Why Is It Called 409

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Why Is It Called 409
Why Is It Called 409

Why Is It Called 409 – The big-block Chevrolet we all know and love dates back to 1965. But, as its Mark IV nomenclature suggests, it had three predecessors. Although only seven years apart, Chevy’s great grandchild is the W-series engine. The 348 was the first big-block engine introduced by Chevrolet and soon followed, with an increased bore and stroke (4.310 inches x 3.500 inches), increasing displacement to 409 cubic inches in 1961.

Although historically important, the engine is very old-fashioned in the modern world, thanks to poor combustion chamber design. Instead of the traditional setup, with a combustion chamber in the cylinder head that houses the valves, the valves are flat against the cylinder head deck and instead a 16-degree wedge-shaped combustion chamber is formed over the piston and corner block. deck.

Why Is It Called 409

Why Is It Called 409

With the traditional 90-degree cylinder pitch angle, but a 74-degree deck angle (relative to the piston centerline), a different included deck angle of 122 degrees was created. We saw something similar in modern VR6 engines, and while it was successful there in the W-series application, it proved to be the Achilles heel of the engine design.

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However, one surefire way to get the Dorton brothers – Keith and Jeff – of Automotive Specialists interested in a project is to make it off the wall and challenging. This is exactly the W-series 409 retrofit. Luckily, Jeff Honeycutt of The Horsepower Monster was able to film the project and document this interesting oddity.

Here you will find the Achilles heel of the W-series engines – the deck corner. While the engine cylinders are in the traditional 90-degree V configuration, the deck is offset 16 degrees, creating a 122-degree deck angle. As you can see, this makes a wedge-shaped chamber between the base of the cylinder head and the piston crown.

While this engine design is approaching its 65th birthday and has eight years of production life, oddly enough, an aftermarket block is on the market today. The version Dorton uses is a 9.600-inch cast aluminum deck height variant from Bill Mitchell Products. In addition to being lighter, the BMP block features four-bolt main caps, as opposed to the factory two-bolt caps, and additional bushings throughout the block for added strength.

Since the BMP block uses the stock Chevy big block main size instead of the smaller W series main size, a set of BBC narrow main bearings from ACL is used. This also means that a stock Chevy big-block crank can also be used. Dorton chose a forged Molnar unit with a 4.00-inch stroke.

Giddy Up 409 — Modernizing A Chevrolet W Series 409 Big Block

Here you will find the unique piston design required to work with the unique cam. The one that changes the design does not require a compressor ring when installing the pistons and rings in the bore.

Forged Molnar H-beam connecting rods are used, along with ACL rod bearings to secure the pistons to the crank. Ross Racing went with the 409’s massive 4.500-inch domed 69.5cc pistons. Physically, the big pistons are attached to the connecting rods by a sturdy .990-inch wrist pin. The new bore and stroke run at 509 cubic inches, with a compression ratio of 9.2:1

A 6.5 liter Moroso steel oil sump seals the bottom end and has a wind screen and door cover baffle in the sump to facilitate oil movement. An ATI Super Damper is used to kill any torsional harmonics in the build, rounding out the low end.

Why Is It Called 409

No, it’s not a diesel cylinder head, but an Edelbrock casting 409. The cams, if you can call them that, are recessed just enough to accommodate the valve head and spark plug. Edelbrock head recesses have a small 16 cc.

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The 409’s cylinder head is not a flat head in the traditional sense, but rather has an almost perfectly flat deck like you would find in a diesel engine. For this build, Dorton chose a set of 409 heads from Edelbrock, which were CNC ported by 409 specialists Lamar Walden Automotive. They feature 2.190-inch intake valves and 1.720-inch exhaust valves, with a 220cc intake port (before CNC porting). The valves are operated by a set of dual valve springs that offer 140 pounds of seat pressure and 400 pounds when open.

A Lamar Walden Automotive camshaft was selected and has .632-inch valve lift on the intake tract and .636-inch on the exhaust port with 244-degree stroke of .050-inch intake and 253-degree exhaust, with a 108-degree split angle of the lobes. The camshaft also has a built-in 4/7 firing order change.

A set of Johnson hydraulic roller lifters with a tie rod converts camshaft rotation into vertical motion. Since the BMP block’s lifter holes are spaced 0.100 inches from stock, the standard BBC rockers are excluded. Instead, a set of Lamar Walden 1.75:1 pedestal mount aluminum roller rockers designed for this application were used. Uses 5/16-inch diameter tappets and 0.080-inch wall thickness; The intake is 8.050 inches long and the exhaust is 8.350 inches long.

Since the Bill Mitchell stock block has the lifter holes located 0.100 inch further from the stock, stock Chevy big-block rockers will not work. However, these pedestal mount rockers from Lamar Walden Automotive are designed for this scenario.

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Since the whole point of this project is to actually retrofit this first generation big block, an EFI port is the call. This required a one-of-a-kind Hogan intake manifold and a set of fuel rails. An oval Accufab throttle body is mounted to the manifold and 76 lb/hr fuel injectors are mounted to the slides. A Billet Specialties front-drive setup is used to power all the accessories, and a set of cast aluminum valves covers the top of the combo.

The MSD Pro Billet Dual-Sync distributor not only distributes the spark from the MSD 6 EFI ignition box and coil, but also acts as a camshaft position sensor for the Holley EFI Dominator ECU. Jeff Dorton will tickle the keys to optimize the ECU tuning.

This is probably the most modern first generation big block Chevrolet anyone has ever seen. The intake manifold is a fully custom Hogan part that includes a modern EFI with port injection.

Why Is It Called 409

On the dyno, the engine was loaded with a set of headers that were too small for the application due to supply chain issues. Between that and the mild street-grind camshaft, the fact that it made more than 500 lb-ft of torque early in the dyno test is impressive. The final numbers on the chart are 526.2 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 557.2 lb-ft of torque at 4,200 rpm.

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Aside from the obvious engine design flaws that limited top-rpm performance, Huneycutt pointed out that the amount of ignition timing required by the engine (44 degrees) showed how inefficient the W-series design was. Although modern parts have made a significant improvement over factory parts, this is proof that modern technology cannot overcome the physical limitations of poor design.

You can see here that the curves are strong, but the engine is running at 5800 rpm. 526 horsepower and 557 lb-ft from a 507-cubic-inch big-block isn’t earth-shattering by any means, but for its intended purpose, it gets the job done.

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Why Is It Called 409

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