Whats The Newest Song Out

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Whats The Newest Song Out
Whats The Newest Song Out

Whats The Newest Song Out – Japanese girl group XG, or Xtraordinary Girls, will release their highly anticipated third single called SHOOTING STAR on January 25.

The group previously teased fans of this comeback in their December post on Instagram with the caption: “XG Wish Delivery App”. The post sent fans into a frenzy as they speculated about a possible new release from the HipHop/R&B girl group.

Whats The Newest Song Out

Whats The Newest Song Out

Aside from the comeback, XG also served up visuals of their uniform blue hair that can be seen in their concept photo for the single album. The group is known for their bold and creative concepts, making them trendsetters for their fans around the world.

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💫XG’S GOING ALL THE WAY💫 XG Single 3rd ‘SHOOTING STAR’ 2023.01.25 Wednesday #XG #SHOOTINGSTAR#XG_SHOOTINGSTAR#XGALX pic.twitter.com/0SVw6wTXxj— XG OFFICIAL (@XGOfficial_) January 25

It topped the iTunes charts in 17 countries. It also charted on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in several regions, including Southeast Asia.

The show also gained attention from international fans and made a big impact on social media platforms, especially TikTok.

XG is the first girl group to debut under the global entertainment production company XGALX. The South Korea-based group hit the scene with their first digital single

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Comprised of members JURIN, CHISA, HINATA, HARVEY, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA, the group delivers fresh and inventive music and performances while empowering youth around the world and from all walks of life. in life.

In 2022, XG earned its first win at Japan’s MTV Video Music Awards with the “Rising Star Award.”

Joyce Remo has always dreamed of becoming a journalist since she was 10. Because of her strong desire to serve as a voice for the poor, she took up Journalism at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Manila. Carrie Underwood sent a gift to her fans. on his 40th birthday with the release of a new song, “Out Of That Truck.”

Whats The Newest Song Out

Written by Underwood with David Garcia and Lydia Vaughn, “Out Of That Truck” is not your average truck song. The breakup track puts the superstar’s powerhouse vocals to the fore as he sends a message to his ex.

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Throughout the lyrics, Underwood reminds her former lover that the memories of her will never fade away. In fact, he said “a lot has been left out I bet you must get deja vu.”

“When you’re running in that stick shift Chevy / I bet you go crazy / Thinking about us every / Other back roads, baby / You got something new in your seat / Trying to forget me lately / But my memory is suppressed / So good luck/ Trying to get me out of that truck,” he sings in the guitar-heavy chorus.

It’s Underwood’s first release since dropping her Denim & Rhinestones album last summer and the first “truck” track of her career.

“It’s inevitable, I think. I know someday I’ll have a song in the truck [and] that I don’t screw it up,” Underwood joked in a clip shared on his Twitter.

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Enjoying the new studio and my birthday, I want to share my new song “Out Of That Truck” with you all! 🥳 pic.twitter.com/Zgzcu1bHJv — Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) March 10, 2023

On writing the song, the Oklahoma native shared, “We just came in and it’s like there’s this memory/nostalgic kind of song, where it’s like you can’t replace someone, but it’s because of everyone .The physical mark you leave on the room, so does the truck.

In addition to co-writing “Out Of That Truck,” Underwood also co-produced with Garcia. He said he wanted to include his love of rock music in the production.

Whats The Newest Song Out

“I felt like the music we wanted on ‘Out Of That Truck’ was just like … I’m going to use the word super loose rock, but we wanted it to be like driving and kind of guitar heavy. I mean, it’s a less aggressive song. So we don’t want to push it but just want to move and have energy and have an affinity with the guitar,” he said. this. It’s kind of a cool vibe. Just trying to do truck country songs in a different way, just want it to work and be an up tempo song.

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Underwood is currently in the midst of her headlining Denim & Rhinestones Tour, with support from Jimmie Allen.

The journey began on Saturday, October 15, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina, and now runs until March 17, when the tour ends in Seattle, Washington.

Underwood’s tour supports her latest record, Denim & Rhinestones, which arrives June 10, 2022, via Nashville’s Capitol Records. The 12-song project features her latest single “Hate My Heart,” the project’s lead single “Ghost Story,” as well as fan favorites such as “Pink Champagne,” “Crazy Angels, ” and “Velvet Heartbreak.”

After the trip, Underwood will return to Resorts World Theater in Las Vegas for his residency in the summer of 2023.

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Underwood recently added 18 new shows to her REFLECTION: The Vegas Residency, which begins June 21, 2023.

“I am excited to return to Resorts World Las Vegas next summer,” Underwood said. “REFLECTION is a show I’m proud of and I’m really enjoying it. I love touring with THE DENIM & RHINESTONES TOUR and look forward to coming back to Vegas after this, because it’s a home away from home where we can play to viewers from all over the world.

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Whats The Newest Song Out

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READ MORE › Jason Aldean’s Wife, Brittany Aldean, Faces Criticism Over 4-Year-Old DaughteCarrie Underwood’s Bikini Photo announced a big surprise for fans as the clock struck midnight on Friday (March 10): A new single. The track, called “Out of That Truck,” features sizzling ’90s guitars and soaring vocals in the chorus, but the subject matter is much darker than it seems.

In the chorus, Underwood explains that even though a relationship may be more, it doesn’t mean the memory will fade away easily. He warned his ex that, as much as he tried to move on, he would see her every time he jumped into the driver’s seat of his truck and drove off.

So go ahead, touch that paint / Where I scratched the driver’s side / It won’t last all our weekends for nothing,”

Yeah, I bet the left side of the flat bed / Your head is mine / Even if I’m not counting the stars with you tonight

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As the song moves into the chorus, Underwood imagines her old flame driving down the same road they used to ride. Even as she tried to get him out of her mind, she sang, “

Album in June 2022. In terms of subject matter, “Out of That Truck” shares some common DNA with the first single from the project, “Ghost Story”: A spookier depiction of an old relationship that don’t stay in the past anymore. .

For the past few months, the singer has been busy with her Denim & Rhinestones Tour, a trip she plans to end in mid-March. After this, he will return to Las Vegas for another leg

Whats The Newest Song Out

On Thursday (March 9), Underwood saved her new single until the 11th hour: In fact, the only reason fans love it is that some Twitter users with eyes on Eagle began to notice a preview for “Out of That. Truck” that appeared on the music streaming platform like Apple Music. Ahead of the release, fans can listen to teasers on social media, with longer tracks available on Apple Music.

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It’s unclear if this means Underwood has a new album, or if she’ll release a deluxe version of More Artists, Less Time. Every week we review some new albums (of all genres), gather new music that we call “indie,” and talk about what metal is coming out. We post music news, song premieres, and more every day. During these non-concert periods, it includes daily livestreams and live concert videos that we love. We update a weekly playlist of some of our current favorite songs. This is a daily roundup with lots of interesting, new songs released in one place.

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