What Name Means Beautiful Woman

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What Name Means Beautiful Woman. In malay, the name is also spelled ‘aishah’ and ‘aisyah.’ Girl baby names that mean beautiful.

235 Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings
235 Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meanings from www.pinterest.de

Try out this gentle and popular name which also has the meaning ” beautiful.” abila: From the french work ‘bonne’ meaning good but also a. Along with astrid and bella, other names meaning beautiful in the us top 1000 include alana, beau, bonnie, ingrid, jamal, jolie, memphis, and zain.

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A Name Meaning ‘Peace’, Originally Greek, But Also Popular In Spain.

Name of english origin that means the apple fruit. Female angel names for girls aniela. Here's five unique pretty girl names and their meanings to give you some inspiration.

Try Out This Gentle And Popular Name Which Also Has The Meaning ” Beautiful.” Abila:

A cute and contemporary name for girls, calla means ‘beautiful.’ the pronunciation of this lovely name goes by ‘kaellaa.’ if you prefer a slightly modern and more extended version of this name, then you may also consider ‘callahan’. Different cultures and countries have different names that mean beauty. This girl's name used in france means 'beauty' or 'she who is beautiful'.

Another Indian Name Which Means “Beautiful Woman”, Go Ahead Name Your Little Girl With This Name;

Aniela means “gracious” or “merciful”. From the french work ‘bonne’ meaning good but also a. Girl names that mean beautiful.

This Popular Female Name Can Attribute Its Popularity To The Prophet Muhammad’s Third Wife, Ā’ishah Bint Abī Bakr, Who Is Also Known As ‘Mother Of The Believers.’ She Is Widely Believed To Be Muhammad’s Favorite Wife.

It is popular in france and other countries like spain. Arella means “messenger from god”. Mamiko means “hemp, beauty, child” or “true, beauty, child.” manami means “love, beauty” or “love, sea.” maru means “round” masako means “elegant, refined.” a popular bearer of this name is crown princess masako of japan.

Originates From Latin And Means ‘Pretty Rose.’.

Name of american origin that means joyous music. Unique, but still pretty, right? A vintage name that means ‘merciful’ and ‘mild’.

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