What Names Are Short For James

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What Names Are Short For James. More often, it's used for donald. If you’re a fan of literature, think of molly bloom in james joyce’s novel ulysses.

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Joint interventional meeting (medical care) jim: Jazz in marciac (france) jim: Hamish is the scottish form of james (and a yiddish word for homey) that has never found its footing here, but we think it would make a fabulous choice for parents with scottish roots.

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James Is A Masculine Given Name Meaning Supplanter.

Paul union church in antalya, turkey. Correct actually, the name began as a term to identify foreigners from scotland, as they referred to themselves as scott's. Jack is short for john when they're both 4 letter words.

Elizabeths Can Go By Liz, Beth, Or Betty.

The english james is derived from that french version. Other standard abbreviations you will come across include 'jno' for john, 'thos' for thomas, 'wm' for william, 'geo' for george, 'hy' for henry, etc. So, jen turned into jenkin, which eventually turned into jakin, and finally into jack.

Some Of These Just Don't Make Sense.

Jazz in marciac (france) jim: I'll list bob (robert), bill (william), jim (james), maggie (margeret) and jack (john). Buddy is just another version of the nickname bud.bud is used by.

There's Others Too That Just Confuse Me.

A french variant of the name james. In our relatively short history of about 200 years, america has been involved in some geopolitical. James, or any name that begins with j, it doesnt really need to have the sound jay because its the pronunciation of the initial.

Like James= Jim, Leonard= Larry, What Is ‘Scott’ Short For?

My oh is james but has been called jimmy since he was a baby, it used to confuse him in. More often, it's used for donald. Short form of names beginning with the sound j, such as james or jason.

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