What Grocery Stores Sell Duck

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What Grocery Stores Sell Duck
What Grocery Stores Sell Duck

What Grocery Stores Sell Duck – Search your soul. What would make your life infinitely happier? The rubber duck is the answer, and this Massachusetts store is the place to find it. Ducks in the Window is the world’s largest rubber duck shop, and it’s super cute. With over 800 unique styles to choose from, you’ll love browsing all that this local store has to offer. Here’s more on what to expect when you visit Ducks in the Window:

Ducks in the Window is a wonderfully whimsical place in Chatham that is home to the world’s largest rubber duck shop.

What Grocery Stores Sell Duck

What Grocery Stores Sell Duck

This is the kind of shop you have to see to believe. Every other duck personality is positively charming.

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They carry all kinds of ducks. Here you will find ducks that squeak, are safe for children and swim in any bathtub or pool.

If you’re looking for the most unique gift, why not ask the shop to make you a personalized giant duck for your upcoming baby shower or birthday?

Classic ducks start around $8 or $9, but there are ducks in all price ranges, styles, and flavors.

Ducks in the Window can be found at 507 Main St., Chatham, Mass. Click here to check their website for more information and current hours of operation.

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Have you visited this unique store yet? What are your favorite unusual places in Massachusetts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below! For more information on Ducks in the Window, visit Facebook or their Instagram page.

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What Grocery Stores Sell Duck

The Plumbing Museum in Watertown is one of the most unusual places in Massachusetts. Yes, this museum is dedicated to all things plumbing and is strangely fascinating. Here you can learn all about the evolution of hydraulic systems and see some of the earliest artefacts. If you’re looking for another quirky museum in Massachusetts, check out the Beer Can Museum. This quirky place has over 5,000 different beer cans, as well as folk art made from beer cans. If you love good beer, you should definitely plan a visit.

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If you still can’t get enough cool gadgets, check out the Huntington Country Store. In addition to mouth-watering sweet treats and cakes, this cute shop sells fantastic gifts. You’ll find all kinds of unique greeting cards, trinkets and toys. No wonder people consider it one of the best gift shops in Massachusetts. To learn more about this, read our article here.

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