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Coloring Page 80s – It’s hard to know for sure why coloring books for adults have enjoyed such success lately. One possibility is that a coloring book evokes nostalgic emotions reminiscent of a simpler life of coloring in rows, juice boxes and nap time. “Back in the Days,” Jamel Shabazz’s (2001) photographic book about early rap culture, also transports viewers to the streets of New York City in the 1980s. So it’s no surprise that Powerhouse Books combined this concept with Shabazz’s work to release

“Basically, all my work is nostalgic, so almost any photo I took during that period could have a place in the book,” Shabazz says. “For me personally, I knew that images reflecting old subway trains and classic fashion were important ingredients.”

Coloring Page 80s

Coloring Page 80s

The idea for the coloring book came to Shabazz from the publisher of Powerhouse Books, Craig Cohen. The two first met in 2000, when Shabazz showed Cohen photos of himself. Cohen immediately connected to the work because of his own Brooklyn upbringing. Together they published

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. “It seemed like a natural project to turn into a coloring book with dramatic poses, bold throwback styles, and interesting details and backgrounds,” explains Cohen.

In 2015, Nielsen estimated that sales of adult coloring books reached 12 million, up from 1 million the previous year. A closer look at the niche genre showed that millennials are 29% more likely to buy an adult coloring book than anyone else.

After news of the coloring book first broke on social media, Shabazz heard interest from people all over the world, not just graffiti writers and fashionistas. Because of his roots in the neighborhood, the young photographer was able to record an intimate, unguarded side of New York life that received critical acclaim in the art world. He hopes the coloring book can introduce his community’s history to a new audience. “It will make me happy to know that they can use it to learn more about the history and culture of the people represented in it,” says Shabazz. “Subjects are more than just people posing. They are representatives of my community who have often been considered invisible and irrelevant.”

Back in the Days Coloring Book by Jamel Shabazz, published by powerHouse Books, is available on Amazon. August 2, 2016 Store Menu Summer Camps Overview Summer Camps Curriculum Creativity Games Teacher Guides Teaching Tools Sheet Music All Rankings Season Rankings Andrea Dorla E-Z Notes Heather Gianna Kay Marie

S New Wave Pop Star Grayscale Coloring Pages Printable For Adults,

Get inspired! Episodes Episode 1: Valentina Lisitsa and Others Episode 2: Leonard Bernstein and Others Episode 3: Olga Kern and Others Episode 4: Lang Lang and Others Episode 5: The Piano Boys and Others Episode 6: What Does Music Mean to Me? Episode 7: Anderson and Roe & More Episode 8: My First Classical/Baroque and Classical Episode 9: My First Classical: Romantic 20s Episode 10: Patriotic Episode 11: Minor Pieces Episode 12: Go Baroque Episode 13: Boogie Woogie Episode 1414 : Rhythm Make It Count! Episode 15: Musicians with Courage Episode 16: Classical Composers and Forms Episode 17: The 12-Bar Blues Episode 18: Romantic Period Episode 19: Pop Music Episode 20: Common Forms Episode 21: Música Española Musical Style Period Overview Episode 22: Passport to Music #1-10 Episode 23: Passport to Music #11-20 Episode 24: Passport to Music #21-30 Episode 25: Composer Cards

Allow your students to color during group presentation lessons and eliminate distractions and strengthen listening skills.

All designs have no titles or dates, so they can be easily customized to suit your needs. Please note: This page contains affiliate links. If you buy from an affiliate site, I may earn a commission.

Coloring Page 80s

Have fun with fun 80’s themed printables! Because girls just want to have fun, I created this 80s coloring page for you to enjoy. I also teamed up with some of my favorite designer friends to create this awesome bundle. You can download, print, color, create, decorate and explore with this entire collection of 80s art.

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In memory of Linda Lopez of Fun for Little Ones – a talented member of our monthly print group. I didn’t know her well, but I heard she loved all things 80’s. So this month’s collection was designed in her honor. Stop by her site and see all the wonderful activities she has shared for families to enjoy together.

Get crafty with the 80s vibe! Below you’ll find a totally awesome collection of 80’s themed printables. Choose your favorites or download them all. Each design was suggested by a different designer. Visit each site to learn more about the art and what you can do with it.

I created this 80s coloring page for you to enjoy. From Cyndi Lauper and Madonna to Debbie Gibson and Aha, I loved ’80s style. I’m not a fan of the giant shoulder pads now, but I sure wore them well in high school! This Girls Just Wanna Have Fun coloring page is inspired by all the neon and big hair I remember from the 80s. Color it in bold, neon lettering and then find a fun place to display it!

This coloring page, along with the rest of the 80’s printable pack, would be perfect for a themed party or group activity!

S Cartoons And Games By Corysprague On Deviantart

Here is a list of ideas for things you can do with this printable collection. Think beyond the coloring page or activity sheet. You can be creative and do even more with this kit. Here are some ideas for you…

Check out all these fun activities and projects you can do. Just download, print and create!

Whether you’re planning an 80’s themed party or just looking for some fun for the school holidays, this collection of 80’s activity sheets is sure to bring some smiles! You don’t have to be a child of the 80s to love the vibrant colors, great music and cool vibes of 80s style.

Coloring Page 80s

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