What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

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What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand
What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand – It’s official: the Western-inspired shoe trend is here to stay. Here’s where to buy quality cowboy boots that don’t look like clothes.

) boots have proven to be a cyclical but impressively enduring trend. I first tried the cowboy boot trend in mid-high school, pairing tall boots with miniskirts and maxi dresses, inspired by the looks that “off-duty” models were wearing over and over at the time. I finally retired my cowboy boots in favor of ankle boots in the late 2000s, but I’m happy to report that the cowboy boot trend is officially back, and it looks like it’s here to stay. the foreseeable future.

What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

While cowboy boots come and go every few years or so, never quite making it to the dreaded “out” list, they’re officially back in 2022. Like clockwork, western footwear has re-entered our zeitgeist this winter in what may be its biggest resurgence yet.

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One of the best things about the resurgent cowboy boot trend is that you can customize the look to your comfort level (we know people are inherently reluctant to try on cowboy-inspired footwear for fear of looking like they’re wearing suits). For example, you can try a pair of entry-level boots that subtly echo your Texas staple, or go full throttle with knee-high cowboy boots. Want to take your trend to the next level? There are also plenty of cowboy boots adorned with country-chic details like rhinestones and cowgirl-approved embroidery.

Whatever level of wild west look you decide to take, here’s the easiest way to rock the western boot trend without looking like a rodeo (or worse,

Bound) is investing in a pair of quality shoes made with high quality leather and careful stitching. Since the trend has gone viral in recent months, many understated iterations of classic looks end up falling short when it comes to design, which can make your ensemble look cheap or gimmicky. Scroll down to see the best cowboy boot brands to buy online.

If you’re looking for a solid pair of cowboy boots with quality construction, classic Ranch craftsmanship, and modern details, look no further than Texas brand Tecovas. Each pair is handcrafted in Mexico from high-quality leather and hand-woven rope, so each pair has a custom look. Considering the quality of Tecovas boots, they are very reasonably priced, averaging around $200 a pair for men and women.

Worth $500? Never Had Boots Before And My Dad Is In Mexico So I Feel Like This Would Be A Good Time To Take Advantage. Brand Is Caudras, Made Of Crocodile Belly. :

Designed in San Angelo, Texas and handcrafted in Spain, Ranch Road Boots classic western shoes pay homage to traditional gaucho style while fusing modern style with established tradition. Sarah Ford, founder of Ranch Road Boots, has been creating “bespoke” western boots that will become wardrobe staples for decades. I’ve been seeing this brand on Instagram lately, so it’s no wonder they’re having trouble restocking.

For a traditional western brand with a solid reputation and a super fair price, look no further than Ariat. In addition to its dedication to maintaining pure craftsmanship and superior quality, Ariat is committed to innovation to improve comfort, durability and performance. Their western boots range from $60 to $200.

Old Gringo boots are for anyone who likes footwear with a statement. The luxury boot brand has a wide assortment of western-inspired women’s boots with varying degrees of embellishment to suit every aspiring cowgirl or cowgirl. Each pair of handmade boots goes through 275 meticulous processes to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship, design, comfort and durability. Prices range from $250 to $500.

What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

Products are independently selected by Scouted and prices reflect products available at time of publication. Prices are accurate at time of publication but are subject to change. Subscribe to our newsletter for more tips and offers. We may earn a small commission if you purchase something from our posts. Introduce me to the cowboy boots. I got my hands on a VHS of this animated classic in 1992 and watched it every day for the better part of two years. This movie is about a young immigrant mouse from the Bronx (my neighborhood) and his adventures in the Wild West in the late 1800’s, the era in which the cowboy boot originated.

Best Cowboy Boots Brands 2023

To say that I was captivated by this film would be an understatement. My birthday parties for two years were western-themed, I made all my friends go to a shootout at the OK Corral every weekend, and I rarely walked out the front door without a pair of authentic cowboy boots . Unfortunately, I got rid of them so quickly, but I treasure these boots. Since then, all things western have been part of my MO. Of course, I’ve experimented with other looks over the decades, adding a little bit of this and that, but it’s hard to miss the indelible influence of Fievel and denim culture on my personal style.

I now own five pairs of cowboy boots and have lost many more over the years. It is true that not everyone shares the same enthusiasm for Western trends. This is a style that is constantly in and out of fashion. But for many, like men in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming and Tennessee, cowboy boots are not a fad. They are part of everyday life, they are a uniform. These are the people who can separate the best denim brands from the lesser ones.

If you’re looking for a crash course, or looking for style that’s as American as apple pie, like an American immigrant looking to make it big in the land of the free, I’ve rounded up the best cowboy boot brand stories. Yes, history.

Lucchese has an edge over the competition. Founded in 1883, the El Paso, Texas-based footwear company’s enduring offering is deeply embedded in American history. It produces cowboy boots worn by countless celebrities and US presidents. Many people, including myself, say it is the best cowboy boot ever.

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If you want real western boots, when the label says Ariat, you will get real western boots. In other words: the brand is an official sponsor of the Professional Bull Riders; it doesn’t get more denim than this, guys.

Nearly a decade before Lucchese opened, Herman Joseph Justin opened a shoe repair business that ended up creating custom boots with decorative stitching (a hallmark of cowboy boots) on the shaft to toughen the leather. More than a century later, the brand lives on, offering authentic cowboy boots at the most affordable prices.

Tecovas is a brand founded in 2015 that can be credited with restoring Western-inspired footwear to its rightful place around the world. So many that we officially recognized them in 2019. Now, a few years later, the brand is still going strong, earning our official seal of approval for the second time.

What Is A Good Cowboy Boot Brand

Frye is said to be the oldest boot company in America. Since 1863, the brand has been offering styles that are as stylish as they are durable, especially harness boots. Over the years, he’s also created some great western-inspired boots, all in durable leather with some of the most beautiful patinas on the market. This brand is for those who want to dip their toes into this style without going all out.

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Cowboy boots weren’t always known for their comfort, but the Dan Post changed all that. Founded in the 1960s, the brand is revered for creating the first true western boot with built-in cushioning.

Another veteran in the cowboy boot game is Tony Lama. After a stint in the United States Cavalry in the early 1900s, the eponymous founder opened a boot repair shop in El Paso and eventually created his own collection. In the 1950s, the company was known for offering quality styles at prices that most people could afford.

Western trends tend to go in and out of high fashion on a regular basis. It’s a shame. But there’s one designer who consistently keeps the spark going, especially through his RRL collection, and that’s Ralph Lauren. After all, the man lives on the ranch most of the year, so he knows what it takes to deliver authentic cowboy boots made to last.

For more than 160 years, Els Rios de Mercedes has been relatively unknown. This is a brand with an incredibly loyal fan base, a true denim brand, someone who truly values ​​premium leather and timeless design.

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When it comes to truly American brands, it doesn’t get much more authentic than Stetson. Clothing cowboys, ranchers and the military for over a century, the brand has become synonymous with strong and eclectic styles. They may be known for offering the best cowboy hats and other accessories, but their boots also fit the bill.

, there are many more.

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