Coloring Page Jesus

Coloring Page Jesus

Coloring Page Jesus – On this page you will find 30 original Jesus coloring pages that you can download or print for free! I have illustrated various pictures of Jesus, from the birth of Jesus, Christ performing miracles, the resurrection of Jesus, I love Jesus coloring pages and more!

These Jesus printables make a fun learning activity for kids on a rainy day, a Sunday school project, or just something creative. Also, these leaves are great decorations for Easter or Christmas to spread the spirit of Christ.

Coloring Page Jesus

Coloring Page Jesus

If you would like to color or decorate one (or more) of these pages, click on any of the images or links below to open the PDF file in a new page. Once opened, you are free to print or download! If you’re out of ink or paper, also try coloring these pages on your iPad or iPhone.

Jesus The Messiah Isolated Coloring Page For Kids Stock Vector Image & Art

All of these PDF coloring pages are standard US Letter size, but they also fit perfectly on A4 paper sizes! To enjoy!

If you’re looking for related coloring pages that kids love, we think you’ll especially enjoy these collections of coloring pages:

If you want to dress up these coloring pages or want some extra crafty activities, be sure to check out the list below for some great ideas and inspiration!

These Jesus coloring pages are ideal for Christmas or Easter cards (or really, for any reason!) for someone special.

Laughing Jesus Holds Happy Child In His Arms Cartoon Christian Coloring Page Stock Photo

Simply reduce the desired image to a half page or a quarter page and print; then fold so that the image is on the “front” (for a quarter of the page you will fold in half and then in half again).

Let the children color in the picture; they can write a related Bible verse in front or let the picture do the talking.

Make sure they write “Happy Easter” or “Happy Christmas” inside and sign their name!

Coloring Page Jesus

You’ll probably also want to mark the date on the back of the card so you’ll never forget what year your child made this beautiful piece.

You Are Loved

There are enough pictures of Jesus in our collection to make little mini-biographies of Jesus’ life.

You could do the Passion of the Christ, the story of the crucifixion and resurrection; or the birth of Jesus, in the manger, where the Three Kings visit.

Print as many pages as you need of each illustration and have the children color them. When they are ready, punch three holes on the side and tie with yarn or twine.

With pieces of tissue paper or construction paper, have the children use rubber cement to attach them to the illustrations, using the same colors for each object (eg blue for the sea, brown for the capes).

Free Inspirational Fall Coloring Pages

You can give younger children simpler illustrations, while older children can work on more complex illustrations instead.

The end result is a stained glass effect in the form of a mosaic that will look beautiful hung on a refrigerator or wall.

Instead of coloring the illustrations with paint or colored pencil, why not encourage children to draw?

Coloring Page Jesus

Place something to protect the surface of the table and place cups of water, brushes and watercolor palettes (the last two can be found at any store).

Jesus The Messiah Isolated Coloring Page For Kids 21501618 Vector Art At Vecteezy

For a truly painterly experience, attach the illustrations to a poster or cardboard and place them on easels so that children can paint upright.

On your computer, reduce the size of the artwork so that its length fits the horizontal edges of an 11 x 8.5 inch sheet of paper and center it on the page.

Then glue the page to a slightly larger piece of construction paper to create a border and laminate it.

Reduce images to the size of a standard shoe box or find shoe boxes large enough to print at regular size.

Good Friday With Jesus Coloring Page

Let the children color the pictures, but: they will only color the background on one page and the front on the other page.

The shoe box will sit on its side, with the open side facing out; glue the finished wallpaper to the back of the shoe box.

Then have the children cut out the front illustrations after coloring them. Fold the bottom part about half an inch away from you.

Coloring Page Jesus

With the bottom side folded, glue the front a few centimeters from the background; the diorama should have a 3D effect!

Coloring Page Of Jesus Appearing To Thomas Royalty Free Svg, Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 126873890

For this craft, you’ll start by gluing the illustration onto a slightly larger piece of cardboard or poster board – something sturdy.

Then, using marbles or flat-bottomed glass pebbles (you can find these in any craft department at a dime store), have the children “color” the illustration.

Children can color the parts and fill in the parts with glass pebbles or make an entire illustration with glass pebbles – the choice is yours.

Provide lots of tissue paper and have the children crumple it up so that it has texture and stick it to the illustration.

Christ Meeting The Children

This craft is nice because not only do kids love scrubbing, but the tissue is so light that you don’t need to reinforce the page (although you definitely can).

Have the children color the character illustrations, whether it’s Jesus or the cross, or a group of characters, such as Jesus performing miracles or Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.

Take a paper plate and starting from the ribbed edge, start cutting around the circle. You can make half a circle or a little more than that, but then cut straight across.

Coloring Page Jesus

This should leave you with a circular frame. Adhere the artwork cutout to the back of the frame, painted side facing forward.

Enjoy Free Jesus Loves Me Coloring Pages For Kids On Gbcoloring

Then use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of the frame, thread the string through and hang your piece of art!

In the same way as the craft above, you will start by having the children color only the shapes in the illustration and then cut them out.

Next, you’ll need a vase and some Mod Podge, which you can find cheaply at any dollar store (try the Dollar Tree).

Using Mod Podge, which dries clear, place the cut artwork on the vase and press down as much as possible.

Unique Jesus Christ Art Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

Allow to dry, then fill with water and flowers; would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day, Easter or Christmas!

Would you be happy if I used some of your pictures for Christmas gifts for our families at the children’s church? We do not sell them – we have been making our own family dedications and children’s notebooks for the sixth year. I think your coloring pages would work well.

Hi Elisabeth, thanks for your comment and check with us 🙂 Yes, feel free to use them for your activity books, sounds like a great idea!

Coloring Page Jesus

Can I use some of them with permission to draw, watercolor and donate to our church to use in a silent auction fundraiser? I wouldn’t make money from it, but our church would.

A Vector Cartoon Of Mary Holding Baby Jesus. Coloring Page Stock Vector

Hi Monica, thanks for the question and yes it’s fine to use them for that cause it sounds like a great cause 🙂 Thanks🚨 $97 for $3897 worth of Heroes of the Nativity Curriculum 🌟 5 Week Curriculum 📩 Free Bible Lessons for children PDF

This is the last page in our series of Gospel coloring pages for children. It teaches children how they can respond to the truth about King Jesus. These are the works of Mandy Groce, a talented illustrator from Louisville.

Instructions: To download this file as a printable PDF, simply click on the preview image to the left. We’ve also released it as a high-resolution JPEG image for advanced editing.

This image is in the center of the cross that divides the page into panels. The words on the coloring book ask, “How to follow Jesus as your King?”

Jesus And The Children #1

The tablets show that the children can respond by loving Jesus and obeying his commands. There are both a boy and a girl in the pictures. The second illustration on this sheet shows a child with his mother bringing cookies to a neighbor.

We’d love to get your feedback. You can leave a comment below. Be sure to tell Mandy how you use this free material in your ministry or at home.

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Coloring Page Jesus

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Jesus Is My Friend

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We believe that God is the loving father of all children. HIS divine will is for young people to believe in Jesus

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