Wish That You Were Here

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Wish That You Were Here
Wish That You Were Here

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The industry’s most impressive lightweight duo returns as Florence and the Machine release a new track for Tim Burton’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (September 30). This is Florence’s second contribution to the soundtrack this year, having recently recorded three standout tracks for the Final Fantasy video game series.

Wish That You Were Here

Wish That You Were Here

While the Final Fantasy track has thus far been the more commercially successful for the London band, “Wish That You Were Here” is certainly the more anticipated of the two songs by Burton’s fans and the band themselves. Welch’s famously whimsical vocals and pop-art voices provide the perfect backdrop for Burton’s films’ often infamous set of twisted trees, dark color palettes and underworld aesthetics, making this one of 2016’s funniest One of the artistic collaborations.

Dave Mustaine Quote: “one Of My First Records That I Heard Was ‘wish You Were Here’

The film follows a young boy’s journey to battle an evil world after a tragedy in his personal life. The song’s lyrics speak to the fear of being alone and isolated, and Welch deftly captures a theme and presents it using only her voice, which supports and enhances the song’s lyrics. Florence Welch (lead vocals) dominates the sound with her vocals as the sole instrument, making the song stand out from the main vocals, in addition to the booming drums in each chorus for emphasis and extra power. Songhe opens with a fairly minimalist style, further adding to the current theme of isolation.

The song begins with a single chord; faintly repeated over and over again. When Welch finally came in, this quiet voice was a stark contrast to hers, quiet but still powerful. In the run-up to the chorus, Florence and the Machine’s signature, fiery drum beat greets us with a shattering all-powerful chorus, but even those drums can’t match the ferocity and power of her voice. Even steeped in themes of despair and sadness, “Florence and the Machine” still manages to create something uplifting and powerful with its soaring melodies and relentless beats, keeping the listener engaged.

The lyrics only enhance this ballad, bringing layers of depth to the beautiful track, as “Florence and the Machine” delves into what it means to be single and the constant fear of living in a world outside your comfort zone. By adopting this concept, they have managed to re-create the idea so that it is no longer something to be feared, but something to be celebrated in this ritual to fight our inner demons and come out on top. This theme has come up frequently on many of the band’s previous releases, such as their critically acclaimed debut album,

The single further cemented Florence Welch’s status as one of the most influential female artists working today.

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Slowing down, the song’s bridge shifts dramatically, and we return to the eerie opening of isolated vocals and intimate silences, combined with the almost gospel-like orchestral sound of “Florence and the Machine.”

Now I reach out and sing every note I sing, and I hope it reaches your ear and whispers in your ear.

All of these factors stack up again in the finale, with Welch feeling the pain in the final refrain. Your journey ends with a final blow where all fears are successfully defeated. This roaring conclusion ties in with the image of the brave princess after she takes the danger into her own hands and slays the dragon. A fiery finish to a truly spectacular track.

Wish That You Were Here

Wish That You Were Here takes you on an adventure from scene to scene in just one song. It’s hard to imagine how spectacular it would be when combined with Tim Burton’s cinematography and brilliant narration. Let’s hope this song is chosen as the movie’s theme song and not just an end credits title. With the right layout, it meets all expectations of the impressive Burton-Florence collaboration everyone has been waiting for.

Florence + The Machine Drops ‘wish That You Were Here’ From ‘miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’

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