Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

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Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters
Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters – The Avengers are the main heroes in Marvel’s Avengers. As some of Earth’s greatest heroes, they work together to fight threats they can’t face alone.

Gathered during a confrontation with Loki, the Avengers team was formed to protect Earth and its citizens from various criminals and international threats. His list includes Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and Hulk. Ant-Man is also a member of the team, although he was left due to pressure from Stark. Carol Danvers is also an ally and member, using the dress of Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. At some point, Barton also left the group, possibly training her sister Kate Bishop to be her successor.

Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

Before A-Day, the Avengers battle the Leth Legion while trying to steal a SHIELD transport. Together, the team manages to defeat them, even though they are fighting because of the criminals using the technology of the Stark factory. With the help of Black Widow and Banner, Iron Man finally realizes that the team got him from Spymaster, who was able to access them by using security measures installed by Fury.

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At some point later, Iron Man, Banner and Thor experimented with portal technology as a means of transporting themselves into space. However, Loki’s interference leads the group into conflict, leading to a fight between the Odinson and the Hulk. Eventually, Thor quickly realizes the deception and exposes Loki, even though it causes public concern about them and the danger surrounding the Avengers.

On the anniversary of their founding, the Avengers organized a party to commemorate the event. These include the opening of their West Coast headquarters in San Francisco and the launch of their own helicopter, the Chimera, with a Terrigen reactor. Among these are the programs to choose the story of someone who likes them and the VIP section, which can only be accessible to those who have collected enough comics. Among the Avengers in attendance were Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow and Bruce Banner. According to Rogers, Captain Marvel was still a member at the time, despite being off-world during the event.

However, during the festivities, Taskmaster and his mercenaries attacked the Golden Gate Bridge, where they led the team, apart from Rogers, who withdrew to fight this threat. The Avengers work together to minimize casualties and defeat the team, recovering a variety of stolen SHIELD equipment, including Pulsar Tanks and Sonic Bombs. Widow is ultimately defeated by Masters, although the team quickly realizes that she is a body repairman.

On the Chimera, Captain America discovers that the Masters have sent mercenaries to attack the helicopter, which leads to a war between them and the security regulations to activate. While in the middle of the flight, the Terrigen controller begins to react with something in the bay, causing severe damage to the Chimera, an earthquake in the area and a fog of Terrigen. In a last-ditch attempt to stop the reaction, Cap destroys the electricity, leading to the Chimera’s crash and apparent death. The rest of the Avengers watched in horror from the Golden Gate Bridge, unable to move back or do anything to stop her.

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As the Terrigen Miss invades San Francisco, the Avengers try to minimize the damage and save as many civilians as possible. However, they could not stop many disasters, such as the fog that engulfed San Francisco and made many people human.

In the weeks following the disaster, the Avengers team became a terrorist organization monitoring the disaster, with government officials, journalists and the general public accusing them of organizing the event. . These were exacerbated when AIM scientists George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini, who both worked at the Terrigen Reactor, submitted reports claiming that Stark had ignored warning reports about the reactors. This caused the United States Senate to further investigate the team and determine whether the Avengers continue to protect the country or disband the team. Some time before this trial, Thor, blaming himself for not saving Rogers, decided to leave the team to protect the Earth, leaving his hammer Mjolnir on the body of the statue of Captain America in Heroes Park.

During the investigation, the other Avengers turn up to testify. Both Stark and Romanoff tried to defend the group and tried to argue that they would never put civilians in danger. However, Banner, insecure about the Hulk and cheating on Monica, testifies that they pose a threat and are responsible. This eventually leads to the official elimination of the Avengers, with each of them going their separate ways.

Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

Five years after A-Day, the Avengers have been in disarray with little contact with each other over the years. In addition, their actions and activities were used by the government to prevent the great heroes. In addition, groups, such as AIM, which started on A-Day, were very widespread, especially by AIM and its friends in the government. These led the council to ban all the superheroes effectively, forcing many to go underground.

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At this point, Banner loses control of the Hulk, spending more time as “Big Guy” and inhabiting the remains of the Chimera. Stark retired to his family’s Golden Acres estate, with little contact with the outside world. Pym, who worked for AIM until he discovered their experiments on Inhumans, became the leader of the Resistance, creating a sanctuary for them and their sympathizers. Romanoff also joined as a hacker named “Tiny Dancer”, although he had to go undercover in AIM to provide information and investigate the role of Tarleton and Rappaccini in A-Day.

Thor became a volunteer doctor and began helping others in New York. Barton and Bishop both join SHIELD and investigate the disappearance of Nick Fury. However, AIM captures the former to investigate the lead, causing the latter to become a weak member of the group. Unbeknownst to everyone, Rogers survived the crash and in the hands of AIM, was placed in suspended animation on the Ambrosia satellite. Using the samples taken from him, Rappaccini created a recovery plan, which he used to treat and experiment on Tarleton.

After discovering the Stark login had been removed from the captured Stark factory assets and used to access sensitive information, Romanoff posted it on the Resistance site to see if anyone else could successfully log in. This challenge is finally met by Kamala Khan, a contestant of A. -Day who has received superhuman powers. Despite being tracked down by Tarleton and AIM, Khan manages to recover a corrupted video of him covering up Captain America in the Chimera’s reactor chamber. Although Romanoff tried to meet him, Khan was forced to flee his city after being outed as a terrorist and pursued by AIM.

Hoping to find the Resistance, Khan travels to the Chimera’s corpse to find the Hulk sitting there. After fighting and following the AIM robots together, Kamala was able to show Banner the video and convince him to help her. Deciding to find Stark to help him investigate, the two travel to the Olympia Vault to retrieve JARVIS’s files, while falling through a local AIM site with the Abomination. After reactivating JARVIS at the Chimera’s War Table, Banner and Khan collect the Neural Uplink from a SHIELD vault, which brings them back into contact with the intelligence agency.

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At Stark’s location in Golden Acres, Khan and Banner were able to get his help after showing him the video, whereupon Tony realized that he had indeed been kept secret. Notified by “Tiny Dancer” that AIM had discovered them, the group fought through Tarleton and his sent soldiers before returning to the Chimera. After Stark designs a new weapon for Iron Man to use, the team begins repairing the Chimera before AIM attacks again. Needing Initiator Cores to repair their machines, Stark raids a New York facility while Khan and Banner investigate fire power signatures in the Utah desert, hoping to find the right materials. The former mission resulted in the recovery of the Arc Reactor to control the Chimera, while the latter brought the team into contact with Pym and the Resistance. Returning the Core Initiator, the Avengers capture evidence of an Inhuman experiment at the AIM facility.

After catching Kamala trying to break into AIM’s Black Mesa prison, Romanoff forces her to blow her cover to save her and the misfit prisoners. During the war, he fought and defeated Rappaccini and took him to prison. The assembled Avengers help free the prisoners from the Chimera and attempt to interrogate Monica about the location of the Adaptoid labs. When Tarleton and AIM attack the helicopter, the team works together to fight their forces. Meanwhile, Thor returns to help fight off the invading forces and minimize the damage, even stopping the Chimera from falling into New York. However, the team was unable to prevent Rappaccini from escaping and he was later accused of inciting public trouble.

As the team gathers, JARVIS finishes cutting the video for the team to watch. To their surprise and horror, they learned that Rogers had not only ordered Tarleton to shut it down but had destroyed the engine. This

Who Are The Marvel Avengers Characters

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