Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

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Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz
Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

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Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

In 18 states it is illegal to fail a drug test with artificial urine. How are brands like Cleanstream and MonkeyWays still selling? For Sarah Lawrence

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On the bus ride from her apartment in Lake View to downtown Chicago, Adele (not her real name) carried a container of fake urine between her breasts. A few days ago, a client requested that all consultants working on their account at Adele’s firm be drug tested. Now she was going to work at a urine clinic two days after smoking.

In the clinic bathroom, she removed the artificial urine from her bra, ready to pour it into the provided cup. But there was a problem: during the 30-minute ride, his cleaning temperature overheated. Comes with a thermometer on the side of the bottle, which shows the average urine temperature range; His temperature was so hot that it didn’t even register on the meter.

“I was a little nervous and I was sweating because I had this hot fake urine on my chest.”

“I was a little nervous and I was sweating because my nipples have this hot fake urine,” she tells me. “So I had to sit there and pretend to be embarrassed for a few minutes until it cooled down.”

Synthetic Urine Is Legally Questionable And In Demand

When the temperature finally reached 98 degrees, he transferred the urine into a cup and passed it on. She passed away.

This is Adele’s second time using Quick Fix Synthetic, a company that sells fake urine. In fact, the fake urine market is saturated with legitimate companies such as UPass, Clean Stream, Whizzinator, Xstream, and Monkey Whizz.

The existence of these companies is a sign of this shift in drug policy. In the late 1980s, the “just say no” era saw widespread performance-enhancing drug testing. Today, an estimated 56 percent of employers require pre-employment drug testing. At the same time, marijuana policy is slowly moving toward legalization, so drug testing and drug-using workers are bound to happen — and many are looking to the ethically and legally questionable artificial urine market to fix it. .

Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

In 1828, chemist Friedrich Wohler created the first synthetic urea, a chemical compound found in urine. He did this by accident when trying to synthesize ammonium cyanate.

Monkey Whizz Fake Urine Kit For Sale In Austin, Tx

Little did he know that this would be one of the first discoveries to contradict the popular scientific theory of the time, biology, which held that organic compounds could not be created in a laboratory, but could only be isolated in their natural form. . Biologists believe that nothing but the kidney can reproduce. Wöhler’s discovery was one of the first to disprove this theory because he was able to produce urea inorganically.

Fast forward to the present, and the word “synthetic urine” sounds less like revolutionary chemistry and more like a gift.

When Adele first heard about Quick Fix Synthetic from a friend who was worried about passing a drug test, she didn’t think about the product’s legitimacy. “Honestly, I hated it,” she says. “I was like, ‘I don’t know, I don’t care, get off the drugs,’ which is pretty hypocritical to me now. While she used marijuana herself, it wasn’t until she was at her job. Not starting to check regularly makes her more curious about whether artificial urine is effective.

Quick Fix synthetic urine, along with its competitors, is made from a combination of water, urea, creatinine, pH balance and/or uric acid. Synthetic urine can also have the same density as urine, as can laboratory tests for this.

Detox And Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic urine, along with its competitors, is made from a combination of water, urea, creatinine, pH balance and/or uric acid.

Urinalysis clinics use a method called gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to test urine. Gas chromatography is used to separate and identify compounds in a mixture, then to determine their purity, and mass spectrometry is used to measure the mass of a sample. Together they help identify which compounds are in the mixture. Most companies use five panels for drug testing, meaning they look for traces of THC, opioids, PCPs, cocaine, and amphetamines.

They also analyze the color, smell and temperature of the urine. This means that when you buy artificial urine to pass a drug test, your job is twofold: 1) smuggle it into the bathroom and 2) make sure it’s the right temperature. Adele’s Quick Fix came with a heating pad, so after putting the mixture in the microwave, all you have to do is slide the heating pad around and tie it around the bottle to keep it warm. If your fake urine has the same pure compounds and density as real urine, testing companies may not know it’s a fake sample.

Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

Workplace drug testing increased in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan began requiring testing of all federal employees. That same year, he signed the Drug Abuse Prevention Act, which established mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain drug offenses, including possession of marijuana.

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The law was later criticized as racist, as data showed that people of color were more likely to be targeted for suspected drug use than whites (according to the ACLU, blacks were four times more likely to be arrested for pot possession than whites). times are more likely).

There was also a significant disparity between the minimum prison sentences required for those who smoked and those who used powder cocaine. Crack users, 80 percent of whom were black, received significantly longer prison terms than powder cocaine users, most of whom were white. It has disproportionately filled prisons with non-violent, black drug offenders.

When Reagan began his drug testing program, several courts declared the practice unconstitutional. The New Orleans judge went so far as to call it a “statement warrant search” in the “complete absence of probable cause or even reasonable suspicion.” However, drug testing has increased. In 1987, the American Management Association found that only 21 percent of surveyed employees had been drug tested. By 1996, this number was 81%, but by 2004, it had decreased to 62%. There is no recent data.

Today, the debate about the existence and effectiveness of drug testing continues, as marijuana moves toward full legalization and the country is ravaged by the opioid crisis. According to a 2017 New York Times article on how drug testing affects the economy, nearly half of applicants to the Columbia Boiler Plant in Youngstown, Ohio failed a drug test.

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At Warren Fabricating and Machining in Hubbard, Ohio, co-owner Regina Mitchell says four out of 10 applicants fail her mandatory drug test, with half testing positive for marijuana, the rest for opiates and other drugs. Because the business provides health insurance, he said, drug tests can be a way to avoid future medical expenses. When one of its employees’ family members gave birth to an opioid-addicted child, the company paid $300,000 for three months of treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Urine collection cup for drug testing. Workplace drug testing is controversial, with one judge calling it a “warrantless search.” Getty Images via Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis

“Imagine the money we could save or invest as a company if I were able to hire drug-free workers on site,” Mitchell told the New York Times. “But that’s just not the environment we’re in.”

Where Can I Buy Monkey Whizz

But some argue that since drug testing, especially marijuana, is a nexus of the war on drugs, it should no longer be practiced. Add to that a 2014 academic review that examined 23 studies to see if drug testing reduces accident or injury rates as well as drug use, finding that drug testing improves workplace safety. does not significantly improve (except for one study that found that random alcohol testing reduces fatal accidents. transportation industry).

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, Fron says that drug testing doesn’t stop heavy drug users, it just stops casual drug users from applying for jobs that require drug testing.

Like the legality of bus weed, the legality of fake urine varies from state to state. Eighteen states have banned the manufacture, supply, use or sale of artificial urine for fake drug tests, but only one of those states, South Carolina, has ever prosecuted a urine seller, and only twice. In each of these cases, the seller was accused of marketing counterfeit urine for the ostensible purpose of passing a drug test. Illinois and Kentucky have made the sale of urine a felony, and North Carolina and South Carolina have made it a felony for another offense. In all other states, selling or using fake urine is a misdemeanor.

These are companies that manufacture and sell urine

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