Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka

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Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka
Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka

Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka – When a popular vodka brand expanded their product line to include herbal teas, they asked Studio2 for a new design approach.

The Veil brand is known for smooth and crisp vodka at an equally refreshing price point. When a large national wine and spirits retailer decided to expand the brand into a new product line by introducing a natural flavored collection, they worked with Studio2 to design the packaging. The resulting packaging design showcases natural flavors through classic hand drawn designs. Bright color blocks and clean, modern prints give the design a fresh feel, and silver and gold accents instantly let consumers know they’re in for something special. The endcap label image designed by Studio2 is an eye-catching element of product photography and PhotoShop magic. This successfully stops shoppers and makes the new product line stand out among the many options at this large, warehouse-style chain.

Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka

Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka

“Beautiful design, smart work with great service. The whole team at Studio2 are top notch. From web development to retail packaging, I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

Vodka Review #4 Battle Of The Brands Edition: Who Makes The Better Botanical Infusion, Ketel One Or Veil Vodka?

“One of the best web development companies…great project management, great communication and even better design features. Highly recommend them.”

“We have worked with many design firms and Studio2 is the best. We had Studio2 create our logo, brand identity and packaging. We highly recommend it!”

“Studio2 was instrumental in the launch of our new board game, Phone Phever. The creative staff is both responsive and patient, helping us turn our ideas into reality within tight deadlines. Studio2 is Phonetastic!

“We needed a new and redesigned brochure and were very pleased with Studio2’s work. Very professional, fun and easy to work with. It was a really collaborative process and it was a success!”

Veil Watermelon Vodka

“Everyone at Studio2 is professional, patient and on time! Building a new website with them was a great experience, I highly recommend them!”

“Studio2 is the tool that makes new product dreams come true! Their team has helped us a lot with product logo development, website, branding, social media and exposure! We are very happy to work with such a group. Working with an incredibly talented group of marketing professionals, we highly recommend them for all your marketing and design needs!

“My website works great and looks great. I feel like I get more business from the website because it looks great and is easy to use. I just wanted to thank you and I the website I love myself!”

Where Can I Buy Veil Vodka

“Their process is clear and uncomplicated. Their staff is very knowledgeable and responsive. The website they create looks very professional and conveys the message we are trying to communicate. If you are looking for a design Modern on a site, I highly recommend working with Studio2. Reasonably priced.”

Freihof 1855 Schnapps

The brochure was hit! We talked a lot about it… It’s nice to have a piece that we can a) be proud of, and b) tell our story and our product line succinctly and clearly. Your team did a great job asking the right questions, removing all the “red tape” and providing great marketing.

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