What Hebrew Name Means Beautiful

What Hebrew Name Means Beautiful

The Name Means ‘God’s Honor’.

The name means ‘to gaze’. Girl names that mean beautiful in hebrew. Noa is a beautiful and rhythmic hebrew name that means motion or movement.

Welsh Name Meaning “Beautiful” Maisam:

Like bonnie, this name is from a word that means “pretty,” only in this case it’s of spanish origin. English name meaning ‘beautiful person’. Some of the best names for little girls are those that touch on grace, love, and beauty.

Latin Name Meaning “Beautiful Or Loving;

Hebrew name meaning “beautiful, adorned” tazanna: Baby names that mean beautiful. This is a nice hebrew baby girl name.

Egyptian Name For Beautiful Companion;

For a less common variation, drop the letter a and opt for nomi. It's a name for a future leader, and it has adorable nicknames to boot — abe, abie and even bram. 'noya noya' is a song by lena willikens.

Shortened Version Of The Hebrew Name Shoshana (A Form Of The Name Susanna) Or A Variation Of The Yiddish Name Shayna, Which Means “Beautiful.” Also A Feminine Form Of The Irish Name Shane.

Saranna is a beautiful name that means princess that is of hebrew roots. Here is a list of elegant hebrew girl names which means beautiful. The common translation is yafé (with emphasis on the 'fé'), which is used when relating to a noun that is in male form.

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