What Were The Twelve Apostles Names

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What Were The Twelve Apostles Names
What Were The Twelve Apostles Names

What Were The Twelve Apostles Names – Means “one who is sent”. When Jesus was on earth, his twelve disciples called him disciples. Twelve disciples followed Jesus Christ, learned from him and were trained by him. After his resurrection and ascension, Jesus sent his disciples to be his witnesses (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). That is why they were called the twelve apostles. However, even while Jesus was still on earth, conditions

The original twelve disciples are listed in Matthew 10:2-4, “These are the names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon (called Peter) and his brother Andrew; James the son of Zebedee and his brother John. ; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the publican; James the son of Alphaeus and Thaddayeus; Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot whom he betrayed. The Bible also lists the twelve disciples/apostles in Mark 3:16-19 and Luke 6. 13-16 Comparing these All three chapters show some slight differences in the names. It seems that Thadda was known as “Judas the son of Jacob” (Luke 6:16) and Labbaios (Matthew 10:3). Simon Zeytun was also known as Simon the Canaanite. (Mark 3:18). In the Gospel of John, the name “Nathaniel” is used instead of “Bartholomew”, but certainly Nathaniel and Bartholomew were the same person. He was replaced by Matthias as one of the twelve apostles (in Acts 1: (see 20-26) Some biblical scholars view Matthias as an “invalid” apostle and believe that Paul was God’s choice to replace Judas Iscariot as the twelfth apostle.

What Were The Twelve Apostles Names

What Were The Twelve Apostles Names

The twelve disciples/apostles were ordinary men whom God used in an extraordinary way. Among the twelve were a fisherman, a tax collector and a revolutionary. The Bible records the failures, struggles and constant doubts of these twelve people who followed Jesus Christ. After Jesus’ resurrection and ascension, the Holy Spirit transformed the disciples/disciples into mighty men of God who turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6). What has changed? The twelve apostles/disciples “were with Jesus” (Acts 4:13). The same thing is said to us! Other Known Names Family Special Facts Death Peter Simon Cephus or Petros (stone or rock) given by Jesus Bar-jona He was the son of a man named Jonah. His brother was Andrew. He was a fisherman by trade. He got married and saved his mother-in-law. According to tradition, he was crucified upside down against his will, because he did not consider himself worthy to face death like the Lord. Tradition says: they made Peter watch his wife at the crucifixion.

The Inner Circle. Matthew 10:2 4 2 Now The Names Of The Twelve Apostles Are These: First, Simon, Who Is Called Peter, And Andrew His Brother; James The.

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Features of Death The name Andrew means: “man” Son of Jonah Brother of Simon Peter Baptized by John the Baptist and one of his disciples. As a disciple of John the Baptist, he saw Jesus and then led Peter to Jesus. He was one of the first people who were called to become disciples of Jesus Christ. He was a fisherman. The tradition handed down in the North (Ukraine) says that Andrew was crucified in Patras, Achaia (present-day Greece) AD 70. The cross was placed as an X and he was tied and suffered for 2 days and preached while hanging on the cross. .

Other Known Names Family Unique Facts Death Jacob Hebrew Name: Jacob Hebrew Name: Jacob He was given the name Boanerges His brother was John the son of Zebedee His and his brother’s name was Boanerges, which means “sons of the throne” By John the Baptist and one of the disciples him . He was one of the three chosen to be with our Lord at certain times. He was the author of the Epistle of James who was beheaded by King Herod Agrippa (Acts 12:2) and was the first apostle in Judea to be martyred during the church.

Other Known Names Family Unique Death Facts John Hebrew: Johanan Means “Jehovah’s Gift” Also called: “John the Beloved” Called “the disciple whom Jesus loved” or “that other disciple” Jesus called him “Boanerges” received , “son of the throne”. The author of John, 1, 2, 3 John and the Revelation of John and the Revelation of the son of Zebedee Jacob’s brother was baptized by John the Baptist and one of his disciples. ran away He was condemned to work in the mines of Patmos, an island, while he was writing Revelation. He is mentioned many times in the revelation of the last days. John did not die, but was allowed to live on earth. Servant until the second coming of the Lord, but tradition says that he went to Turkey and died of old age.

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Death Traits Philip The name comes from the Greek: “Horse of Horses” He had 4 unmarried daughters who had the gift of prophecy (Acts 21:9). From the Greek side in John 12:21 He preached in Samaria. Then an angel told him to go from Jerusalem to Gaza, where he taught something very important. He lived in Caesarea during Paul III’s mission. He preached in Turkey. Tradition says: He was martyred in the city of Hieropolis in Turkey

Faith, Hope, Belief, Prayers, Miracles: Who Are The 12 Apostles Of Jesus Christ?

Other Known Names Family Unique Facts Death Nathanael Bartholomew Hebrew for: “Gift of God” or “Given by God” He was probably the son of a man named Tholomeu the Companion of Philip and was from Cana of Galilee. Nathaniel is always referred to as the Apostles, but his friends refer to him as Bartholomew. He preached in Armenia and India, Ethiopia, Arabia, Egypt and Persia. Tradition says: Nathanael was found alive and his head was cut off in a city called Derband in Northern Armenia.

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Traits Death Thomas Didymus From Greek: “The Young One” Didymus may have been his surname Tradition says: Thomas was speared near Madras, on the southeast coast of India.

Other Known Names Family Unique Facts Dead Matthew Levi a word that means: “Jehovah’s Gift He was called a Merchant. He was the son of Alphaeus, the brother of James the Younger which made him the nephew of James the Younger. The author of Matthew Tradition says: He was in Ethiopia or He was killed in Persia.Many people think that he was killed by sword in Ethiopia.

What Were The Twelve Apostles Names

Other Common Names Family Facts Unique Death Traits James called Jev “the least” to distinguish him from James who was John’s brother. English form of the Hebrew name Jacob. Known as “James the Just” He was the son of Alphaeus, and Lebbaeus, whose name was Thaddaeus, was probably the author of the Epistle of James. He spent most of his time in Israel. And he went to Egypt on a mission. Nothing much is known of him, unless he is, as some think, the Son of Alpheus. See Bible dictionary. Tradition says: he was killed in Egypt.

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Other Common Names Family Facts Unique Death Features Judah The Hebrew form means: Judah. He is also called “not an Iscariot” because of his betrayal of Judas Arabic root (Lebbaeus) Arabic root (Thaddaeus) Hebrew root (Cori) He is often confused with the brother of our Lord. The author of the epic of Judah who preached in Assyria and Persia (which is Iraq and Iran), tradition says: He was killed in Persia.

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Characteristics of the Dead Simon Called a “Canaanite” Simon’s Name Zealots And “Zealot” The Hebrew Word for Zealot was Kananim, which would explain the title, “Cananea” Matthew and Mark call him a “Canaanite” ” (not Canaanite). as in the King James Version. He was probably a member of a Jewish group that advocated extreme loyalty to Israel and the violent overthrow of Roman rule. He preached in Egypt and traveled in Persia (Iran). Tradition says: He was killed in Persia.

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Characteristics of Death Judas, whose name is Iscariot, may be because he was from the land of Keriot, from the tribe of Judah. He was Simon’s son. He was the only one who wasn’t Galileo. Whoever betrays Jesus is hanged in Jerusalem

Other known names Interesting facts Unique characteristics Death The name Matthias means: Gift of Jehovah Because of the crime of Judas 11 it was necessary to appoint another apostle. The chiefs appointed two men, Joseph, who was called Barsabas, who was called Justus, and Matthias. When they prayed, they knew in their hearts and the lot fell on Matthias. He is the one who filled the place of Judah. All that is known of him is that he was a disciple throughout the ministry of our Lord. Tradition says that he preached and was martyred in Ethiopia* Stoned and slaughtered (in Ethiopia)*

A Brief Guide To The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Other Known Names Family Facts Unique Characteristics of Dead Paul Saul… The Latin name Paul the Persian is first mentioned early in his Gentile ministry. He was from Tarsus, in Cilicia. He was a disciple of Gamaliel. Early life: He was active in the persecution of Christians and participated in the martyrdom of Stephen. He saw a scene on the Damascus Road that changed his life now. He was baptized by Ananias and retired to Arabia for 3 years. After returning to Jerusalem, he was presented

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