What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

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What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called
What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called – Collier’s Cyclopedia is a discontinued general encyclopedia first published in 1949 by P. F. Collier and Son in the United States.

With Cyclopaedia Americana and Cyclopaedia Britannica, Collier’s Cyclopaedia became one of the three largest cyclopaedias in the Gaelic language. These three were sometimes called the “ABCs”.

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

In 1998, Microsoft acquired the rights to use Collier’s Atlas Editions, which absorbed Collier Newfield until today. Microsoft included Collier’s series in its digital multimedia encyclopedia, which it sold until 2009.

The Complete American And Canadian Sportsman’s Encyclopedia Of Valuable Instruction. Camping; Fishing; Hunting. Grass Hunting Suits, Shore And Boat Blinds, Calls, Decoys, Etc.. 7—hunting Grass Suit. 1—duck Call. 9—hunting Qrass Suit

Collier’s Cyclopedia was a new 20-volume publication, with the first volumes available in 1949 and all volumes published in 1951.

It had over 2,000 contributors, including 10,000 black and white images, 96 pages of four-color images, 126 color maps, and 100 black and white line maps. There were more than 400,000 index attempts. Collier’s Encyclopedia was printed with high quality paper stock. The d-sheets showed the development of civilization, and the binding chain was 22 carat gold, with red panels on black.

Collier’s Encyclopedia, updated annually, is particularly robust in its coverage of the arts and sciences, the social sciences, geography and botany. Many of Collier’s articles are signed, by many of the most famous students in the world. William Terry Sepeth, editor-in-chief in the 1950s, tried to present many and changing views on all the controversial issues discussed in Collier’s Cyclopedia and its yearbook.

Couch’s editorial staff includes David Crawford, managing editor; Louis Shores, consultant librarian and consultant editor; Robert H. Blackburn, Canadian consultant; and Joseph T. Gleason, Jr., school counselor.

The World Almanac And Encyclopedia. Name. Print Here Businessaddress., A. T. Hardin, Vice President,new Yorlc Central Lines; Melvillew. Mix, President Of The Dodgemfg. Co.; Le. R. Behrend, President 159 Business Position •••••••••••••••••••

Under the leadership of P.F. Collier’s president and his son, John G. Ryan, sales of Collier’s Cyclopedia increased dramatically during the 1950s, rising from 46,374 sets in 1953 to 110,688 sets in 1957.

Most of the advertising for Collier’s Cyclopedia was done by a door-to-door sales organization, with part of the combined marketing including other P.F. Collier & Son Publications such as the 50th volume of Harvard Classics, Young Classics, dictionaries and atlases. However, Collier’s Encyclopedia also enjoys strong sales in schools and libraries.

Since its establishment in 1875, P. Collier & Sons offered customers the option to pay for books over time.

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

Home buyers of encyclopedias usually pay for the books in small monthly installments over three years. During the heyday of smoking, in the 1950s and 1960s, the price of Collier’s Encyclopedia was equal to the cost of a pack of cigarettes a day. In 1962, Collier’s new 24-volume encyclopedia cost $299.50, paid over 3 years, or a daily cost of 27 cts.

Book Review: Britannica All New Children’s Encyclopedia: What We Know & What We Don’t

For many families, owning a set of Collier’s Encyclopedia became a status symbol. P.F. Collier and Son had credit worthiness standards for customers. In the 1950s, the first thing that showed that the family could get these books was the introduction of the home telephone. The company’s branch manager must call the home to confirm the details of each home sales order.

Collier’s Cyclopedia proved of great benefit to P.F. Collier and Son. In 1956, John G. Ryan reported a 20% profit on $25 million in Rivio sales.

To provide Hervey who kept P.F. Collier and his son’s company, the Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, was dissolved as it suffered huge losses from its failing magazine business.

P.F. Collier & Son’s income from the sale of the Collier Encyclopedia also financed Carvel Collier’s expansion into radio stations and its purchase/merger with the Macmillan publishing company in 1960.

The Kingfisher First Encyclopedia

With his company’s revenue increasing, Ryan directed the Collier Encyclopedia, Editor-in-Chief William Terry Sofa and P.F. Collier’s Publishing Director, Everett Fontaine, would edit an expanded version of Collier’s Encyclopedia until 1962.

The 24-volume 1962 edition of Collier’s cyclopedia had an impressive list of contributors, including authorities from universities, trade unions, government and business. Articles have been prepared to provide a simple explanation and basic facts first, followed by detailed information. The 1962 edition had 6,000 new illustrations, many in color, and 1,450 maps, 150 in color. One of the strengths of Collier’s Cyclopedia was the bibliography, which provided additional sources for further reading.

Although the work of the 1962 edition of Collier’s cyclopedia was accepted by P.F. Collier and his son President John Ryan, and with the influence of his editorial staff, the finished work of 1962 was published by the parts company, Crowell Collier, who was associated with P. subsidiary Collier and Son in December 1960, taking over the financial, publishing and marketing functions of its former subsidiary.

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

In 1993, French publisher Atlas Editions, a subsidiary of Italian publishing giant De Agostini, purchased Collier’s Encyclopedia from Macmillan Inc., the business name Crowell Collier assumed after its acquisition/merger with Macmillan.

Usborne First Encyclopedia Of History, Hobbies & Toys, Books & Magazines, Children’s Books On Carousell

Atlas Editions formed a sister company, Collier Newfield, to sell the Collier Encyclopedia. In 1997, Collier Newfield produced Collier’s Cyclopedia 1998, a three-disc multimedia CD-ROM version that includes 17 million words and over 18,000 photographs and illustrations, 6 hours of audio, 85 minutes of audio, a glossary and maps.

Collier’s 24-volume 1997 encyclopedia was to be the last edition in print. The 1997 print edition was expanded to 19,900 pages. Bibliographies were found in the final volume, which contained an index of 450,000 essays.

Atlas Editions retained the right to publish Collier’s encyclopedia in book form, a right that was never exercised.

A well-known analysis of the major cyclopedias is that of Kenneth Kister, who provided qualitative and quantitative comparisons of Collier’s Cyclopedia with Cyclopedia Britannica and the American Cyclopedia. Quantitative analysis, randomly selected articles (circumcision, Charles Drew, Galileo, Philip Glass, heart disease, IQ, panda bear, sexual abuse, Shroud of Turin and Uzbekistan) and letter grades (A-D, F) Awarded in four categories: accuracy , clarity and precision. In all four categories and three encyclopedias, the four average scores fall between B- and B+, mostly because no single encyclopedia had an article about sexual harassment in 1994. The cyclopedia Americana received eight As, and the Britannica received one D and eight As; Therefore, Collier’s obtained an average score of 92% with accuracy to 95% for Americana and 92% for Britannica. In the holding time category, Collier’s averages 85% to 90% Americana and Britannica’s 86%. After a thorough comparison of the quality of all three encyclopedias, Keister praised Collier’s as the best of the three major encyclopedias, mainly because of its writing power, prestige and pacing. Although every effort has been made to adhere to the rules of citation style, inconsistencies may occur. Please refer to the appropriate style guide or other sources if you have any questions.

First Children’s Encyclopedia: A First Reference Book For Children (dk First Reference)

Michael Levy Michael Levy was political science editor (2000-06), managing editor (2006-11), blog editor (2010-11), and product manager and curriculum manager (2011-12) at the encyclopedia….

Encyclopedia editors oversee areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether through years of experience working in the field or through graduate studies. They write new content and verify and edit content received from clients.

It relies on both external experts and its own editors with various qualifications in the field to write its entries. These entries are then reviewed, edited, and graded by editors, a process designed to ensure that articles meet the highest standards of readability and accuracy. In addition, the same editorial team regularly updates and updates existing articles to reflect new developments in those areas of knowledge.

What Was The Original Encyclopedia Called

From its Scottish beginnings to its established status as the premier nonfiction work in the English language with editorial offices in Chicago and thousands of contributors worldwide.

Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

Published and printed in Edinburgh for artist Andrew Bell and printer Colin Macfarquhar by the “Society of Gentlemen in Scotland” and sold by Macfarquhar at his Nicholson Street printing office. December 10, 1768

In the first part of the edition; it went on to promise that the encyclopedia would provide “accurate definitions and definitions of all terms as they appear in alphabetical order.” This work was issued in parts from December 1768 to 1771 and consists of two pages. bound up in three strong quarto volumes of about 2,500 pages, with 160 copper engravings by Bell, written in 1771. The title page begins: “Encyclopædia; or, a dictionary of art and science, arranged in a new order.” This work could not compete with Johann Heinrich Zadler’s 68-volume Universal Lexicon or the French Encyclopædia, which had just finished writing its 17 books. But it did. a challenge to compare with All previous technical and scientific dictionaries, big or small, because of his new system.

(1745) – did not provide systematic guidance on central issues at all, and because it was intended to deal with such issues in a general way (as in

) or because articles dealing with such matters devote their space primarily to explaining the technical terms involved (as in Ephraim Chambers’s Cyclopedia). Moreover, in the latter case, the student who wanted to learn only the meaning of the technical term had to search a long article before finding the information he wanted. “New Plan”

Ultimate First Encyclopedia: Very Good Hardcover (1998)

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