100 Days Of School Coloring Page

100 Days Of School Coloring Page

100 Days Of School Coloring Page – Free 100 Days of School Coloring Pages to Print + More Free Printables to Make Your 100th Day of School Extra Fun!

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100 Days Of School Coloring Page

100 Days Of School Coloring Page

It’s time for another round of totally free printables, and this month’s freebies are all around the 100th day of school!

Th Day Of School Coloring Pages (free Printable)

Our free printable 100 days of school coloring pages are a great activity for kids in the classroom or after school! We have designed two coloring page options, including “I’m 100 Days Brighter” and “100 Days of Learning!” that’s a great way to celebrate the occasion!

Be sure to get to the bottom of this post for 13 totally free 100th day of school printables that I know you’re going to love!

This 100 days of learning coloring page is decorated with some of our favorite school themed graphics and images!

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If you like my 100 days of school coloring pages, YOU NEED these 100 days of school printables from my friends absolutely free!

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Children of all ages, especially those in elementary school, love the 100th day of school. It’s a milestone that’s really fun to celebrate. Free printable coloring pages about 100 days are always popular for the classroom or even for after school celebrations at home. A great addition to the holidays!

100 Days Of School Coloring Page

A great time of year for children and teachers. These 100 days of school coloring pages are so much fun. But first…

Th Day Of School Coloring Page Printable Pack

This celebration aims to achieve the first 100 days of learning. While the 100th day activity is mostly considered for kindergarten students, other classes of children (especially first and second grade) fondly remember their first years at school and enjoy celebrating the special day.

For children who do not take a school year and have an entire summer vacation, the 100th day of school usually falls in mid to late January or even February. It really depends on when school starts. Some schools don’t start until after Labor Day in September, while others start in August. Anyway, the day to celebrate is 100 days after school starts!

There are just so many different types of 100 days of school celebrations to choose from. Most schools and teachers like to go with something simple and not distracting. While you want to have fun, days of school coloring pages are always a popular idea. Coloring pages are the perfect activity to celebrate the 100th day of school. It’s easy to do, a fun activity that’s on the quieter side, and a great option for whole class participation. Here are just a few more ideas:

I created 5 different styles to choose from. Print one or several copies of each and let the children decide which one is right for them.

Th Day Of School Celebration

I have some really cute 100th day of school shirt ideas for you here on the blog! Both are DIY and easy to make. Plus, you can never go wrong with rainbows or Minecraft.

Looking for a 100th day crown for the kids to wear for the celebration? A cute one is available for purchase HERE.

Kids love these paper crowns. They love to wear them to a party, after school, to the dinner table and all evening at home. Now there’s an idea… The celebrations don’t have to stop at school. Make 100th Day of School Dinner at Home!

100 Days Of School Coloring Page

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Funnest 100th Day Of School Coloring Pages

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