Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

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Winterizing A Class C Motorhome
Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome – It was a particularly long and harsh winter. But amidst the freezing temperatures and snowfall that few have seen, there is a silver lining. Like a mug of water after mowing and weeding, we are now well prepared for this spring and summer camping season.

, before we cook our first meal over the campfire, we need to make sure our RV is ready. This means winterizing your RV. It also meant cleaning the exterior and interior of our camper, but that’s another day. Today we will talk about the antifreeze problem of the RV.

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

We properly winterized our RV last fall. This spring, we need to set aside a sunny afternoon to wash away the winter dust for them. (Here’s a thought: why don’t we call our RVs “summer ready”?)

Winterizing Your Rv: Part 1

Here’s a quick disclaimer: I don’t claim to know everything about RVs. In fact, I know enough about the dangers. Here’s what I do when winterizing my hybrid travel trailer camper. You can do more or less with your motorhome, especially if it’s your motorhome. If you have a toy car or a folding pop up camper, I would expect some differences.

When I dewinter my camper, one of the first things I do is do a thorough inspection, inside and out. What I’m looking for are any obvious signs of damage or signs that the vent cap is cracked, the seal has failed, and it needs repair. The tire is empty.

Inside, I usually look for signs of critters that might have made a home in my camper. Also open cupboards and drawers. Feces, bitten cabinets, and stray pillow stuffing are what I’m looking for; so far we’ve never been furry four-legged squatters (knock on wood). Also, I look for signs of water damage, such as discolored walls or ceilings.

, I took it out in autumn. A quick check to see if the light is on ensures a good battery, and soapy water can identify leaking propane lines.

Tips For Winterizing An Rv Water Heater

. First, I screwed the drain plug back into the water heater tank. Then I turn off the kitchen sink and shower faucets. (Every fall, I turn on the faucet and remove the drain plug as an extra precaution to keep the water from freezing in the pipes.) Afterwards, I shut off the water heater bypass.

I already filled the new tank, so just opened each tap, starting with the one closest to the pump. Once the water comes out of the line, the empty milk container at the tap will catch the spray. Don’t forget about showers and toilets.

Next, I sanitize the fresh and black water tanks and plumbing fixtures. Some people, like me, use a small amount of bleach for this, and some use chemical products sold at retail centers. The key is to thoroughly clean your tanks and lines when you’re done.

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

Gr8LakesCamper celebrates the world of RV camping in the Great Lakes region. Gather around the campfire to share tips, ideas and stories about RV, camping and travel destinations. Follow Gr8LakesCamper on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the Gr8LakesCamper Blog. Winter is tough on all of us, but it can be especially tough on RVs, both new and used. Once the spring thaw begins, equipping your RV with plenty of pipes and areas to hide from water and moisture is an important step in winterizing your RV and can save you a lot of money on expensive repairs.

Rv Winterization Videos

In the video above, we lay out the step-by-step process for preparing for winter. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry! Your local Camping World trained service technician can winterize your RV. However, if you’d like to perform the process yourself, follow our step-by-step process. We’ve broken down the details of the video into 8 easy steps.

Remember that every motorhome is different, from fifth wheels to travel trailers and everything in between, and some motorhomes may have extras that are more difficult to winterize, such as freezers, refrigerators or dishwashers , but our guide covers the basics. Let’s go in!

If you follow all the steps outlined, your RV will be as ready as possible for winter storage. A properly weathered RV means fewer headaches and less stress when spring rolls around again.

It’s very important not to let dirty water stay in your RV all winter. Not only can these tanks become a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, but the water can also freeze and cause problems. Drain both tanks, starting with the black water tank and then the gray water tank. After both are emptied, clean the black can with a special black can cleaner or a cleaning stick.

How To Winterize Your Rv The Right Way

You should also drain the water heater. This means you should turn it off and let it cool rather than pressurize it. After shutting off the water supply, turn off the city water supply to the RV. From there, you can use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug or anode stem and open the relief valve.

This will allow the water to drain. Do not drain the water heater if it is hot or under pressure. Wait until the temperature and pressure drop. After draining, turn on the water pressure and rinse the sediment for 2-3 minutes. If old, remove the anode rods and store outside for the winter; make a note to install new ones in the spring.

Before adding antifreeze to your RV, you’ll want to make sure the water heater is bypassed. You don’t want any antifreeze getting into the water heater. Some RVs already have bypasses installed.

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

To locate the water heater, locate the water heater service door on the outside of the RV and line it up with where the water supply is located inside. More often, there is an access panel inside that needs to be removed. Using a drill and square driver bit, remove the panels to access the valves and adjust them to properly bypass the water heater.

How To Winterize An Rv With An Air Compressor

Make sure the water pressure is off before unplugging and emptying the fresh water tank. It’s a good idea to turn on the faucet to encourage water flow. When finished, turn off all faucets and shut off the drain.

Add a siphon kit, or, if your RV is equipped with a siphon hose, put it in a gallon of antifreeze. Open the valve. Start the water pump so that antifreeze begins to flow from the water system.

Open the low point drain valve and work your way up from the lowest valve, or loosen the low point drain plug to allow the water to drain. Do this until the water turns pink (this is how antifreeze works through the pipes), then close the valve or tighten the plug again. Turn on one side (hot or cold) of the outdoor shower or outdoor faucet until it turns pink, then turn it off and turn on the other side.

Repeat the process of step six, turning on the faucets in the house (kitchen, bathroom, and shower) until one side turns pink, then turn it off and turn on the other side. Then do the same for all toilets until you see antifreeze.

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Next, you should pour a little extra antifreeze into the drains of every sink, shower, and toilet in your RV to make sure the outside terminal pipes don’t freeze over the winter. Once you’ve done all of this, you should double check that the heating element of the water heater is turned off and that all taps are turned off.

If the above steps sound too complicated or there are certain actions you don’t want to perform this season, don’t worry – we understand. Simply visit your local Camping World location and let our highly qualified service professionals take care of you. Doing it yourself can be valuable, but it’s never a bad idea to pay a professional to take care of your home on wheels.

Check your RV owner’s manual for additional frost protection tips and tricks. Different classes of motorhomes and different appliances often have additional needs, such as happy campers, before properly storing your motorhome for the winter. After all, successful winterizing leads to successful spring when RV season rolls around again.

Winterizing A Class C Motorhome

Want to schedule a winterization service trip? Or consult a private RV buyer to find you the perfect new RV? Find the Camping World location closest to you!

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If you’re not interested in winterizing your RV,

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