What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy

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What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy
What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy

What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy – Everyone is still busy because of the long traffic. Trucks, SUVs, and crossovers remain in high demand, but let’s be real—not everyone can afford luxury models. The good news for those willing to spend car-like money on used cars is that there are plenty of SUVs, crossovers, and SUVs available. As modern cars advance in features, content, and style, we hesitate to call any of these affordable SUV crossovers “cheap” in the pejorative sense of the word. Most come standard with must-haves like folding rear seats and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a few even come with standard all-wheel drive.

Read on for the 15 cheapest crossovers and SUVs to buy in 2023, and be sure to check out how they fit into their subcompact and compact classes.

What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy

What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy

Nissan’s Rogue Sport is the smaller sibling of the compact Rogue, but it’s not the cheapest or smallest SUV. It is Nissan’s second smallest SUV. However, it comes in fast trim and, unlike other budget crossovers, it offers all-wheel drive. The interior is the same, and the Rogue Sport is showing its age, but for a size larger than a subcompact (smaller than most compact SUVs, though), this crossover offers a lot of value. [Read more about Nissan Rogue Sport]

The Cheapest New 3 Row Suvs For 2023

The Toyota C-HR’s format is hard to pin down, but this longer-than-hatchback creation can make as strong a claim to the “crossover” label as anything else on this list. A shameless nod to the original styling, with a sweeping roofline, rear door handles hidden at the top by the windows to give it a two-door look, and perhaps the largest black front fascia in its segment. It doesn’t offer all-wheel drive, but Subaru’s campy styling efforts aren’t part of the C-HR’s appeal. Instead, it’s a great city commuter with a slightly higher seating area. [Read more about Toyota C-HR]

The HR-V is entering its second generation here in America, and it’s trading in its Fit-based platform for the larger, compact bones of the 2023 Civic. This HR-V replacement significantly increases its size and materials, in addition to bringing a larger 2.0. liter engine and the same excellent Civic interior beauty. We just wish the increase in size would bring an even bigger increase in power – Honda’s smallest SUV is slow. [Read more about Honda HR-V]

When you look at the Subaru Crosstrek, you might think, “Hey, isn’t that a hatchback?” Yes, it is, although it is marketed as a crossover SUV. The Crosstrek is actually the Impreza, Subaru’s compact hatchback, but it’s been lifted into the air with a raised suspension and finished with black plastic trim for a pleasing image. Still, the Subie looks a lot smaller than most SUVs on this list, with 8.7 inches of ground clearance and a 50/50 torque split in its standard all-wheel drive system. A six-speed manual transmission is also standard. Opt for the available automatic (last year’s 2.5-liter engine is automatic only) and you get a more interesting setup and variable AWD. In addition, the Crosstrek is large and spacious in its class because it is based on a compact car instead of a subcompact. [Read more about Subaru Crosstrek]

Engines: 2.0 L flat-four (152 hp, 145 lb-ft); 2.0 L hybrid flat-four (148 hp); 2.5 L flat-four (182 hp, 176 lb-ft)

Best Suvs To Consider In 2021

Last year, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport was the most expensive among this collection of affordable SUVs. This year, it came in ninth place and received a price cut. This subcompact SUV received a complete update for 2020, including sharper exhausts and a richer interior. Mitsubishi’s Mirage hatchback and G4 sedan solidify the truly affordable anchor of the company’s lineup, freeing the similarly sized (but pricier) Outlander Sport and Eclipse Cross to avoid the bargain basement world. Included in sports? Aluminum wheels, LED head and tail lights and a 7.0-inch touch screen. [Read more about Mitsubishi Outlander Sport]

A relatively new car, the Mazda CX-30 combines the premium styling and good handling found in its brand with a small number of affordable SUVs. Like the Subaru Crosstrek, the CX-30 is pretty much a compact hatchback (in this case, a Mazda 3) tuned and covered in some body armor. None of the changes detract too much from the 3’s beautiful styling, and the interior of the two Mazdas is very similar, meaning the CX-30 comes off as a close product. This helps it stand out from the mainstream smoke worn by most of its subcompact SUV rivals. For those interested in the CX-30 but unable to spend more, the more powerful (250 hp!) 2.5 Turbo model should be scratched. And for 2023, every CX-30 comes standard with all-wheel drive. [Read more about Mazda CX-30]

The Kia Seltos isn’t the only Kia to make the list – the smaller, boxier Soul also appears. However, it is the most SUV-like, with a traditional SUV shape and all-wheel drive. Mechanically, the Seltos shares its base engine and optional turbo engine with the Soul, but that extra SUV-style power (and AWD) comes at a price, which is why the Seltos is 12th in this round, with the Soul near the top. [Read more about Kia Seltos]

What Is The Cheapest Suv To Buy

What does the Corolla do on this list? The long-term compact sedan and hatchback name (with a wagon or two thrown in the back) has spawned an SUV variant in 2022. This new crossover slots in between the larger C-HR and RAV4 in Toyota’s lineup, alongside Kia’s Seltos and Nissan’s Rogue Sport. Underneath the RAV4-aping trim is the same platform used by the latest Corolla, with the option of a 169-hp engine. standard power. Feature content is strong even on the base L model, and the cabin feels premium, even if the rear seats aren’t roomier. [Read more about Toyota Corolla Cross]

Compare Hyundai Suvs

Just looking at the Ford EcoSport (called “echo sport” for a reason), you’d think it would be among the cheapest in its class. Sure, but we’d argue that a small SUV isn’t cheap enough. You see, it was taken out of Ford’s global markets and shipped to the US. to clean small cars of this type that disappear quickly. (Ford has killed all of its car lines except the Mustang and GT supercars, including the Focus and Fiesta, for this kind of EcoSport problem.) The EcoSport’s take on the market: It’s small, it looks good on its small wheels, and it comes with a rare three-cylinder engine. American cylinder works. Want to drive an all-wheel drive? It is also available with a powerful four-cylinder engine. [Read more about Ford EcoSport]

The current Chevy Trailblazer carries the old name of largest SUV, but occupies the small end of Chevrolet’s crossover lineup. The aggressively designed little unit offers a rare choice between two three-cylinder engines, a 1.2-liter and a more powerful 1.3-liter, neither of which are particularly fuel-efficient. With the smaller engine, buyers can have front-wheel drive only; choose the big one, as is, and enable the all-wheel drive option. [Read more about Chevrolet Trailblazer]

That Hyundai has two of the five cheapest SUVs on the market tells you everything you need to know about the value automaker’s priorities. The brand has evolved and become more popular over the past decade, but it hasn’t stopped offering customers the same mix of great prices, amazing features, and strong warranties that it’s become known for. The Kona is larger than the other Hyundai SUVs featured here, it costs less, but it delivers unusual style and fun luxury for the price, and offers a powerful turbo engine as an option. For more money, Hyundai now sells you the sporty N Line model as well as the Kona N. [Read more about Hyundai Kona]

Chevrolet Trax does not leave much of a visual impression, it has a dreamy look. However, the Trax mixes a surprisingly mature chassis setup with a conventional turbocharged engine. Everything else outside the chassis is refined for its class, but the Chevy’s interior is ready to rent compared to some of the more interesting options at this price point. [Read more about Chevrolet Trax]

Best Suvs Worth Waiting For

It’s hard to imagine that three of the cheapest SUVs out there can’t even manage a wheel drive. Forgoing the structural changes and chassis components required to accept an alternative driver’s axle allows manufacturers to make smaller, longer hatchbacks at a lower cost. The Nissan Kicks follows this logical format well, combining a high-riding wagon with car-like power, a spacious interior for its size and high-quality features at a great value. Is it exciting? Not really, but the Kicks delivers a facsimile of the premium SUV experience, and it’s no dog to drive. Nissan updated the Kicks for 2021, giving it a few makeovers, making Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard on the base model and adding more equipment to the SV.

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