What Is The 5th Commandment

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What Is The 5th Commandment
What Is The 5th Commandment

What Is The 5th Commandment – You might think that the Fourth and Fifth Commandments don’t have much to say, but in fact these commandments cover several topics. As mentioned earlier, commandments one through three deal with our relationship with God. The fourth and fifth commandments concern our relationships with others – “Honour thy father and thy mother.” “Thou shalt not kill” The sixth and ninth commandments refer to our sexual gift. The seventh, eighth, and tenth commandments deal with our relationships with others.

Why did he put “Honour thy parents” as the fourth commandment? This creates a gap between the love of God and the love of neighbor, because our parents, especially when we are young, represent God for us. When we honor them, we honor God. Therefore, the first three commandments belong to God; Number four and five is our respect for others; Six and nine are our sexual gifts, and seven, eight and ten are our relationships with others. Our parents truly represent God in our lives, especially when we are young.

What Is The 5th Commandment

What Is The 5th Commandment

What does it mean? They are: 1. We respect and love our parents, 2. We obey them in everything that is NOT a sin, 3. We help them when they need it. The fourth commandment tells us: honor and love our parents, obey them in all that does not sin, and help them in times of need.

On Moses Fifth Commandment

What does it mean to “obey them in all that is not sin”? Let’s say your mother took you to a jewelry store and said, “I’m going to distract the clerk so you can buy that gold ring or that watch.” This would be an opportunity to disobey your mother, because it would violate God’s Law of Stealing. If he tells you to sin, you are disobeying him and you shouldn’t be doing it.

6 As we get older… We need to care for our needy parents and make their lives as comfortable as possible. We should look after our parents during their last illness. What does it mean? If they are Catholic, call a priest and ask him to anoint the sick, hear confessions, give them communion, make sure they die with great care, love and dignity. , as convenient as possible; and make sure their souls are ready to meet God.

They may not be Catholic, but perhaps you can ask their Protestant pastor or rabbi to come and pray with them, visit them, and help them on their spiritual journey to the afterlife. We should also give them a decent burial and pray for them and pray that their souls rest in peace. If possible, on the anniversary of their death, a Mass should be celebrated for them. That would be a very good and thoughtful idea.

We should obey and respect our parents as Christ obeyed and respected Mary and Joseph. That’s a strong example for us, isn’t it? Because Christ was the Son of God, yet He willingly submitted to His mother Mary and foster father St. Joseph.

Th Commandment: Honor Your Father…

This commandment also requires us to respect all of our rightful superiors. If you were brought up by an aunt, uncle or grandfather, this would be our legal guardian. We are called to honor and respect them, and to respect all elders.

Employees are called upon to respect and honor their superiors. We are also called to respect and obey all legitimate secular and ecclesiastical authorities. In Romans 13, St. Paul says, “Let all be subject to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except God. Those who exist are appointed by God. Do you remember when the Lord was before Pontius Pilate? Pilate said, “I have the power to crucify you or to release you.” The Lord said, “If it hadn’t been given to you from above, I’d have no power over me.” Conclusion – All authority really comes from God.

With regard to the heads of the Church, this applies to the Church: Respect and honor for the Pope, bishops, priests; because they are our spiritual fathers. In turn, they (bishops, priests, priests and deacons) have the duty to care for those who are their shepherds, teach them the truths of faith, govern them, sanctify them, help them in a good life.

What Is The 5th Commandment

What obligations do parents have towards their children? Ensuring children’s mental and physical well-being, providing them with food, clothing, shelter, caring for them during illness, protecting them as much as possible from illness and accidents, providing education.

How To Teach Obedience With The Fifth Commandment

Make sure their children attend good schools. A good Catholic school would be nice, if possible. Sometimes couples may not be able to afford it, so they can make sure their children receive Sunday school religious instruction or CCD if they go to public school. Money should never be a reason to keep a child out of a Catholic school. Parents have the duty to educate their children in moral foundations, in mind, heart and soul, so that they are brought up in good habits. , qualities and virtues (distinguish good from evil, don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t do evil) Provide religious and moral education to children.

First, teach them to pray from an early age. Even small children can learn to make the sign of the cross. They should be taught to say grace at meals. They must be taught how to pray – Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be. They should be encouraged to read the Bible; Buy them a Bible for children from an early age and start reading Bible stories with them so that they know the Old and New Testaments. When I was young, I was given a picture book of saints

It is necessary to pray for the family, prayer before meals, after meals, daily prayer with children. In the evening, when you put them to bed, read them some stories from the Bible or the saints, and then try to talk to them about the Lord in your heart. Say your morning prayer with them. Say your evening prayer with them. This is one of your responsibilities as a parent

Being vigilant means protecting your child from harm. When you are vigilant, you must protect your child’s innocence, especially in the world we live in, where young children are often spoiled by television programs that may be shown at home. Parents must be very careful that bad programs do not get into the house. Make sure your kids don’t watch bad movies, listen to bad music, or go to bad websites.

Th Commandment: Demands

17 Mandatory! Parents have a very serious responsibility to block these websites, if the child is at the computer, none of them can be displayed on the screen. This is a very serious task, because we never want to mislead the little man. Jesus speaks of the regret of parents who corrupt their children, lead them astray, do not teach good and evil, do not teach the Ten Commandments.

Parents are called to set a good example for their children, to speak the truth, to attend church faithfully every Sunday, to pray, to go to shrines, and to fulfill Christian duties.

19 To set an example… If a child wants to grow up to be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, priest, nun, parents should advise and help train the child in the right profession, advising but never forcing. . The state is the same in life. If a child feels called to the ministry, priesthood or religious life, parents should never say, “No, you can’t do that. You must earn $100,000 a year and pay my pension. It’s wrong for parents to do this.

What Is The 5th Commandment

Parents should never interfere with the vocation God wants a child to have, be it to serve God as a missionary, priest, priest, priest or nun.

Summary Of Catholic Teaching Topic 34: Fifth Commandment “you Shall Not Kill.” Meaning And Content.

21 Thy will be done, parents should not be selfish, not force their children to do what they want, but parents should be open to see where God is calling the child; Happiness comes only after fulfilling God’s will

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