What Name Means Goddess Of The Ocean

What Name Means Goddess Of The Ocean

Ocean Is Derived From English Origins.

In norse mythology, aegir was the “god of the ocean.” 103. Muriel (celtic origin), this name means ‘of the bright sea.’ 58. Fjord comes from old norse and norwegian, and it can be used for either gender.

In Greek Mythology, Okeanos Or Oceanus Was A God And Titan Of The Sea.

In persian, this beautiful name means a river or water goddess. Both goddesses were associated with the colors red, white, and gold. I could find only very little information about her:

Maris (Latin Origin), Meaning ‘From The Sea.’ 56.

Means 'old woman' or 'wet nurse'. The meaning of the name is “chalk landing place”. Safkhet, sashet, seshata, sesat, sesheta and sheshat.

In Greek Mythology, Doris Is The Name Of The Greek Sea Goddess.

She was mother helios, selene and eos. Anahita meaning “water or river goddess” is a beautiful name from a persian origin. I'm not even, in fact, sure what her name.

It Is Derived From Many Names, Most Commonly From The Name Maria, But Is Also Derived From Names Like Amelia (And Its Various Spellings), And Maya.

Marcelline (french origin), this name means ‘the sea defender.’ 54. Maristela (latin origin), meaning ‘start of the sea.’ 57. I love the ocean so that makes me happy.

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