Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

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Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles
Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles – Watching movies can be one of the best ways to celebrate the Chinese language and culture your children are learning. For all the hard work your kids put into learning a second language, give them the gift of a fun movie! Now, grab some popcorn and have a good time with your little Chinese friend!

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find Chinese movies to watch, even if you’re willing to pay! If you search for Chinese Children’s movies on YouTube, chances are you will come up with a lot of confusing movies. Some great original Chinese animated films such as 小金刚 (xiǎo jīn gang) Little Monkey in the Big Apple, when “imported” to the US, are dubbed into English. Some films may be well-received in China, but they do not hold their appeal for Western audiences. Among those films are the following two that I do not recommend: The Boonie Bears Series 熊出没 (xióng chū mò) and The Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf Series 喜羊羊与灰太狼 (xǐ yáng yáng yǔ huī tài ). Since these shows seemed to be popular in China a few years ago, I brought DVD boxes for my boys. These didn’t fit in my bag! A lot of adult humor and nonsensical action sequences that glorify aggressive behavior. The New Year’s Eve movie series is no exception.

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

After sitting and watching YouTube movies for hours (unfortunately, most of them my boys don’t like to watch), we found five movies (four videos and one 5 minute song) that our family loves to watch! And what can beat the convenience of YouTube? We’ve organized all the movies we recommend on the JoJo YouTube Channel playlist for your convenience. Stay tuned!

Chinese New Fantasy Kung Fu Martial Arts Movies

Warning: The real person in the story, 年(Nián), may scare small children. Does it sound familiar? I have to remind my boys: There is a monster. He’s not real!年 (Nián), translated as Year, was a monster in ancient Chinese mythology. Nián used to come out of his cave on New Years to attack people. Eventually, people figured out how to protect Nián by blowing up guns and lighting red lanterns for the New Year.

Plot: When a Chinese family’s soup shop is targeted by a competitor’s vandalism, two officers from the spirit world retire to protect it. You can read more about the film on this Wikipedia page.

Warning: The animation may be disturbing in some places. Some jokes may not go over well with viewers unfamiliar with the Chinese language and culture.

Plot: A young peasant boy named Ma Liang loved to draw and draw everywhere. His biggest dream was to be an artist. He lived a peaceful and happy life in his hometown of Bai Hua.

Top 5 Chinese Movies You Can Watch For Free On Youtube

Things were fine until, one day, a powerful general with an evil plan visited the village of Bai Hua. He took the king hostage and tried to drive him out of the village to dig for gold. Disaster is facing the villagers.

When the general planned his disease plan, Ma Liang’s son was given a magical brush by the Ink Spirit. The ink spirit told Ma Liang the great power of the brush and told him to use it wisely, because whatever Ma Liang paints with the brush, the painting will soon come to life.

Ma Liang used the brush to help the villagers protect their homes, but the general discovered the magic brush and tried to steal it…

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

Through spiritual awakening, Ma Liang learned that he must “pull from the heart” to release the true power of the magic brush.

Best Chinese Fantasy Films 2019 ○ Best Action Movies Hollywood Full Movies English

Warning: Some of the dialogue may not be easily understood by an audience unfamiliar with Chinese literature and culture. And it doesn’t help that there are no English subtitles!

The plot: Super Bao, an innocent and enthusiastic person who is cooked, goes through many hardships and eventually becomes a hero who saves the world of food. All movie heroes are food types!

Warning: Little Kung Fu boys fight real criminals. No guns, but lots of jumping, throwing and punching. My boys were inspired to try a few Kung Fu moves on each other after watching all of this (consider yourself warned if you have more than one child!).

Synopsis: The film tells the story of a boy, Lin Qiunan, who grows up in America. Lin Qiunan is sick with a “very daring dream”. He sent his parents to China to stay with his uncle Yuan. They live together, Lin Qiunan believes that he needs to take care of “gentle uncle.” He and his uncle become involved in an international crime syndicate, and an exciting comedy show ensues.

Chinese Dramas Available On Youtube, Watch These Ones For Free!

New and exciting children’s movies are constantly hitting theaters in China these days. And sometimes, some movies are made on YouTube. When many people ask to watch Chinese children’s movies. We hope to see more ways for our children to access high-quality Chinese films that are suitable in the United States. When it comes to learning more Chinese for our little learners, who can resist a good movie? Subscribe to JoJo’s YouTube Channel to stay tuned!

Raising Chinese-speaking children in a predominantly English-speaking country can be scary and lonely. If you enjoyed this post or found something useful about it, please share the tutorial with others by liking, commenting or posting on your social network using the buttons below. YouTube is one of the best video platforms, did you know you can watch C-Rramas? Here we recommend some

Drama fans have many opportunities to watch Asian series online, and you can do so for free while some are available on YouTube, here we have some Chinese dramas for you to watch on the site.

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

China has many fan dramas, their stories, scenes and characters are amazing. The best thing is that you can face the fact that C-Dramas are unlimited, there are so many series that you can find and watch all their episodes in a marathon.

How To Put English Subtitles In Youtube Movies [tutorial]

We can also talk about places to watch dramas, it is important to find safe places to do it, those with good quality and subtitles to understand the story better. We can mention many drama sites like Viki or even Netflix now which has many dramas.

But we know that the two sites mentioned before are not free and we have to pay if we want to watch our favorite Chinese series, but there are many options. Like YouTube, this great video site also has C-Dramas and also has English subtitles.

Therefore, we recommend Chinese dramas available on YouTube right now, you can watch and participate in their beautiful story.

This Chinese drama is about Ban Hua, a princess who is unlucky in relationships that all end in disaster, she has a bad reputation now but everything can change when she meets Rong Xia, will she find love with him?

Awesome Chinese Movies You Do Not Want To Miss

This is about a CEO who is afraid of heights and enters into an arranged marriage with a bankrupt heiress, maybe they will fall in love later but how will their relationship begin?

In this C-Drama where a couple turns into a fake relationship, it’s a manager and a doctor who meet even if they don’t like each other at first, they may end up misunderstanding each other.

This drama takes us to the future if humans are immortal, but there is someone who wants to live in reality instead of immortality, so it gave this opportunity to true love.

Youtube Chinese Movies With English Subtitles

This Chinese drama is about a chef who thinks that his life is fine because he has a romantic job and a lover that he can be happy with soon, but everything changes when he finds out that he lied and then he might lose his job too, how does this end?

Classic Chinese Films Are Now Free On Youtube With English Subtitle

This drama is about a girl who likes to express herself through music and a boy who likes computers, what will happen when these two worlds meet? Well, they can find a lot in common and even love.

Stay tuned for more dramas, here we have Japanese ones available on Viki, we have the best for you. To shake things up and practice your Mandarin while you’re at it, we’ve rounded up 5 popular Chinese movies – 中国电影 (zhōng guó diàn yǐng) – available on YouTube for you to enjoy in your spare time.

All of these films are also very suitable for intermediate or advanced Chinese language learners, but even beginners can benefit from being exposed to the ‘real world’ of Mandarin (and using subtitles to improve).

Also, since they’re all on YouTube, you can watch these movies attached to the post below! Let’s get justice

Best Free Sites To Watch Chinese Drama Online (legally In 2023)

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