When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

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When Is Next James Bond Coming Out
When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

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When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

Next James Bond: Race to succeed Daniel Craig hits double digits as bookies defy odds – ‘Tick all the right boxes’

Next James Bond Latest Odds: Here Are The 21 Actors Most Likely To Succeed Daniel Craig As 007

Daniel Craig’s successor as James Bond will be announced in the coming months

The race to be the next James Bond is down to two names, according to bookies.

The next film in the franchise – codenamed Bond 26 – is in development at EON Productions and more and more producers are planning to decide on Daniel Craig’s successor soon.

When Idris Elba, 50, turned down the main role for being “too old”, the stage seems to be cleared for a serious battle between the two British actors.

Liam Gallagher Urges Film Bosses To Ask Him To Sing Song For Upcoming James Bond Film No Time To Die

Superman star Henry Cavill, 39, is now a 5-2 favorite to land the nod alongside fellow hero Aaron Taylor-Johnson, 32, who played Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. Ultron.

It looks like the next Bond will be one of two, with marketers already increasing their chances of Happy Valley star James Norton, 37, and Tom Hardy, 45. who were both driven to play the historical spy. .

Coral’s John Hill said: “Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are always in the running to be the next James Bond.

When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

“Both men tick all the right boxes for the role, so it’s no surprise that they’re both attracting strong support from our bet.”

Every James Bond Movie, Ranked Worst To Best

Craig decided to retire as Bond in 2019 after five successful Bond films, culminating in No Time to Die, which was released two years later after a delay due to the Covid pandemic.

Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, the directors of the Bond films, have revealed that they want the seventh actor to play 007 to be in his 30s, as the commitment could mean a decade or more of fatigue.

Wilson also casts anyone younger, like Spider-Man star Tom Holland, because of Bond’s complex character and vast life experience.

He said: “We tried to look at the youth in the past. But trying to think it doesn’t work. Remember, Bond is already a professional. He has experience.

Daniel Craig Wanted James Bond To Die So He Could Never Return To Role

“He’s a veteran, so to speak. He’s probably been in the SAS or something. He’s not a high school kid you can bring in and start.

Broccoli also said that Bond is an ever-changing character, so there is no guarantee that the right leading man will change over time.

“That’s what’s exciting and fun about this franchise; the character changes. Finally, we get the right person.”

When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

He recently said: “The rumors of Aaron Taylor-Johnson are true – he sat down with producer Barbara Broccoli, and the meeting went well, according to sources.

Next James Bond Shake Up: Henry Cavill And Tom Hardy Fall Behind To New Frontrunner

“But when Taylor-Johnson fits the bill – a great British actress who fits the younger direction Broccoli wants to go, accomplished but not particularly famous – she’s about to become a star in time long.”

Taylor-Johnson played superhero Dave Lizewski in the Kick-Ass films and starred in The King’s Man – the spy thriller The Kingsman.

Cavill is set to star in his own spy drama – Argylle – which is expected to air on Apple TV+ later this year.

The secret project is helmed by Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn and will star Sam Rockwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, Samuel L Jackson and Dua Lipa.

Stars Who Have Played James Bond Over The Years

Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page is 8-1 to be the next James Bond and Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell is 40-1 abroad. When you purchase through links on our site, we may receive an affiliate commission. Here is how it works.

It’s a question that’s been around for over a year now: Who will James Bond be? While we are getting closer to the answer, it seems that many names are still in the frame to step into the iconic tuxedo like 007.

From household names like Henry Cavill and Tom Hiddleston to lesser-knowns – but no less talented – we’ve highlighted 25 actors who could be the next James Bond or face the possibility of Daniel Craig be replaced.

When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have already set their stalls, revealing that they want the next James Bond to complete part of the decade. Wilson specifically refers to the “thirty-something” Bond. That would put Cavill out of action, and Idris Elba seems to be the exception. Another actor who has gone astray is Taron Egerton, who recently told Total Film: “Yes. I mean, I think they already have someone, and it’s not me.”

Who Will Be The Next James Bond? 24 Possible Contenders

But who is that person? We’ve got the nominees below, along with a few wildcard entries to shake things up (and entertain). Grab your martini and join us in rounding up the 25 actors we think could be the next James Bond.

Previously, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was not seen by many as the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as Bond. A new report from The Sun (opens in new tab), however, has changed things. The UK newspaper says the Kick-Ass and Bullet Train actor did a screen test in September and producer Barbara Broccoli “loved him.” Can we look at the next 007?

Is it clear? Maybe. But there is a reason that the British actor is currently one of the bookies to replace Daniel Craig. Hardy showed off his monster exploits in the likes of The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road, displaying a physical transformation throughout his career that would suit the tough Bond.

Another factor that could work against Hardy – especially if Bond’s producers are thinking long term – is his age. Hardy will be in his 50s by the time the cameras roll. It’s not a detraction from one of Hardy’s talents — but the franchise may be heading in another, smaller direction. Roger Moore’s A View to Kill should be a cautionary tale.

Ben Whishaw Says James Bond Character’s Coming Out Was ‘unsatisfying’

Another household name, another Bond letter. Those who have seen Henry Cavill in The Man from UNCLE will know that getting into a tux is no big deal for the Man of Steel actor. He has the looks, the charm, and can easily fit into the game with little effort. Cavill even auditioned for the part before, losing to Craig in 2005 when he was just 22 years old.

However, there are many signs against Cavill, although none of his own. He is leaving The Witcher series after the third season, although the Superman holes in his schedule are gone even though the character has returned to Black Adam. Since Bond’s head honchos don’t usually go for a big-name actor, there’s an argument against it. It’s not their style, so Cavill can be fired for that alone.

Idris Elba has blood, doesn’t he? In that case alone, you should be Bond. Then check out his work: from The Wire to Beasts of No Nation and beyond, Elba has shown his many talents across big budget blockbusters, small crime dramas, and more .

When Is Next James Bond Coming Out

Luther, the BBC series that sees Elba play a London detective, makes a stronger case for the British star to be the first black actor to play Bond. His presence is immeasurable, and Luther went toe-to-toe (and often hit) with a gallery that wouldn’t look out of place with 007. Did we also mention that you are really cool?

Next James Bond ‘clear Favourite’ Crushes Henry Cavill And Tom Hardy

Also, age can work against the actor – Elba 50. Moreover, for his part, Elba told Capital XTRA (opens in a new topic) in early 2021 that he knows about the rumors – but he is happy with his lot. “I know there are always rumors about Bond,” he said. “Listen, my poor mom is like ‘One day you’ll get it!’ I was like ‘Mom, it’s okay, I have Luther!’ I really do.

Later, he told ITV (opens in a new thread) that he was determined “not to be the next James Bond.” The end of the story? Maybe. Maybe not. Producer Barbara Broccoli told Deadline that her longtime relationship with the role was “part of the conversation” and said the pair were friends, calling her “an amazing actress.”

Elba also recently reiterated his adherence to Luther, telling the World Government Conference in Dubai: “You know, a lot of people talk about someone who starts with ‘J’ and ends with ‘B’ ,’ but I won’t go. . be with that man. I’m going

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