What Name Means Goddess Of Death

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What Name Means Goddess Of Death. Loralie is becoming popular for girls, and is the name of a siren whose song lured sailors to their deaths. A name that sounds similar to “marama” is morana, a name that is of slavic roots.

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Khaalida means deathless, she is immortal: Manah is another name for the goddess parvati. A 'troublesome' name can add a bit of excitement to your baby girl's name and make it stand apart from regular names.

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In Irish Mythology, She Is Known As The Goddess Of Death, Who Is Associated With Mainly War, Battle, And Death.

The morrighan is known as the washer at the ford, and it is she who determines which warriors walk off the battlefield, and which ones are carried away on their shields. The goddess’s name means wife of a king. Valdis (f) (norse origin) means “goddess of.

A 'Troublesome' Name Can Add A Bit Of Excitement To Your Baby Girl's Name And Make It Stand Apart From Regular Names.

Name of aztec fertility and death goddess. Another option is dabria, which is a unique name that means an angel of death. This list of names will help you get the ideal and unique baby name for her.

Ukemochi The Japanese Shinto Goddess Of Fertility And Food.

This name is derived from the celtic sun god, aodh. 32 rows unisex name from welsh that means the goddess of war and death: This name is of irish roots, and it means “goddess of death and war”.

One Of The Seven, Pleiades And Daughter Of Atlas And Pleione.

She is represented in many legends by a trio of ravens, often seen as a symbol of death. Mortimer (m) (english origin) means “dead” or “dead sea”. Manah is another name for the goddess parvati.

A Rice Goddess, Usually Pictured With Foxes, Her Divine Messengers.

Many people will love the balance of beauty and morbidity with that one. Morana is the name of a goddess of winter and death, as well as a beautiful modern name. A good spirit, known as the 'eater of dreams'.

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