind at BJs. I have a list of these things for you.

BJ’s Wholesale Club has always been our butcher shop. The prices are unbeatable, but the quality is also great.

In fact, we’ve saved so much money shopping at BJs over the years that it quickly pays for our membership every year.

If you’re looking for a great deal on meat, check out BJs new $25 membership here. You will not regret!

Best Meat Deals You Can Find At Costco Right Now

What do you think; what do you think Do you buy meat at BJ’s? Let us know in the comments below!

Welcome! I have been hunting for years. I love helping others save money and live debt free. I love shopping at Costco too! I’m a huge animal lover and a bit obsessed with little piggies. Wholesale is my favorite. Meat prices continue to rise, according to data and estimates from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The BLS compiles data to create the Consumer Price Index, which tracks average changes over time for many consumer goods.

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

The consumer price index is used to calculate general inflation in the economy, as well as changes in prices for individual products. With the current estimate of inflation for 2021 still around 5%, the increase in the price of meat exceeds general inflation.

Steak Prices Fall As Beef Supply Starts To Catch Up With Demand

From July 2020 to July 2021, the price of meat increased by almost 6%. Beef and veal went up in price by 6.5%, pork – by 7.8%. The increase in prices for eggs, fish and seafood, and poultry also exceeded inflation.

The USDA said in a statement that the price increase was attributed to “strong domestic and foreign demand, high feed costs and supply disruptions,” including storms, drought and a May cyberattack on major JBS meatpacking that temporarily halted operations.

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Tyson Foods Will Reduce Prices On Some Beef Products This Week, As Grocery Store Prices Soar

I kept a price book for years to compare grocery store prices. When people hear this, they often want to know my secrets. And since the price of meat is so high, the question often arises: “Which store is the cheapest to buy meat?”

I already talked about strategies for buying cheap meat in a previous article. There, I spoke to a veteran butcher about discounts, low marks and other money-saving tips. Next up, I have another article on sales to look out for at the grocery store to save more money.

Today I’m going to open up my price list (and the prices of many unproductive friends) to talk about the best grocery stores that carry meat.

What Grocery Store Has The Cheapest Meat

Stores like Aldi usually have the cheapest everyday prices on meat thanks to their streamlined approach. Through company choices such as fewer employees, shorter working hours, limited product selection and smaller stores, they can pass the savings on to consumers.

Meat Prices Hit Historic High, Labor Issues Across Supply Chain Biggest Driving Factor

However, there are times when Aldi will not have the best prices. Stores that prefer a “loss leader” approach can sometimes beat Aldi’s price, but only for short-term weekly sales. Sometimes supermarkets can beat Aldi too, but you need to buy in bulk to save. Finally, Walmart is Aldi’s main competitor nationwide on price, and can sometimes be a little cheaper depending on the area.

By location – just see how much a burger costs in Hawaii or Kansas. This would make it impossible to determine which grocery store has the cheapest meat in any given neighborhood. The complexity of supply chains has only added to these problems.

I contacted 40 other unproductive friends from all over the country. They all keep price books and regularly compare meat prices in their area. Certainly, Aldi (and its similar West Coast competitor, Winco) were the favourites. Here is a summary of the research findings.

The first step, of course, is to identify your local options. Unless you live in a very densely populated area with many different stores, you will probably only have a few options. Fortunately, most people live within walking or driving distance of at least one of the following types of stores. All this can have a reasonable price for meat:

Meat Prices Increase As Inflation Continues

First, you need to decide if you want to focus on finding a store with a low consistent price, or if you want to focus on buying meat at a discount.

Focusing on sales can lead to HUGE savings. Many stores that regularly hold sales reduce regular prices by 40-50%. You may see the biggest savings during big cooking holidays—think a Memorial Day roast or even a free-range dish like turkey for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, simply buying what’s on sale puts your meals under the store’s requirements. (As long as you don’t overcrowd your freezer like I do.)

If you want to track sales, you need to download the Flipp app. It’s free, has no in-app purchases, and even has a shopping list component. (I’m not their partner either. That’s just who they are

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