When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

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When Will The Next Xbox Come Out
When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

When Will The Next Xbox Come Out – Just… what will be called upgraded Xbox Series X | Is there? Seriously: where are we going from here? | © Microsoft

Microsoft is rumored to launch a new model of the Xbox series in 2022. More specifically, the new model is rumored to be an upgraded version of the Xbox Series S with a higher refresh rate of specifications. There is also talk of a new Xbox Series X model coming in 2023.

When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

We all knew that eventually there would be new versions of the current consoles. PlayStation has always released a thin version to accompany its main console, and Xbox likes to come up with new font variations. After Sony was rumored to be working on a PS5 Pro, Microsoft is now raising its hand in class… or rather, the girls are doing it for them: YouTuber Moore’s Love is Dead has claimed that Microsoft will launch a new Xbox Series S. model in 2022

When Will The Next Xbox Be Released?

According to the leak, this new Xbox will feature a higher 6nm AMD Zen APU, which will result in higher clock speeds and, ultimately, a faster console. Simply put: this updated Xbox Series S is expected to be 50% faster. As expected, this upgraded Xbox Series S model will also be slightly more expensive, but in return, the current Xbox Series S line will continue to be produced and will be sold at a lower price.

It is unclear whether this new Xbox Series S model will retain the ‘S’ name. It would certainly cause confusion if the old line were to continue. However, adding a number or creating a pattern with an entirely new letter is also not ideal. Then again, Microsoft has always had the worst named department ever, and its comedy at this point, so we’re personally hoping for an Xbox Series N.

Rumors also suggest that an upgraded Xbox Series X could also be in the works and should be released in 2023. There is no mention of how powerful it will be, nor the name, which we can only assume is Xbox Series A.

Here’s the full video if you want to hear it all from the horse’s mouth (timestamp 13:38):

Next Xbox Reportedly Shipping With Blu Ray, Not Dvd

Moore’s Law is Dead is quite the authority on in-depth commentary and rumors about the latest technology, so you can take this as a reliable source while still applying a healthy dose of skepticism.

Guys, let’s be real: nobody likes ads, everyone likes raffles, and we all want to feel special. Right? Sign up for Mi and you’ll get just that: no ads, content you want to see, and a chance to win free stuff. It makes no sense, really. It’s almost your last chance to sign up for an Xbox All Access subscription and get a free upgrade to the new Xbox Series X console when it launches on Holiday 2020.

The Xbox Series X hits the market on Holiday 2020, but Microsoft is letting you start the process of securing a launch unit now – but you have to act before the end of the year.

When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

A recently announced monthly subscription called Xbox All Access allows players to get an Xbox now in 2019 and upgrade to Series X in 2020.

Ps5 Pro And New Xbox Series Consoles Coming 2024 According To Electronics Company

“We understand that buying a console is an investment and some gamers are looking forward to going to the next generation with Project Scarlett when it launches in Holiday 2020 along with ‘Halo Infinite,'” Microsoft’s Jeff Gatiss said about the deal.

But if you want to get in on that deal, you’ll need to sign up before December 31st to make sure you get the Series X when it launches.

“Therefore, as a limited-time offer this holiday season, players in the US and UK who purchase an Xbox One X and Xbox All Access before December 31, 2019 have the option to upgrade to the next Xbox console in just 12 months and when. Project Scarlett has officially launched.”

If you’re thinking of getting yourself or a loved one an Xbox in the Christmas/Boxing sales period, this is your best bet. Why turn down the chance to get new hardware as early as possible while still enjoying the golden years of the current hardware generation?

Xbox Series X|s Prices Increase In Sweden

The cheapest option is £17.99 per month, and in return you’ll get the Xbox One S Digital Edition, plus 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

A slightly more expensive option £19.99 buys a standard Xbox One S (with disc drive) and again 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Those looking for the ultimate 4K experience can also pick up an Xbox One X for £24.99 per month, along with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

The two Xbox One S options come with an 18-month upgrade option, however, the Xbox One X subscription gives players the chance to upgrade to Xbox Scarlett after just 12 months.

Xbox Series X And S: Microsoft Reveals New Accessories As Pre Orders Open For New Console

None of the plans require a subscription, so it’s just the cost of the subscription, which lasts for 24 months.

If it’s not obvious, this way of buying a console also means you’ll have to pass a credit check to access the finance, so not everyone is (necessarily) eligible.

There are only two physical stores in the UK that offer these Xbox All Access subscriptions, namely GAME and Smiths Toys.

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When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

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Xbox Series X Now Available Through All Access At Gamestop [out Of Stock]

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When Will The Next Xbox Come Out

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The Next Xbox Will Come In Two Variants — An Affordable One And A Higher End Version?

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Buy When Will The Next Xbox Console Come Out

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