What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

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What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat
What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat – Do you know the answer to the question of which fruits can guinea pigs eat? Most new pig owners are confused about which fruits are safe for their pigs. Even veteran guinea pig owners are guilty of feeding their guinea pigs the same fruit over and over again. Variety is the spice of your guinea pig’s life! A bored guinea pig can turn sour quickly!

This is the first article in our definitive guide to what foods guinea pigs can eat. We are on a mission to add some new, exciting and most importantly safe foods to your guinea pigs’ diet!

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Most guinea pig owners wish there was a complete and comprehensive list of all types of fruit that clearly defines what is safe and what is not. Look no further because we made it and best of all, it’s completely free! We don’t believe in charging for information that should be freely available!

Why Can’t Guinea Pigs Eat Cooked Vegetables?

Guinea pigs really can eat apples. Apples are full of vitamin C, which guinea pigs cannot make on their own. Be sure to feed your guinea pigs only meat, as apple seeds can seriously harm your piglet. In extreme cases, apple seeds can be fatal.

Yes, your guinea pigs can eat apricots. Apricots contain various vitamins such as calcium, potassium and vitamin C. It is important to remember that apricots contain a lot of sugar, which can be harmful to your pig.

Bananas are very high in sugar and although yes, guinea pigs can eat bananas, we personally prefer to feed them some other fruit with less sugar!

Our decision is based on the fact that bananas can cause bloating and cramping after eating your guinea pig.

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Yes, guinea pigs can enjoy blackberries. Blackberries are very sweet and full of vitamins and minerals. One berry once or twice a week is enough.

Guinea pigs can eat blueberries. They are only good to eat once a week and should never eat more than one or two blueberries each.

Blueberries can cause digestive problems along with mouth ulcers. Be sure to wash the blueberries well before serving them to your guinea pig.

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Yes, guinea pigs can eat melon. It is full of vitamin A and calcium. Plus, it’s full of water, making it great to enjoy in hot weather! We prefer to put it in a sturdy container to make sure it doesn’t get dirty or wet the cage.

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Guineas love cherries and luckily for them it’s definitely a fruit! Cherries are full of vitamins A and C, which are great for your pig’s health.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. They are a great treat when eaten in moderation. One to two grapes, once a week is the preferred portion.

While guinea pigs can eat grapefruit, I know my guinea pigs don’t like sour things! Grapefruit is best served in moderation – maximum no more than 2 times a week. It is also important to serve only a small portion.

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat melon. In fact, all types of melons are suitable for your guinea pigs. Providing your guinea pig with a 1 inch cube is a great treat for them. Especially during the summer or after grooming!

Guinea Pigs Fruit And Vegetables Consumption (feeding Guide)

Kiwi contains a huge amount of vitamin C! This is great for your guinea pigs as they cannot produce their own vitamin C. Be sure to remove the black seeds and hairy skin before feeding. We find the easiest way to serve some kiwi to your guinea pig is to cut it in half and then scoop out a teaspoon (1 tablespoon per guinea pig). Then we hand pick the seeds and let our piggies eat them from our hands in our laps!

This one sure isn’t! Given the choice, most people would not want to eat a lemon and your guinea pig is no different. Guinea pigs naturally love sweets (like us humans!). They also tend to avoid eating acidic foods.

As described above with lemons, guinea pigs cannot eat limes. They are too sour for their little mouths to handle.

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Nectarines are suitable for guinea pigs to eat. They are nice and sweet and contain lots of healthy vitamins!

Guinea Pig Owners! Are You Not Feeding Your Guinea Pigs Enough Fresh Food?

Another fantastic fruit to add some goodness to your guinea pigs. 1 wedge twice a week is enough. Our guinea pigs don’t like skin though, so we have to skin our – pampered piglets!

Peaches are a sweet treat at any time of the year. Our guinea pigs don’t like skin, so we usually peel a 1 inch wedge off them.

Although persimmon is not poisonous to guinea pigs, we avoid feeding it to yours and do not recommend it. It is extremely high in sugar, and even a small amount contains a huge amount of sugar. Yes, it can be fed, but should it? Probably not.

Pineapples like mangoes are a truly tropical treat for your pig, especially in the hot summer months. It is completely safe for your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Food List Printable Pdf Safe Fruits & Vegetables

Although raisins are safe for your guinea pig, this is one of the foods we often wonder why anyone would. Fresh fruit is more beneficial for your guinea pig. If you decide to feed your guinea pigs raisins, then 1 raisin once a month is more than enough.

Strawberries are great for your guinea pig. Once a whole berry, including the tip of the leaf, makes a great once-a-month treat. Our guinea pig Chocolate breaks the whole thing while the orange leaves the whole top of the fruit!

Watermelon is a great treat for your guinea pig during the summer. It’s also packed with water, so it can encourage a dehydrated guinea pig to drink. When it’s hot outside, we leave a piece of watermelon next to the water bottle.

What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

Always keep track of everything new that your guinea pigs are given to eat. The best way to find out what your guinea pigs like and don’t like is to observe how they behave.

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Pay attention to changes in their droppings, urine and behavior to find out which fruits your guinea pigs really like! See the RSPCA’s guide to introducing new food into your guinea pig’s diet. and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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What Vegetables Can Guinea Pigs Eat

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Of course, this doesn’t include every fruit that exists on planet Earth, but it does include the common ones you can find at your local grocery store! It is important that you, as a guinea pig parent, know what is safe to feed your piglets, how often and how much. This is the cornerstone of good care for your guinea pigs!

Guineas need about one cup of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement their regular hay diet, so it’s important to include a balanced variety.

Below is a chart that links to each fruit’s blog post, along with some quick facts about nutrition and serving. Each blog goes into detail about the vitamins and other nutrients in fruit for guinea pigs. We recommend that you read and do your homework here on everything you might want to add to your guinea pig’s diet!

We were also free to include the Ca:P (calcium to phosphorus) ratio, so

What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Eat? Everything You Need To Know!

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