When Is The New Camry Coming Out

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When Is The New Camry Coming Out
When Is The New Camry Coming Out

When Is The New Camry Coming Out – Let’s hope the 2024 Toyota Camry looks as wild as these renders Toyota has been up to with its cars lately: Is the Camry making a big splash?

The current Toyota Camry is arriving for a replacement, not surprisingly soon after its crosstown rival, the Honda Accord, receives a major redesign for 2023. After all, among midsize sedans, a generally stuffy bunch and practical, Toyota has long been the safe and dull choice. Well, it’s been that way for some time now: Today’s Camry is arguably the most adventurous and sporty model of the generation, a trend we think will continue through 2024 or 2025. It will continue in the next generation of Camrys.

When Is The New Camry Coming Out

When Is The New Camry Coming Out

To get an idea of ​​what to expect from the next Camry, let’s take a look at the segment in which it will be positioned. Sedans (and cars, in general) are rapidly losing ground to trucks and SUVs. From Ford’s Fusion to the Mazda 6, several mainstays of the midsize sedan space have disappeared from the market and more are on the way. But look at sedans like the Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5 (née Optima), Nissan Altima, and Honda Accord.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Facelift Launched; Check Features, Fuel Efficiency

These four-doors adopted louder, louder styling and sportier manes to grab the attention of buyers. After all, it has to be assumed that anyone still buying a car rather than an SUV or truck is doing so because, at least in part, they want something car-like and fun. The low, wide, non-SUV styling helps convey their ambitions to others. Get ready to drive the Camry crazy, squashing this kind of fixed-function midsize sedan into this melting pot of form and performance. Here’s what to expect:

Aside from pressures for the sedan to stand out more, there are pressures within Toyota that could propel the Camry into new expressive territory. President and CEO Akio Toyoda has been at his best of late, personally building such blockbuster products as the GR86 and GR Supra sports cars, as well as the turbocharged GR Corolla Rally Rocket. His influence can be felt throughout the Toyota car range, which has consistently focused on sportier styling and better chassis tuning. You’ll see more SE and XSE variants of the new Toyota that previously lacked sporting pretensions, including the new Prius and Corolla hybrid families. The more traditional and conservative L, LE, and XLE trims still exist, but even those are visually enhanced by Toyota standards.

In fact, the Prius is a fair harbinger of what’s to come for the Camry. That hybrid has long been embarrassing and unpleasant to watch, but have you seen the latest one? It’s certainly unpretentious for a Prius, futuristic and (yes) attractive. To come up with our design renderings for the 2024 Camry, we applied a lot of Prius inspiration, especially around the C-shaped LED headlights, low-slung bumper, and monstrous profile. We fed the Prius into an AI image generator along with images of the current Camry and the new Crown sedan, then narrowed down what came out.

And so we come to the low-slung, aggressive sedan pictured here. Sure the face has some Prius-like detailing, but that long wheelbase, roofline, and clean surface are what really bring the drama. To give it even more of a visual boost, we applied a subtle body kit similar to that offered on today’s Camry TRD model, with darkened trim and red stripes thrown in for good measure.

Toyota Camry Trd First Test: A Good Use Of The Trd Name?

Things get a little less realistic in the rear, if you can believe it, as they use deep-set fake bumpers. Large taillights modeled on the GR86 sports car units. And the practical implications of a license plate pod atop a speaker should be shaken. For example, the next Camry may be spicier, but still needs a realistic trunk opening. And does the Camry need a ducktail spoiler? I can’t hurt! But where are the tailpipes…

Speaking of tailpipes, we’ve hidden them away. Why? Because Toyota does most of the work on its hybrids. There are no cannons protruding from the bumper here, but rather unadorned exhaust tips pointing toward the ground behind the bumper. Just as Honda has shifted the new Accord lineup to be almost entirely hybrid (only the two cheapest trim levels have conventional gas-only power), we suspect Toyota will go almost entirely hybrid for the new Camry.

This will not mean slowing down. We expect Toyota to offer high-performance versions of the 2024 Camry to compete with the 2023 Lexus RX F Sport 500h and its recently introduced next-generation turbo-hybrid engines on the new Toyota Crown sedan. Combining a turbocharged 2.4-litre I-4 with a six-speed automatic and electric motor, plus another electric motor powering the rear axle, this setup is good for between 340 and 366bhp. both data go well beyond that. A 301-hp Toyota-developed 3.5-liter V-6 offers today’s Camry as an upscale option.

When Is The New Camry Coming Out

The 2.5-liter I-4 hybrid that powers the current Camry Hybrid (with a respectable 208 hp) will likely serve as the new model’s entry-level configuration. As for the gas-only Camry? It’s possible, but probably in the context of a performance-focused GR (that is Gazoo Racing) like the GR Corolla. Toyota is hinting at a GR Camry, and we think it’s looking forward to introducing a new generation of Camry. GR Corolla’s turbocharged I-3 and Unica adjustable all-wheel drive system the Camry (it’s already stretched from its original home subcompact Yaris hatchback overseas), so perhaps an uprated version of it. A 2.4-liter I-4 turbo will do the job of the aforementioned hybrid.

Toyota Camry Hybrid Now Dearer By Rs. 46,000

Toyota’s TNGA platform will continue to serve as the foundation for the Camry, albeit with some dimensional additions. In fact, if Toyota goes for flashier styling, more size may be needed, if only to compensate for the lower roofline and other sacrifices. As before, the Camry will offer front- and all-wheel drive options, even on hybrids.

Since the introduction of the current Camry for 2018, Toyota’s car technology suite has come a long way. Toyota Audio’s latest media interface and assistant touchscreens feature wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and stripped-down (but not entirely intuitive) menus. It comes in 8.0- and 12.3-inch sizes, both of which we suspect will be offered in a new Camry, with the smaller screens serving the cheaper models and the 12.3-inch unit embellishing the prices.

Also look for the latest Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 active safety features to make the kit as standard equipment, upgrading to the Camry’s current TSS 2.5+ feature set. In addition to the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, lane keeping, automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control already included with TSS 2.5+, version 3.0 adds “Proactive Driving Assist”. . as “PDA” and is a configuration that “automatically applies light braking when cornering or provides light braking and/or steering to assist in driving activities, such as your vehicle and the first Checking the distance between a vehicle, pedestrian or a cyclist.”

The current generation Camry first debuted in 2017 as a 2018 model year product, owing to a major redesign, which Toyota rolls out every five to six years for its high-profile products. Don’t be surprised to see the new Camry appear later this year before going on sale as a 2024 model next year, though it could arrive as early as next year as a ’25. Will it be as wild and sporty as our rendering? Wait and see. This story contains independent illustrations by Josh Byrnes. They are neither affiliated nor endorsed by Toyota

Toyota Camry For Sale In Centennial, Co

Forty years and going strong! Toyota’s Camry was an industry kingpin with a two-decade ranking as North America’s best-selling passenger sedan. The current generation has held the position since its inception in 2017.

Blame it on changing buyer preferences and the never-ending pursuit of the SUV boom, but the humble sedan held its own in the face of others being cut. Its closest competitor, the Honda Accord, has recently undergone a significant restyling. So, in response, we imagined what the next XV80 codenamed Camry might look like and dived into everything we know to date.

With a three-box design, the study leverages the Japanese automaker’s concept debut as well as the latest Prius and a more crossover crown for an ultra-modern look that looks sharp even when stationary.

When Is The New Camry Coming Out

The visual oomph begins up front with subtle boomerang-shaped LED headlights, a contrasting trapezoidal grille graphic, and a very un-Camry-like curved hood. Large wheels are pushed into the corners to consolidate a dynamic stance, while smooth sidewall characteristics apply considerable tension to the lower doors and waistline.

Toyota Camry: Features, Price, And Specs

Muscular flanks and a full-width LED taillight help define the rear, as do the tapered bonnet, symmetrical rear quarter glass and lower diffuser panel with quad exhausts.

At the heart of the ninth generation of the global Camry will probably be a modified version of the TNGA-K (GA-K) platform.

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