Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

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Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini
Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini – The moment the average person gets into their Lamborghini Aventador, checks all the controls and takes the first turn down the road, their inner Will Smith starts screaming, “I’ve got to get myself one of these!” Your friend’s Camaro is fast. The Aventador, no matter how fast you drive it, is Italian. It is not part of the ordinary world.

Sightings are rare. But sometimes a guy pulls up to your house with a half-million dollar Lambo, hands you the key and says, “Free, see you next week.” For me, a car writer who knows how to ask nicely, it was just that. I drove a bright orange Aventador LP 700-4 roadster for seven long days over 900 miles and no one stopped me to tell me it was a huge mistake. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

For a car with a capacity of 691 hp. The Aventador’s first puffs of premium petrol are surprisingly modest, even from a cold start. There for a long time

Tomas Enge Puts G Drive Lamborghini On Pole

, soft explosion and … silence. This is the Strada mode. Switch to Sport or Corsa, but be patient. The computer won’t let you go past 5500 rpm. until everything is golden brown. At that moment, the four trumpets emit eerie, horrific sounds to everyone within a square mile, a deadly mix of tortured brass and banshee screams that will send animals fleeing into the mountains.

With the exception of Ferrari or Aston Martin, engine manufacturers don’t assemble naturally aspirated V-12 engines like Lamborghini. A full up speed up to 8500 rpm. perceived as a strong blow to the head. Repeatedly, with each movement of the right pedal, the Aventador stabs me in the skull. The unsuspecting passengers are hit harder, but then laugh hysterically, either out of fear or a sudden desire to change jobs and become obscenely rich.

In some high-performance vehicles, the hot exhaust may emit a small blue flame after the unburnt fuel in the pipes ignites. The Aventador’s panoramic flash is a bit more extreme. Video footage captured entire cars engulfed in flames after their owners put them in neutral while trying to show off onlookers on the street. Ferrari and Porsche have both recalled their cars due to engine fires in recent years. There is no Lamborghini. After my first visit to McDonald’s, I thought about hiding the fire extinguisher behind the passenger seat.

Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire is a parking lot. I crawl through the campers, the Aventador fans blowing like a Peterbilt in the hot sun, my eyes fixed on the coolant and oil gauges. They never move. But after a day of fighting, I might as well park Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 in my garage. With the door closed the heat is unbearable. Since 12-cylinder engines will one day be banned, excessive heat is a small price to pay for such incredible traction. Ferrari uses supercharging and downsizing. There is no Lamborghini. You can feel the difference.

Lamborghini’s New Supercar Isn’t Legal To Drive On Public Roads

I can’t count how many cars I’ve driven on Route 202, a deserted two-lane road through central Massachusetts. In the Aventador, you shouldn’t expect to bend and follow the restrictions. You’re guilty of speeding as soon as you pick up the key fob and turn on those fork-shaped LED headlights. This car is not rated for 60 mph. It hits 60 in less than three seconds en route to a top speed of 217 mph.

Most of the other supercars are either sold out or impossible to import. That puts the Aventador in the same league.

Most people in most places in America see a car like the Aventador at least once in their lifetime. So if you come to town with an evil pumpkin, you’ll make friends. I fill up a few miles of Route 9, a fun way to get between Interstates 91 and 93 in southern New Hampshire, and a young man jumps over the pump island to the Lambo. He shoves the CD in my face, hiding a toothless grin, and I’m showered with topless women caressing the Confederate flag. This is his record and he thinks I’m probably the head of a record company.

Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

The sight of a Lamborghini somehow allows people to ask personal questions they would never ask a stranger (“How much did you pay?” “Your plate is from California, so why are you here?”) With great power, of course. comes great responsibility. The children listen to Lampo the Man, who urges them to quit smoking and study hard.

Driving The $467,000 Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

Pull up to a full parking lot in the Aventador and the attendants will move the cones as soon as they see it. So Chris Brown parks his Aventador in Los Angeles, even where I was in Milford, where the nightlife is raging for the Connecticut coastal town, the cops stood guard in the Lambo and blocked traffic in my driveway, helping me smell the my chin spoilers beyond the curb. Returning a week later in the BMW i8, I had no such reception.

There seems to be nothing practical about Lamborghini. Because the nose pitches down like the old Concorde on takeoff, you never know when you’ll hit the curb. Lines of sight and sheer girth require an aircraft marshal. The seven-speed single-clutch automatic can be clunky and the vents trap loose gravel. But not everything is so painful. The two-piece roadster roof is easy to install and store. Even the ground clearance is acceptable thanks to a front hydraulic lift that gives an extra inch or two. The steering wheel is light. Controlling the Audi infotainment system is simple. There’s even a power rear window to isolate the passenger compartment from the V-12’s cacophonous air intakes and valves. I’m not saying you should buy a Lambo as your daily commuter. I’m telling you

It is the most expensive and second most powerful road car I have ever driven. The Ferrari 458 Spider (and the updated 488) is my favorite exotic because its smaller size, more agile response and polite manners make it more comfortable and less stressful. However, seven full days of piloting the Aventador changed my life. Not because the car attracts chicks (a Lamborghini myth if there ever was one), but because it encourages an extravagant lifestyle.

Centuries later, when the last drop of gasoline has evaporated from the earth, will anyone but conspiracy theorists believe such a thing existed? Even now, I’m still in shock that this happened.

Lamborghini Huracan Sto Price And Specs

Specializing in business, government and judicial news. He is vice president of the New England Automobile Press Association and is committed to preserving both owner’s manuals and older Volvos.

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Where Can You Drive A Lamborghini

GM Will Ditch Apple CarPlay on Future EVs F1 wheeled weapons are a brilliant achievement of ZR1 driver spins, car crashes and Florida mechanics drinking coffee. and is ready to give you the most exciting driving experience and ultimate driving pleasure. Huracán EVO RWD with 610 hp engine. As a driver, you have better control of the car to create a unique and intimate bond: it’s about going back to the beginnings of mechanical purity, the true essence of the car.

An Era Ends, Making The Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Sweeter

The sound of a naturally aspirated, pulsating V10 engine roaring behind you combines with a specially tuned traction control system to deliver the most emotional and fun driving experience in both dry and wet weather, even in snow: rewind and reconnect with the natural, instinctive driving pleasure.

The new Performance Traction Control System (P-TCS) is calibrated specifically for the rear-wheel-drive Huracán EVO, delivering torque even when the car is retuning after skidding or sideslipping. The P-TCS car transmits torque early, avoiding sharp drops in torque and providing better grip when exiting a corner. The electromechanical dynamic hydraulic steering (LDS) is tuned specifically for the Huracán EVO RWD and provides maximum feedback.

19-inch Kari wheels with specially developed Pirelli P Zero tires feature perforated ventilated steel brakes. 20-inch wheels and carbon ceramic brakes are optional.

Sophisticated aerodynamic solutions are expressed in iconic design DNA, which in the Huracán EVO RWD is inspired by the shark’s nose. New front and rear features include a new front splitter and vertical fins within large front framed air intakes. The gloss black rear bumper includes a new diffuser unique to the Huracán EVO RWD.

Driving Lamborghini Stock Photos

Inside, the cabin features an 8.4-inch HMI touchscreen on the vehicle’s center console that controls every aspect of the vehicle’s functions, as well as managing all connections such as phone calls, Internet access and Apple CarPlay activation.

Both inside and outside

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