What Name Means God's Gift

What Name Means God's Gift

Inam Ul Haq Is An Arabic Name For Boys That Means Gift/Blessing From God.

It is the russian, bosnian, bulgarian and other slavic form of john, itself derived from a hebrew name, meaning god is gracious or gracious gift of god. This baby boy name means “god’s gift” or “inherent” hanzal: This lovely baby name means someone who is a gift of splendor.

Greek For “God’s Satisfaction Sent To Earth”

This name is based on an arabic element that means “gift” jahzara: A gift that god gives boy: G ift baby names and what they mean, for gift, prize, reward, blessing, with 43 results.

This Biblical Name Means Gift.

This classy name has greek origins and means “god’s gift” tudor: What word means a gift from god? 50 baby names meaning gift from god for boys.

This Name Belongs To German Origin And Is One Of The Adorable Names For A Baby Boy, Which Means “Gift From God.” Hans

A more popular english variant of nathanael is nathaniel. Ghanian name meaning 'gift from god'. Meaning “blessed princess,” this name has african roots;.

Of Hebrew Origin Again This Sweet Name Means “Gift From God” Janette:

Hebrew for “jehovah’s cloud” alya. This lovely arabic name means someone who comes as a gift. Country or region korea, republic of.

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