When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

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When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out
When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out – Some leaks from KT suggest that Samsung may announce the Galaxy S23 series on January 5. Subscribers can pre-order the smartphones on December 23 and get the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for their efforts.

Although there have been many leaks and details about the Galaxy S23 series, there have been no rumors about their tentative release date. If the latest shipments are anything to go by, one can expect Samsung to unveil its 2023 flagship sometime between January and February. However, new information suggests that one can get their hands on the brand new Galaxy S23.

When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

The website OreXda has published what appears to be promotional material from KT, South Korea’s second largest network provider. One could say that it preceded the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ from December 23rd, with the launch scheduled for January 5th. Early adopters will get the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for free. Interestingly, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the most powerful smartphone of the lot, was missing from the post.

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The rumored Galaxy S23 pre-order date suggests that Samsung will unveil the trio of smartphones on January 5. It’s quite early, even for Samsung, which recently moved from March to January/February. Samsung might have a chance to change its plans this time, as Qualcomm also plans to unveil its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip in November. Plus, there’s no Exynos to worry about at this point, unless Samsung’s top management has its way.

However, in the absence of the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the post, eagle-eyed Twitter users noticed something unusual with photos of the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ shown in the post. The sides don’t line up very well, and the camera model looks very different from what was announced. Therefore, one should take the above information with skepticism and wait for Samsung, or at least a more prominent one, to reveal more about the date of the Galaxy S23.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: Long Term Review After Nearly Using For A Year

Every year the usual suspects, especially Samsung and Apple, release new features for their phones, such as watches.

It’s a tradition we all know and look forward to – the new year equals new Samsung Galaxy S phones, new iPhone 15 series, and more…

And those annual phone upgrades are usually considered modest, focusing mostly on product upgrades and camera features, as well as getting the latest innovations. Any major innovation, such as a new design, is usually rare, especially when the brand already has a successful formula.

When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

But 2023 could be anything but a “traditional” year. In fact, there is a good chance that this could be an exciting year for us tech lovers; one where everything began to change, and the world began to change to something completely new.

Want To Preorder Samsung’s Next Galaxy S22 Sight Unseen? You Can

Something as big as the first iPhone was for the technology industry. Something that could change the way we use the internet. Moreover, add our virtual reality to our digital.

In fact, a certain Cupertino company has been working on a secret project for a few years – Apple’s AR glasses – and 2023 could finally be where we see the fruits of all that research and development.

The S23 Ultra is in stores now. Get $750 in instant trade-ins, plus a $100 Samsung credit with your purchase. The phone starts at $199.99 with a qualifying trade-in from AT&T or T-Mobile.

You can now get the Galaxy S23 Plus on sale from Samsung for around $700. Save even more if you go with T-Mobile or AT&T.

The Galaxy A73 Could Be Samsung’s Phone To Watch Out For In 2022

Go with T-Mobile or AT&T right away and you’ll pay nothing for the vanilla S23 with 256GB of storage (with qualifying trades). The Verizon version starts at $59.99 with trade-ins. Or choose the unlocked model and save $159.99 after sales credit.

According to industry expert Mark Gurman, Apple’s main focus this year is its augmented reality display (or glass, we’ll soon find out). That means no iPad Pro update this year – apparently it’s been pushed to next year. Gurman says that the 2023 upgrade to all other iPad models will be straightforward.

Of course, this certainly leads us to believe that the 2023 iPhone series might go under the radar, at least compared to last year’s iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which had the new Dynamic Island feature to make the most of it. . the people are very, very happy.

When Will The Next Galaxy Phone Come Out

Expected in September this year, the upcoming iPhone 15 series may include an iPhone 15 Ultra model to replace the Pro Max. At the moment, we do not know for sure if this is the name that has been changed to match the name of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, or if this phone will get a new design, which has never been seen in an iPhone before.

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Some of the other big news about this year’s iPhones is that they finally get a USB Type-C port, unlike Lightning, according to EU regulations, and not Apple’s best heart. This has been widely confirmed by the aforementioned Mark Gurman, as well as another reliable person, Ming-Chi Kuo, and others, so it seems safe. So it’s a relief for those of us who have to constantly compete for a Lightning cable, where all our other devices (including MacBooks and iPads) have been using USB Type-C for some time. Thank you, EU!

Additionally, all iPhones are said to now get the Dynamic Island feature, which was last reserved only for the more expensive Pro models, but it makes sense. Of course, you’ll get the latest Apple features even if you buy the premium iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models now. Good stuff!

But aside from all that, with the usual hiccups in the processor and camera departments, it’s not a good story for Apple’s 2023 phones.

In recent days, there have been rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max could be more expensive, perhaps $100 more than their starting prices. And this is far from encouraging news in times of economic uncertainty and uncertainty… You know, times like this.

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To be fair, Apple has had problems getting its products on time, just like many other companies since everyone’s favorite year –

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