Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

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Who Sells The Cheapest Beer
Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer – I have ordered beer in 68 countries, from Austria to Zambia and everywhere in between. Can you know which country has the most expensive beer in the world?

Brewing beer around the world is hard and thankless work, but I do it just for you, Wilbur’s Worldwide readers.

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

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Kuwait – million dollars Kuwait is really a dry country. No alcohol is sold or allowed in the city. No beer here. I have to list this as the most expensive beer, because the price to grab one will be more than $10. Read more about Kuwait here.

Brunei – A pile of red tape. Brunei is also a dry country. No alcohol is sold here, but it is legal for non-Muslims to bring a small amount of beer. Therefore, no beer is made here anymore. Read more about Brunei here.

Oman – $11.69 Oman is a beautiful country, full of friends. Beer is hard to find, only available in expensive tourist hotels. Your best bet is to buy a free beer at the airport on your way home. In beautiful Muscat, the Intercontinental’s Al Ghazal bar has a Carlsberg draft for 4.5 rials.

United Arab Emirates – $10.62 Every world traveler will pass through Dubai soon. You can get beer here in many bars and restaurants, as well as a few other high-end bars and clubs. At Crowne Plaza Deira top bar Stella draft is 39 AED.

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Beer for 36 rials. It is hard to find beer in this strict Islamic country. Your only option is the bar of five expensive hotels in the airport.

Bahrain – $9.20 You may have guessed that because of the price of beer, the Gulf States are not at the top of my list of fun travel destinations. Bahrain is the only exception. With 8,300 US troops stationed here, Bahrain wisely chose to let the people have some fun. It’s undisputedly the cheapest beer in the world, but you can listen to live music and have a pint.

Jordan – $7.05 Jordan is a great place to visit, with friendly people, and attractions like Petra, the Dead Sea, and the Aqaba beach. They have an excellent beer called Carakale, the local beer of “Petra” and Amstel. Unfortunately, the tax is high on alcohol, and the cheapest I could find was 5 Jordanian Dinar at the Bawabit Madaba restaurant in Madaba town.

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

. Theater in St. James Gate has been stirring things up since 1759. The Temple Bar area of ​​Dublin is the most expensive place in the city to order a pint. There I saw this for 6 Euro. If you come to Dublin, don’t miss a tour of the Guinness Brewery. With an advanced ticket, you’ll skip the long lines, see how beer is made, learn how to pour the perfect pint, and drink one at the end. And one important tip, don’t order an Irish Bomb or Black and Tan at an Irish bar in Ireland. The first drink should be self-explanatory, click to read more about the second.

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Morocco – $6.42  Morocco is very cheap for restaurants and great food, but not so much for beer. It’s a more unrepentant country than most people realize, and beer is very rare and hard to find. I spent 10 days in the country, and I almost didn’t see a place that served beer. I finally caved and paid 60 dirhams for a bottle of the Philippines’ best –

Iceland – $6.02 The average price for a beer in the city is at least $10. All bars have happy hour specials, so if you go out early, you can get a

The picture above is beautiful. If I had more time in the city, I would love to do a Reykjavik Beer and Tapas tour  Read about how to save money in Iceland here.

Djibouti – $5.60  If you read my Djibouti travel guide, you will know exactly what I think of this dump. I paid 1000 francs for a nice Ethiopian beer that cost only $1.11 a few hundred kilometers away in Addis Ababa.

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Liechtenstein – $5.43 Why should you visit Liechtenstein? You got me. Tax evasion? Non-dischargeable contract? Probably not for the beer. It is a small area of ​​Switzerland with Swiss prices to match. I had a beer for 5 Swiss francs at BarDuz.

Russia – $5.24 I’ve never been to Russia, but I’ve been to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, where you can get a bottle

For 295 rubles. I’m sure the bar back in the unnamed city is much cheaper. Next time I’m in Moscow, I’ll do the Soviet van Pub Crawl.

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

Monaco – $5.04 This should not be surprising. Monaco is the richest country per capita in the world. In the land of Bentleys and Ferraris you should expect to pay 4.20 Euros for a beer in a port restaurant.

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Maldives – $4.88 I’m not sure if the price is due to the captive audience on the resort island, or due to the Maldives’ strict Islamic laws that prohibit alcohol Love anywhere in the city except the resort island? However, when you are in a small spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean, you have to drink.

Lebanon – $ 4.64 Well, so Lebanon recently ended the war with Israel, and the country is effectively run by Hezbollah, an Islamic militant group called a terrorist organization by the United States, but blah blah blah, I’m telling you here it’s FUN! Beirut has good bars. I like it

Luxembourg – $4.44 I only spent one day in Luxembourg, so I can get a cheaper beer. The odd waiter at the pizza place served me a little

Switzerland – $ 4.43 You will be impressed by the beautiful Swiss Alps, and even more than the bill in any restaurant and bar! I love Switzerland, I can’t stay. You can get a 300ml glass of beer for 4 Swiss francs at the Avocado Bar in beautiful Zermatt.

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San Marino – $4.18 Where is San Marino? It is a small town surrounded by the Italian mountains. It comes from tax evaders, arms dealers, and busloads of day-trippers making a living. I had a 330ml bottle of the local Titanbrau for 3.80 Euros at a small cafe on the top of the hill.

United Kingdom – $4.02 The United Kingdom has a long tradition of great beer, even if they drink some in summer. I had a lager at the Cardiff City Arms for three pounds sterling.

. It comes in a variety of flavors, the Red Rooster Stout goes down well at the Bottom Time bar after a full day of SCUBA diving with sharks.

Who Sells The Cheapest Beer

Egypt – $3.87 In many Muslim countries, beer can be hard to come by. Egypt is an exception. It has a large Christian population, they brew their national beer, Stella (not to be confused with Stella Artois which is imported all over the world) It’s good. You still have to find a licensed liquor store or bar to buy it. At the Cairo Hilton a can of Stella is 105 Egyptian pounds.

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Vatican City – $3.85 Can you get a beer in the Catholic capital? You can. You can’t take it to the Sistine Chapel, but I had Peroni’s for 3.50 Euros on the lunch bus in St. Peter’s Square.

World’s Most Expensive Beer: “22 Moderately Mediocre Malts” Some of the best beers can be found here:

France – $3.09 We spent two weeks crossing France from north to south, so 2.5 Euros is a nice example of “cheap as can be”. France makes fantastic beer. I tried to prevent myself from naming the types of children’s music I tried. (

)  It’s my fault I didn’t change the wine like any sane person. Next time I’ll get expert advice on France’s best beers on a Paris Pub Crawl.

Chart: The Cheapest & Most Expensive Cities To Drink A Beer

, Malta’s national beer, won’t win any awards, but Malta is a cool place that you don’t see. 2.5 Euro is the cheapest suds on this charming Mediterranean island. Paceville is a party place. You’ll get a well-deserved introduction to nightlife on the Paceville Pub Crawl.

Belarus – $3.06 beer Belarus is surprisingly expensive compared to its beer-drinking neighbor Ukraine. I hope you suffer for the most expensive beer in the world. After five days here, I never paid less than 6 Rubles

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