Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

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Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017
Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017 – “The commodity and tourism machine works in direct opposition to the morals of Moana, a young girl who cares fiercely for her people and her island.” Photo: Disney

The cultural authenticity makes for good marketing, and the film is just one of the Polynesian products Disney sells.

Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

In 2011, John Musker and Ron Clements, writers and directors of the Disney animated film Moana, made the first of many voyages of discovery to Polynesia, interviewing elders and inhabitants of Samoa, Tahiti and Fiji. It was the start of a five-year effort to make Moana, about a young heroine from a non-specific region of Polynesia, better portray indigenous peoples and people of color than Disney had previously done.

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That same year, Disney opened the doors to its $800 million Aulani Resort, part of the Ko Olina resort development on Oahu, Hawaii. Disney CEO Bob Iger, dressed in an aloha shirt and flip flops, said, “We are committed to ensuring that Aulani honors and respects the unique Hawaiian culture and traditions.”

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This bastion of luxury is the gateway to the predominantly Native Hawaiian communities of the Wayana Coast, one of the most economically disadvantaged areas of Hawaii. Standard rooms start at $500 per night.

Amid the heated whitewashing talk in Hollywood, Moana creators Musker and Clements touted their efforts, inspired by Disney creative director John Lasseter, to get the Polynesian culture right. While their research for Aladdin, by their own admission, consisted of visiting a Saudi Arabia exhibit at the Los Angeles Convention Center, for Moana they worked with a handpicked group of cultural consultants, later dubbed the Oceanic story trust.

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But the emergence of “culture” has always been an important part of the colonial surplus in the Pacific. Think tiki flares, hula skirts and luaus. As it turns out, “authenticity” makes for even better marketing, and “Moana” is just one of the Polynesian products the company hopes to sell.

According to Māori researcher Tina Ngata, “Moana” is “a very flashy, lengthy advertisement for merchandise and a tour van” that includes a 351-room Aulani resort, Aulani’s 481 Disney Vacation Club timeshares and talk of regular cruise ships. Routes through the Hawaiian Islands. The release of Moana sparked a flurry of travel articles for the island “destinations” that inspired the film’s vibrant landscapes. Auli’i Cravalho, the Hawaiian-born actor who voices Moana, gave insider tips on a vacation to Hawaii to The New York Times, and Disney teamed up with Hawaiian Airlines to promote the film. Pacific Business News immediately published this in an article: “Disney’s Moana is an advertisement for Hawaii tourism.”

“It doesn’t take much imagination to see the ‘Darkness’ threatening the island of Moana as an unintentional allegory for an exploitative industry.” Photo: Disney

Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

The problem here is that this trade and tourism machine works in direct opposition to the morals of Moana, a young girl who cares deeply about her people and her island, which is at risk of ecological disaster. This story is familiar to people who call the Pacific Ocean home. Rising sea levels, depleted fish stocks and increased storms have already taken their toll on Pacific Islanders. And while Moana ostensibly gives voice to and represents this struggle, its release not only helps spur the expansion of Disney’s carbon-intensive global travel empire, but also fuels the mass market of plastic products that embody the very consumer culture responsible for the ecology of our planet. a crisis.

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As a non-native settler who calls Hawaii home, it is not up to me to decide whether Disney succeeded in accurately representing the Polynesian cultures in Moana. But having grown up on the islands, it is easy to see that these tensions have real, material consequences for the people of the Pacific, and the people of Hawaii in particular, because they encourage and legitimize non-native consumption of ancestral lands, waters, and culture. peoples. And the desire for environmentally and culturally sustainable alternatives to the tourism economy is real.

In a survey conducted by the Hawaii Tourism Authority in 2010, 60% of Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) respondents believe that the tourism industry is harmful to the survival of their culture. Why?

Imagine for a moment that a caricature of Maui, a demigod in a living religion, is now plastered on the fossil-fueled jet engines that bring thousands of tourists to Hawaii from the United States, the country responsible for the illegal overthrow, annexation and continued occupation of the sovereign Hawaiian kingdom. .

Many of these tourists then make their way to the Aulani resort by shuttle or rental car, part of a carefully planned development that the local Hawaiian community bitterly opposed when it began in the 1980s and ’90s. Activist Puanani Burgess recalls in Rise of a Nation: Hawaiian Movements for Life, Land, and Sovereignty: “The development was to change the way of life on the coast by changing the shoreline. Their plan was to build lagoons because there was no natural beach… They would change the landscape of the sea and the ability of fishermen to fish.”

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In fact, visitors to Aulani and other Ko-Olin resorts today go to the artificial lagoons formed by living reefs that once sheltered generations of Kanaka Maoli families. They play golf on manicured lawns that are fed water that is desperately needed by local Hawaiian farmers on the Waianae coast. They relax by the pool and drink mai tais served by descendants of Maui, who, they may not know, is not a figment of Disney’s imaginations, but the revered ancestor of many Kanaka Maolis.

“The caricature of Maui, a demigod in a living religion, now adorns the fossil-fueled jet engines that bring thousands of tourists to Hawaii from the United States.” Photo: Disney

And all the while, just a short drive along the coast, the homeless encampment of more than 200 people, most of them Native Hawaiians, continues to grow.

Youtube Moana Full Movie 2017

Viewing Moana in the context of Hawaii’s reliance on mass tourism, it doesn’t take much imagination to see the “darkness” that threatens Moana’s island as an unintended allegory for an exploitative industry that continues to devour the land and resources to develop resorts .

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Investors come in, buy up land, promise low-paying but much-needed service jobs, quell opposition with expensive lawsuits and endless appeals, then use Hawaiian culture to turn their resorts into unique destinations. Meanwhile, house prices rise, wages stagnate, resources are depleted, and profits flow from the islands back into corporate pockets. On Ko Olina, this cycle began in the 80s and continues today with plans for one of the most expensive resorts in the world.

Tourism has shifted the value of land in Hawaii away from the needs of the local economy, contributing to a shortage of affordable housing that has led to the highest homelessness rate per capita. per capita and the highest cost of living in the United States. The Kanaka Maoli bear a disproportionate share of this burden and are often forced out of their own homelands.

Of course, Moana isn’t directly responsible for all of this, and for many, the film and its heroine are still a win for diverse representation. But applauding Disney for profiting from Polynesian stories portrays the company’s presence in the Pacific as benevolent and erases the struggles of Polynesians working tirelessly to survive in their homeland and reclaim their own rich storytelling traditions from colonialism. I’m really looking forward to seeing Walt Disney Animation Studios’ new feature film Moana, which is about an adventurous teenager who, with the help of the demigod Maui, sets sail on a daring mission to prove himself a master traveler and save his people . . Since most of the story takes place in and around the ocean, you can be sure that Moana will meet several memorable animals along the way.

Disney has a long history of featuring animals in movies to inspire a real connection with animals and the magic of nature. Since 2010, our Disneynature education team has continued this tradition by developing teacher guides with lesson plans and background information to help students learn the concepts of physics, astronomy, biology, literature and conservation. The Moana guide is available now, and you can also download guides for movies like Disneynature African Cats, Wings of Life, Chimpanzee, Bears, Monkey Kingdom and the upcoming 2017 release of Born in China. There are even guidebooks for The Jungle Book and Finding Dory.

Disney Has Uploaded Nearly 60 ‘moana’ Related Music Videos And Tracks To Youtube

Experts in science, conservation, and environmental education develop the lessons for these guides and align them with Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core. The guides provide teachers with a collection of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math)-based materials that can be used to promote nature exploration and discovery.

Research shows that outdoor activities, like those described in teacher guides, improve children’s health, happiness and academic success. It helps to use lesson plans that increase time spent outdoors in nature

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