What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

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What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called
What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

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Amy Lawrenson is the Editorial Director of the UK and has worked as a freelance beauty and health journalist for over 13 years.

What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

Cozmo Faris is a professional piercer with over 12 years of experience teaching for the Association of Professional Piercers.

The 16 Types Of Ear Piercings: How To Choose Based On Pain And Placement

. This art is commonly known as “earwax” and has been popularized by piercing studios such as Studs and Rowan. But with all the options for where to get your piercing, it can be difficult to decide which type of earring is right for you, especially when it comes to cost, pain, and post-piercing care. may differ significantly. So first, piercers and dermatologists break down everything you need to know about 15 different ear piercing options and what you need to know about each option – from standard lobes to daith piercings and more than that.

Ah, the classic, basic piercing. Brooks says, “We all know and love a beautiful earring. I don’t stop recommending this.

“You can replace the jewelry after three months of healing,” says Brooks. She continued: “People often have a lot of opportunities to do something unique with their piercing. The design and aesthetics are very close to my heart, so I really enjoy helping clients. customers get the right creative look and their lifestyle.”

Found in a somewhat awkward position – the hoop hugs the cartilage on the inside of your ear – the daith requires an experienced piercer.

What Are The Different Ear Piercings Called?

“There are many reports that this type of piercing is useful and successful when other medical and non-medical modalities have failed,” says Nazarian. “The only site that’s actually been scientifically proven to have the potential to aid in medical use is the piercing. Several studies have shown that piercings can modulate pain receptors that send signals to the brain. and relieve migraines and chronic headaches.”

Since it’s placed on cartilage, you’ll feel a smoldering pressure when it’s done. As with any new piercing, don’t sleep on it until it’s completely healed; Compared to some outer earrings, it is quite common to wear a daith earring to bed for a few months.

Spiral piercings – piercings placed anywhere on the outer cartilage of the ear – are usually the first choice when relocating an earlobe. But as Brooks confirms, this “flat piercing trend” is now even more popular, with piercers and clients experimenting with multiple twists in one ear.

What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

“This is something we all want, basic or not, these cartilage piercings are super cute and most often end up at the edge or middle of the ear. This area allows for individualized placements. unique culture and style. I’m trying to encourage more then just take a little detour here,” advises Brooks.

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Another cartilage piercing, a forward twist is also placed in the upper ear above the auricle. These piercings are a little more complicated than your regular twisted earring as the piercing needs to align perfectly with your ear and may be more painful than a regular lobe piercing. Depending on the experience of the piercer, a needle or a machine may be used.

The brim, the little flap that partially covers the ear canal, can add extra detail to any pair of ears, especially if it’s decorated with a pretty button or a tight ring.

According to Brooks, “These little guys are also hard to cure, especially because no one wants to give up earplugs at work. Because the ear flaps are there to protect and penetrate the outer part of the ear canal, the letter of the you’ll be blocked where your headphones go yourself that if you are a “picker” or “lazy” like me, maybe not for you.”

Another type of piercing that’s specific to your anatomy, an anti-tragus piercing is located just in front of the traditional earlobe bump, above the earlobe. If your earlobes are not prominent enough to pierce, some piercers may refuse to do the job instead of following the shape of your ear. In terms of jewelry, a curved dumbbell or a closed loop are the best options for this type of piercing.

Medical Complications Of Cartilage And Ear Piercing

The shell, located in the middle part of your ear cartilage, gets its nickname because of its resemblance to the spiral shell of the same name. It’s pretty versatile and can be worn with a button for subtle effect, a double button (if you’re feeling brave) or even a hoop wrapped around the edge of your ear.

The inner shell is pierced by the middle shell of the ear, which is the thickest piece of cartilage on the ear. This piercing is closest to the ear canal so you shouldn’t wear earplugs for a while during the healing process as they can irritate your new piercing.

As well as the inner shell, the outer shell is also penetrated by the same area of ​​cartilage of the ear but through the lower part. If you’re a side sleeper, sleep on the opposite side of your new piercing until it heals.

What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

As Brooks describes it, an industrial piercing is essentially “a straight barbell that connects one cartilage to another in the upper ear”.

How Ear Piercings Can Help Contour Your Face Shape

“They’re hard to heal because they’re two cartilage piercings instead of one,” says Brooks. “Since the two are also bonded together, they tend to be more prone to irritation and often stay that way,” says Brooks. You should also pay special attention to the following care: “Be

Be careful not to let your hair and glasses rest on it. Brooks warns that sleeping on it is always taboo.

Brooks advises whether you should consider industrial piercings, “Usually, I would steer clients away from these piercings for no other reason than that most people don’t keep them because of the timing. let them heal.”

High lobe piercings are a fun way to lighten lobes. They are especially good for highlighting a poorly positioned piercing that you may have done before. Since the lobes are very fleshy, the level of pain from the piercing is considerably low. While the recovery time is relatively quick, that doesn’t mean you have to be loose with your aftercare. You should always follow your piercer’s instructions for aftercare and maintenance.

Upper Ear Piercings: Guide And Images

One of the more unusual types of inner earring, the earring is placed into the inner cartilage, above the daith and between the inner conch and the front helix.

As a cartilage piercing, the rook is not as easily pierced as the lobe. As a result, you may feel a sharp pain and pressure at first, followed by a more general throbbing sensation. And because of the thickness of the coronal cartilage — it’s a fold of cartilage after all — it can be more painful than a twisted or tragus piercing.

Piercing is best for a hoop, although a barbell is recommended during initial healing.

What Is The Top Ear Piercing Called

Located on the outer part of the ear between the earlobe and the rim, an earring – also known as the “middle twist” piercing is worn about halfway across the earlobe. Rings and studs work well for this type of piercing, and because the cartilage is relatively thin for this area, pain is felt at the lower end of the scale.

Helix Piercing Guide: Useful Tips And Aftercare Advice

Threaded horizontally through the inner rim of the cartilage above the rim, the tight-fitting piercing gets its name from the “hug” in the folds of your ear. Tight piercings are also known as anti-twist piercings and are considered the most painful piercing for cartilage. Only small trinkets like small hoops or bent dumbbells will work here because of the tight space.

“Orbital” piercings have become a misnomer. To be technically correct, an orbital uses a ring to connect two piercings, such as the one in the first and second lobes, or two cartilages — like this one. piercing. However, an orbital piercing also means a ring through a conch, as shown above. The common location is in the lobe or torsion. This type of piercing is similar to an industrial piercing in that it joins two different piercings. However, a piercing is pierced with a ring instead of a barbell, which creates the illusion that the piercing is rotating around the ear.

Stacked lobe piercings are pierced just above the traditional lobe piercing, creating a vertical “stack”. Because

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