What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called

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What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called
What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called

What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called – I am very defensive about the Hobbit movies. In fact, I’ll probably spend this holiday season arguing with friends and loved ones about my affection for this epic interpretation of a 1937 children’s book. This stance is in part because I found myself thoroughly enjoying Peter Jackson’s attempt at retelling it classic fantasy story. seeing so many glaring errors. The Hobbit will always be a case with many gaps and, unlike its predecessor, will be won with passion. My defense comes against a wave of criticism regarding high frame rates, unnecessary extras, and a general unenthusiastic attitude towards nearly 3 hour long fantasy films. Well, they’re all pretty accurate, and the only thing missing is how enjoyable this trilogy has been so far.

The Desolation of Smaug, like 2002’s The Two Towers, picks up right where the first Hobbit film left off. Well, that’s about right, because I thought Gandalf’s mystical eagles carried them far from danger, not 20 feet down the mountain of danger. Needless to say, the action starts right away as the company of dwarves, Gandalf and Bilbo look for a way out of Orc Mountain. If you want a background story on what’s happened so far, check out my first review of An Unexpected Journey. The group of heroic dwarves find an uneasy refuge with Beorn, a skin-knowing half-giant. Beorn is important not only as a deus ex machina for the immediate danger, but as an interesting addition to Tolkien’s continuum. Beorn plays a major role in the Battle of the Five Armies, which will most likely be the final battle in the third film. Beorn and his followers, the Beornings, are supporting characters leading up to the War of the Rings. All I’m saying is that it’s not just here for nothing.

What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called

What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called

The Desolation of Smaug is interesting because of its final division into stories. After receiving help from Beorn, the company travels to the Elven Pass through Mirkwood, AKA spidertown. Here Gandalf feels evil, and like an old fool who has forgotten his wallet, he leaves the company to go and do something else. I have to go guys. I have one thing. This is where the film splits into two films. One is the adaptation of The Hobbit and the other is the prequel to The Lord of the Rings. While Gandalf leaving the party was detailed in the book, his future adventures and conclusions were constructed for this story. For a brief moment, we get two stories that are independent of each other. From precisely Mirkwood to Smaug’s treasure chamber, the two films shine independently of each other. Well, mostly. Let’s not talk about completely fake characters.

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The spiders in Mirkwood are scary, but that’s coming from someone who will leave the room if there’s a bug on the wall. Bilbo finds further fascination with the Ring, but the whole temptation of it is unnecessarily emphasized. The dwarves are suddenly rescued by Legolas and his merry band of spider slayers. Look, it’s very possible he was in the area. I mean, he’s a hundred years old, right? The dwarves are imprisoned in the elf realm only to be offered an alliance by the legally neutral elf king Thranduil. Sir. Oakensheild, our protagonist, thumbs his nose at the offer and chooses to sit and wait for rescue from Bilbo. Oh, yeah, we also have an unnecessary love interest for Tauriel, a fictional female elf, and Kili, one of the less obnoxious youngsters of the group. I guess if she wasn’t here it would just be a whole bunch of guys in fantasy costumes running around waving swords. Sounds like any DnD campaign from the 80s.

I feel like I’m always defending film adaptations against people who like to use them as criticism. I find this fitting because the last 10 years of fantasy and comic book films have valued fidelity to source material to the point of absurdity. In the original book, the dwarves come in barrels and float downstream to Esgaroth AKA Lake Town, where they meet Bard, a champion. But in the movie we get one of the most ridiculous yet entertaining chase scenes which has an elf shooting arrows while standing on top of dwarves stuck in a barrel as they all go into swirling currents. I can’t even write that sentence without it sounding ridiculous. Then again, if presented faithfully, that scene wouldn’t have been as exciting as Orc heads flying at the audience. This addition also reflects what was going on with Gandalf at the time, which includes some heavy-handed tailoring for the first film, the appearance of empty Nazgûl tombs, Radagast needing a shower, and an encounter with the Necromancer AKA Sauron AKA a level 20 spirit with fly and a lot of special attacks. Again, to reiterate, when separated, these events are more digestible parts.

The group of dwarves are eventually smuggled into Lake Town, which is just outside the Lonely Mountain AKA Smaugtopia. The group meets Bard AKA Mr. Bowman, who eventually becomes the hero of the third film, but I won’t give anything away. Lake Town is a desolate place run by a greedy and cowardly Master of Laketown, portrayed in the film by Stephen Fry. Lake Town’s dynamism and character in the book and film give the place a dimensional presence. It’s a city suffering the consequences of standard fantasy warfare. there are actual reasons why the city embraces Thorin and his merry band in their quest to recover their treasure. The undertones of corruption and hope run through the book and are set up to effect in the film. Oh also, the film’s barge constructions allow for character and whimsy battles to be fought out with added interest. Again, I always defend myself.

Say what you will, but two old wizards traveling into the depths of darkness and evil only to stand against the nascent form of evil incarnate is pretty cool.

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The last third of the film sees the dwarves finally reach the Lonely Mountain and make their way despite Thorin giving up all too easily. It’s locked guys, damn it, I’m out. Bilbo, being the more sensible one, finds his way in and descends to perhaps the biggest scene of the film. Smaug’s treasure room is cavernous, and the film does a fantastic job of depicting the dwarves’ vast treasure. This was achieved by distributing the dimensions of the treasure room through later scenes. What begins as a ginger climb on a pile of gold leads to a near-avalanche of jewels as Bilbo is chased by a Red Dragon at level 10. Smaug is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch, who seems to be up to his role, although he is only a voice. I think he could just read lines from Star Trek and still be convincing in this role. I’m thankful for this scene because from now on it becomes a bit unnecessary.

What could have been 10 minutes turned into 40. The dialogue between Smaug and Bilbo is a well-written depiction of logic and storytelling through mere lines of text. This interaction not only advances the story, but rounds out Bilbo’s character as a critical thinker. What this doesn’t do is the last video game running through the realm of dwarves and being chased by a dragon. As Smaug leaves the treasure room, we are treated to an unnecessary scene where the dwarves reignite the smiths, via dragon fire, and forge a giant golden statue of unstable gold that covers, but does not kill, the dragon. This is where I stand by the critics when I say that everything I described was a little too much. While I appreciate the need for cinematic endings, everyone in this theater is already coming back for the third, so you can leave a little to the imagination.

The Hobbit could have been a two-part film with the first ending at Mirkwood and the second at the Battle of the Five Armies. The movie could have been a really long three-hour movie with a few additions. There’s no reason this has to be three movies, but despite my opinion, I feel like the filmmakers are doing the best they can. In my defense of The Hobbit, it’s important to note that I see the economic reasons for breaking up the way they did. Either way, there’s no universal loathing for the filmmaker’s soulless cash-in, rather people are outraged that it deviates from a bastard child’s story. I remember saying in my first review that I didn’t find much difference between An Unexpected Journey and the Lord of the Rings stories. I will change this after the second movie. The Hobbit is coming

What Is The Third Hobbit Movie Called

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