What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called

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What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called
What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called

What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called – This article covers a topic that is part of the real world and therefore should not be considered part of the Harry Potter universe.

This article is about the novel. Maybe you’re looking for a movie, video game, video game soundtrack, soundtrack or character.

What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called

What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called

“Of the five books I’ve published [so far], Azkaban was the easiest to write, and I think it shows in some ways.

The 3rd Harry Potter Book Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban Stock Photo

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third part of the Harry Potter series written by JK Rowling. It was first published in 1999.

Jill Prewett and Aine Kiely were JK Rowling’s roommates while living in Portugal. They frequented a club/restaurant called ‘Swing’. Because they spent so long there, Jo called them his godmother.

“Harry Potter is lucky to make it to thirteen, having escaped the Dark Lord’s murderous attacks on more than one occasion. But his hopes for a quiet period centered around Quidditch are dashed when a maniacal mass murderer escapes. From Azkaban, followed by the soul-sucking dementors guarding the prison. Hogwarts is the safest place for Harry. Probably, but it was a coincidence that he felt eyes watching him in the dark, should he take the professor? Are they serious Madman’s dire predictions?”

“Harry scanned the touching photo and a smile spread across his face as he saw all nine Weasleys waving furiously at him…Ron in the center of the photo, his pet Scabbers on his shoulder….”

Three Volume Boxed Set: Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s (aka Sorcerer’s ) Stone; The Chamber Of Secrets; The Prisoner Of Azkaban Three Books In A Slipcase ( Box / Boxed / Slipcased Set )( Vol. 1, 2, 3 )

Harry Potter spends another summer vacation with the Dursleys in mid-1993 and things have not been easy for him. During the summer, the Dursleys forbade him to speak to his neighbors for fear of revealing his magical abilities. Harry’s separation from magical items (eg the wand, broom, spells, etc.) has also become a real problem for Harry, as the teachers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have given him many summer tasks. When Aunt Petunia and Dudley go out to admire Uncle Vernon’s new company car, he takes the opportunity to start it a week after he gets home by hiding some of his books upstairs in his room. Since then none of the Dursleys noticed him studying magic every night and Harry was very careful not to mess with them because his aunt and uncle were already in a bad mood with him because of a phone call from their nephew. Best friend at Hogwarts, Ron Weasley, Vernon angrily confronts him, though Harry has no idea how Ron got their house number. This incident must have alerted Ron not to call their other friend, Hermione Granger, because Harry didn’t hear from them. What changes his relationship with the Dursleys is that they allow him to leave Hedwig’s snowy owl out at night, promising not to use it to send letters to Ron or Hermione. Pick up the racket that screams when it’s bored when it’s locked in its cage all the time.

On July 31 (Harry’s thirteenth birthday), shortly after midnight, Harry receives gifts and letters from Ron, Hermione, and Rubeus Hagrid, who each wish him a happy birthday and send him gifts. According to Ron, his father, Arthur Weasley, won a Daily Propet prize draw for seven hundred galleons, used it to take the family to Egypt to visit his eldest son Bill, and used the rest to buy Ron a new wand. To replace the one that broke last year. Harry learns that Percy Weasley is entering his seventh year at Hogwarts and has been named Head Boy. According to Hermione, she and her parents are on vacation in France. Also in their letter it is mentioned that Ron and Hermione will be in London for the last week to collect their school supplies and that Harry would like to join them. Hagrid hints in his letter that the book he sent Harry will be useful next term, but he wants the reason to be a surprise until term begins. Another letter comes from Professor Minerva McGonagall, saying that third years are allowed to visit the village of Hogsmeade and that their guardian must sign a permission form.

“Bad blood comes out. Now, I’m not saying anything against your family, Petunia, but your sister was a bad egg. They make great families. And then she ran off with a hornet, and here’s the result. Us.”

What Is The Third Book Of Harry Potter Called

When Harry wakes up the next morning, he goes downstairs hoping to watch TV. Unfortunately, he discovers that his uncle Vernon and Dudley are already watching the news and the channel anchor sits with them unnoticed as Sirius Black, an escaped convict from the streets of London, is halfway through a report on the Prime Minister’s speech of Muggles. Uncle Vernon comments that it looks like it came from an asylum, not a prison. Because the black man’s face and elbow-length hair made him look like a happily groomed Harry. Much to Uncle Vernon’s confusion, the reporter proceeds to report on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries announcement without first revealing which prison or asylum Black escaped from.

Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

However, Vernon informs the family that his sister Marjorie ‘Marge’ Dursley is coming to visit for a week. Not knowing that Harry is a wizard, Harry agrees to act normal during her visit if his uncle signs the permission form and sends Hedwig to the Weasleys for the week. On the last night, when she calls her father, James Potter, a drunk and emaciated, Harry loses his temper and accidentally pushes her away. She explodes and Harry decides to grab his school stuff and run away, fearing he will be kicked out of Hogwarts for using magic outside of school.

“Anyway, they corner Black in the middle of a street full of muggles, Black pulls out a wand, ‘splits the street in half’ and explodes, a wizard picks it up and a dozen muggles rush in.

He arrives at Magnolia Crescent and sees a black dog staring at him. Shocked, Harry falls off and the Night Bus, a triple-decker bus designed to transport wizards, arrives. The dog disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. Harry meets Stan Shunpike, the night bus driver, and Ernie Prang, the driver. Harry takes the night bus to London’s Leaky Cauldron. He learns that the criminal himself and follower of Lord Voldemort, Sirius Black, has been broken out of Azkaban by the Daily Prophet. Shortly after the Potter murders in 1981, Sirius was imprisoned for killing thirteen people with a single curse. At the Leaky Cauldron, he meets the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, in person, although Harry and Ron had to pretend they didn’t know him when they saw him at Hagrid’s, as Harry and Ron had technically broken school rules at the previous school their. year. the hut To Harry’s surprise, Fudge takes no action against him, stating that random uses of magic are not a violation of the Reasonable Control of Minor Magic order, after he explains that Marge was normalized and her memory altered. Fudge books Harry a room to stay in for the summer, but refuses to sign Harry’s Hogsmeade leave form.

Harry spends the rest of the holiday in Diagon Alley buying his school supplies and not doing any unnecessary shopping. On the last day of the holidays, Harry meets Ron, Hermione and the other Weasleys living in the Leaky Cauldron. When Hermione decides to spend her birthday money on a magical pet, much to Ron’s dismay, Hermione buys Crookshanks, a cat who bullies Ron’s pet Scabbers. Sometime during the night, Harry overhears a conversation between Ron’s parents, Arthur and Molly Weasley. From what he hears he learns that Black lost everything when Voldemort faced his downfall and is now trying to kill Harry. Harry realizes that Fudge has let him go, relieved to find Harry alive. At Hogwarts, he is unconcerned about the black suspecting the survivor will harm him, with Headmaster Albus Dumbledore around him.

Inspiring Harry Potter Quotes From Dumbledore, Hermione, More

The next day, just before Harry boards the Hogwarts Express, Arthur tries to warn him about blackness and promises not to look for blackness, no matter what he hears. Harry tells him that he already knows because he overheard Mr. and Mrs. Weasley talking about it

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