What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

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What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called
What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called – Monday evening I went to see another Hobbit movie (Desolation of Smaug) with a group of friends.

Despite the fact that it was 10:35 at night, and that we got home at 2am, and I was sick the next day (I’m much better now – thanks for asking!) – it was definitely worth it. .

What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

I’ve seen many comments that this movie was better than the first – and I completely agree. (Note – I’m not trying to write my own review – that would be more of a rant, with possible fangirling. We’ll see…)

Lord Of The Rings: Every Character From The ‘hobbit’ Trilogy Who Were Not In The Book

Desolation of Smaug was somehow faster than An Unexpected Journey, the first Hobbit film. It was more compact, more solidly built. Bilbo was finally on his feet as a tourist – not so nervous about everything, you know? He doesn’t get in anyone’s way anymore. He has a sword named after him (the ultimate thing in fantasy) and he saves his furry friends quite impressively. He becomes a real main character – he is the one on whom the whole story depends. Since Frodo is better off taking the Ring to Mordor, it’s up to Bilbo to make his breakthrough and get the Arkenstone. (In that sense, this isn’t the best comparison. Frodo is clearly on a more important mission, and the Fellowship’s goals can’t really be questioned. Thorin and Co.’s goals, on the other hand, sometimes. .)

Another big advantage was that almost every battle had wolves in it, which made it even more terrifying. (I’m a huge fan of elves – especially since I’m related to one. We’re pretty sure my sister has elf blood.) I haven’t seen a LOTR movie since last summer, and I keep forgetting how AWESOME Legolas is until I see him fight again. I have to say that he makes the battles so great to watch with his very best eleven moves. He is clearly one of my favorite characters. Note that he is not only an excellent archer, but also an excellent swordsman:

Speaking of elves, they added a new character not invented by Tolkien. I say this very rarely, so remember this important point: I agree very well. There – I approved the change in the original book. What happened to me!?

Indeed, Torel is a wonderful character. I really like him. She’s a strong elf warrior, but she’s also compassionate and has quite a head on her shoulders. She can assess a situation and see where she is most needed.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug

There’s a bit of a love triangle going on (although don’t want to give away too many spoilers), but I don’t really think that’s the outcome. This is just the literal meaning. She sees that Legolas fends for himself, and knows where she is most needed.

When Smaug said “I am fire. I am death!” It gave me goosebumps, it was so scary. And because it was 3D, sometimes his nose would be right in your face and you could see his teeth and…

Speaking of 3D, one time someone cut off an orc’s head, and it flew across the screen. He made me very high in his seat. There was a part where a fly sat almost up to my nose (well, not really, it just looked that way) and I thought, “If I was afraid of flies, I’d be crying right now.” Fortunately, I’m not afraid of bees. a lot of.

What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

OK, back to Smaug. One thing I didn’t understand – why did Bilbo take out the ring so quickly? In the book (if I remember correctly) Bilbo remains invisible for much of his conversation with Smaug. I liked it better when Smaug couldn’t see who Bilbo was. (I also haven’t read the book since the movie first came out, so my memory is a little rusty.)

How To Watch The Lord Of The Rings Movies In Order

So I know that most of the movie is not from the book. There are many additional items. But I’ve heard somewhere that a chunk of it – all the scenes with Gandalf and the Necromancer in Dol Gildor – are actually from The Silmarillion, and that doesn’t bother me so much about the changes. I’ve never read The Silmarillion, so I can’t really judge for myself, but I like to console myself with the fact that at least some of the non-Hobbit stuff isn’t completely un-Tolkien.

If any of you have read The Silmarillion – and seen the Hobbit movie(s) – what did you think? Were there many scenes involved that weren’t purely Tolkien?

He’s a fat fellow, not on the beard side in that sense, but he’s not bad either. He’s just a single father who wants to support his family, and doesn’t want anyone to do anything stupid that would wake up the dragon. He also has a black arrow hidden in his rafters (not in the main book). He also has super cute kids who call him Da. 🙂

To wait a whole year until the end… can I do it? I’m counting on The Return of the King at Ravinia Fest this summer to hold me over until then and again. These words come in the dying moments of the second episode of this Hobbit adaptation, The Desolation of Smaug. Inevitably, this is the question that true Tolkien fans hope Peter Jackson’s adaptation team is now asking themselves. I encourage true Tolkien fans to get mad at me in the comments below. Honestly, I really like this movie. As a fantasy adventure that took some fantastic risks, it was a cinematic treat.

Do The Hobbit Movies Deserve Your Hate? Debunking 3 Criticisms 10 Years On

Still, given the offensive quote in the title, I thought it appropriate to ask in my review what Jackson actually did.

With the exception of the hint in the title, I won’t provide any spoilers here. In fact, I want to. Some of the major parts of the film are in the trailer that leaked through 2013. This, I believe, shows the lack of beauty in the Hobbit trilogy of films. There seems to be less discretion in how far the adapter should go than there was in Lord of the Rings.

This comes down to the main problem I identified in my review of the first film, An Unexpected Journey. With The Lord of the Rings, Jackson adapted an epic book for an epic film. With The Hobbit, he translated a fairy tale into an epic film. It is a very different work. And while I enjoy these movies as they are, people who expect faithful adaptations are always disappointed. Adaptation is not enough. It needs translation.

What Is The Second Hobbit Movie Called

The first place where something gets lost in translation is in the fictional basis of the story. Do you remember the sound of Galadriel in the dark of the theater when Fellowship of the Ring was released? A roaring sound:

Hobbit’ Trilogy Reportedly Cost $745 Million To Make

Instead, in an unexpected journey, we start with a stock “old man sets a record” scene. It’s a very bad minute of the movie before it starts in the wonderful dream of Erebor. But notice the transition: Bilbo says, “It began a long time ago, in a far away land…” This is the beginning of a fairy tale. But we know that the film series could not end, “and they lived happily ever after.” It is an epic. It will end with victory in the midst of great loss. It has to be done.

This is where Peter Jackson falls between the stools of fairy tale and epic. While both LOTR and The Hobbit are structured as fairy tales – there and then again fairy tales – neither are film adaptations. As Fellowship of Color begins with a legendary voice, a creation and fall narrative, it is the voice that is needed in an unknown journey.

Instead, Jackson tried to fill in the mythological elements in the first two Hobbit films, adding small montages that repeat legend and history. But “Genesis” is the beginning of the Bible for a reason: all epic stories need an epic beginning, and usually a creation myth that needs a Christian savior. In The Lord of the Rings, the Christian story is a battle against a great evil that threatens to destroy all that is beautiful. In the Hobbit trilogy, it is revenge against a monster. Jackson lacks fictional elements.

Which leads to another problem of translation in new films, which is motivation. Perhaps it was meant to be a throwback show, but there really is a story behind the motivation for “revenge” against Smaug the Destroyer or exile and return. Or at least it could be. Roughly four hours after the story begins, the dwarf’s pain develops in his first fiery vision of the Lonely Mountain. Smaug is a traitor, a tyrant. Smaug is Babylon.

The Spiders Of ‘the Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug’

I believe that the story “Exile and Return” is a real opportunity for Jackson

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