What Is A Cat House Called

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What Is A Cat House Called
What Is A Cat House Called

What Is A Cat House Called – Cats do not need much, even a box is enough. Just moments after opening a delivery, your cat has already found its hiding place, the hook area for the day. If they don’t feel like cuddling, a cardboard box is their personal envelope and private retreat.

If cats are so friendly when it comes to new homes, why spend more than you have to? Ekaterina Vagurina used only cardboard for her pet house called Petsy, encouraging cat owners to ditch carpeted cat towers and opt for an affordable and simple cardboard house instead.

What Is A Cat House Called

What Is A Cat House Called

Shaped like a real house, Petsy features a large and tall interior volume for cats to stretch and curl up to their heart’s content. Petsy is an undecorated and unpainted cat house reduced to the essentials – just the box. In fact, if Petsy were to hit the market, the entire house could be shipped as is, without the need for additional packaging.

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Cats are seen as curious and intelligent at the same time. They like to supervise, but good luck supervising them. Petsy features a large front door that only your cat can slide through and perforated holes at each end of the house. At one end there is a large circular hole for your cat to poke its head in, while the smaller perforation at the opposite end is just the right size for your cat to scratch out.

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What Is A Cat House Called

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